Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Fun at Grandma DeeDee's House!

Such a Fun tradition we do at Grandma DeeDee's house! Each child gets a basket and they hunt for their color egg! Penny had Pink and Cash had Camo! It makes it fair and fun! They each hunted for 24 eggs! Love this tradition and the kids do too! Thank you grandma for all the fun and the yummy food too!!! We sure love you! and love making memories too!

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!! The Easter bunny sure found these 3!!!! Love these 3 babies so much! Piper cracks us up with her eye brows in these pics! Also can't believe Piper is big enough to sit up in her bumbo! Stop growing!!!! Lot's of fun comes from these 3 littles! Glad they are mine for eternity!

It's Fair, Carnival and Rodeo Time!

 It's fair time! Oh how we look forward to going to Logandale for the fair, carnival and rodeo each year! We had our new addition with us! Baby Piper is such a good baby! Just goes with the flow! Just look at my precious babies! All 3 of them! They loved wearing their western wear all weekend! They looked so dang cute! Make my heart happy for sure!
 Loving our life just relaxing around the fair grounds! We didn't stop eating the amazing fair food all weekend long! haha
 Carnival time!! Love the carnival!! Love the rides and love the games! Won each of the kids including my nephews each a big prize!! We had so much fun! and of course we shut the place down both nights! Rode rides and played games until midnight! Love it!
Last but not least the Rodeo! We love getting off our feet and enjoying the cowboys ride hard! Best part of the night! The kids sure love it too! Cash said he wants to ride the wild horses and Penny said she wants to be the Rodeo Queen! 
The best memories come from the fair weekend! Another fun time!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Run! Run! Run!

Run! Run! Run little Penny!!! Penny's school just had their annual Apex Fun Run! She was so exited to participate! She ran her little heart out! Running 40 laps! Go Penny! Go!!!! We are always so proud of you!

Baby Piper Smiling!

My baby turned 3mons! My heart hurts! I want time to stand still! I love this sweet little angel so much! She has started to smile! and when she gets her eyes on you she just can't stop smiling! Oh it's just the best!! Her whole little face just lights up when she's a smiling! She also has started cooing! and every time she lets out a little peep it scares herself! The funniest!  Little Piper is just the best addition to our family!
These 2 have not gotten tired of her! lol! They love her and smother her! They both get so excited when she smiles and coos! It's the best! They both say "Piper is so Cute!" She sure is!!! We sure Love you sweet Piper Rae!

Friday, March 31, 2017


Holy moly this place is FUN!! We got invited by our new ward friends to come out and play for Monday family night! (love our new ward! we have made so many new friends) We had never been and man did the kids have a blast! Oh and Chad too!! The 3 of them didn't stop for the whole time we were there! The pics are  blurry because they were moving so fast! lol So much that both kids were sad when it was time to leave! Cash seriously cried the whole way home over leaving! I can't wait to take them back!!

Baby Piper's Special Blessing Day!

 Baby Piper was blessed by her daddy last Sunday! Chad gave her a beautiful blessing! Such a special day for our sweet little angel! She is just so beautiful! Fills our hearts with joy just looking at her! Baby Piper is perfection! Let's talk about her gorgeous gown she wore on her special day! Well it was specially hand made by her Grandma DeeDee (chad's mom). and it was stunning! 5 layers of beautiful stripped white material with lace trim! For the tiny bodice Grandma DeeDee hand made tiny roses that she was taught from Chad's Aunt Nason and for the center of the roses she put pearl's from Chad's great Grandma Lady Necklace! So a very special dress inside and out! I can't wait to tell sweet Piper all the amazing things that went into making her first beautiful white dress! Grandma DeeDee has us all in "awe" with her amazing sewing skills! Another Beautiful master piece made...making it for one very special baby's day! We love you Grandma! Thank you very much!
Chad and I are sill in shock over the abundance of support we get from our family and friends! Our Bishop said he has never see a circle that big for a baby blessing! Made Chad feel very special and me too! So thank you family and friends for your continued support! We feel it! We love all of you from the bottom of our hearts!
After the blessing we had all the friends and family that came to support us over to our new home! We  were so excited to do this! We have always wanted to have a big enough house to fill it up with loved ones! and boy did we ever! We had 100 bodies over and it didn't even feel  crammed! Yay! New house passed the text! Now more family events here at the house in the future! 
Thanks again to all who came and supported us! We truly felt the love!! We love you all!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy 70th Birthday to my dad!! There's no better place to celebrate than at his favorite place Macayos!!! We surprised him too!! Such a great time! Love being with all my siblings! Laughing and eating! I'm the luckiest to call him dad! He's the best dad and grandpa we could ever ask for! Everybody loves big pappa!!! Happy Birthday daddy! We sure love you! Thanks for all you do for us daily!!! Sure hope you had a great day!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Beautiful Baby Fenix Matthew!

Words can not descride the perfectness of Eryka's #4 baby boy! Fenix Matthew arrived on Friday 3-17-17 (st.patrick's day) at 9:04am! Weighing in at a BIG 9lbs 10oz and 21in long! My amazing sister did it all natural! Yep you read that right all Natural! Pushed that big boy out with no pain! I could never do that! Her high pain level, mind set and determination is unbelieveable! She definetly takes after our momma! Our mom Birthed all 4 of us natural and wouldn't even get numbed up when she would get dental work done! Not me! Bring on the pain meds! Whimp over here! lol
Penny and Cash were so so excited to see their new baby cousin! We wished we lived closer so we could see them every day! Baby Piper was all smiles too as we laid her next to her new little cousin! They are 2 1/2 mons apart and baby Fenix weighs as much as Piper currently does! Lol! His little chunky feet are bigger than Piper's too! He's one big beautiful perfect boy! Welcome to the world sweet angel! We love you Baby Fenix!

Saturday Fun!

A quick trip to Logandale! On Saturday was Chad's alumni baseball game! So we headed to Logandale! We go every year and it's so much fun!! Pretty sure Penny had the most fun spending her money at the concession stand! lol! Daddy gave her $20 bucks and it was gone! She didn't spend t all at one time! lol! She kept going back buying 2-3 things each time! then she would count her money and go back a few mins later! So funny!! She spends like her momma! lol! Chad loves being able to see all his old friends from high school!  He also designs, makes and donates all the shirts the team wears every year!! Chad is the best!! Such a big heart! He Loves giving to others! Can't wait till next year!

My Lucky Charms!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! How did we get so lucky to have these 3 beauties!! Can't even handle how cute they are and how sweet they are to little Piper!! They just love their baby!!! and I love all 3 of my babies!! Love my little lucky charms!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Go Eagles Go!!!!

 Ba-Ba-Ba-BOOM Dynamite!! Look at our cutest little Cheer Leader! This one is a performer! lol! We Love watching her! She puts a Smile on the faces in the crowd! So proud to call her mine!! She makes momma so happy!
 Give me a that I...C-T-O-R-Y! We need a VICTORY! Yeah! Yeah! a VICTORY! This is EAGLES Territory! Love hearing her Cheer!
Penny is such a Fun girl! She loves bringing Smiles to all those around her! She loves going to school with her cousin Emma! They have so much fun together! I love that they have each other! Penny is also loving her new neighbor and friend Avy! Thanks to Mrs Rodriguez for another great year of coaching! Penny sure had FUN!
I have got to get Penny into cheer classes! She absolutely loves cheering!! and of course she Loves to perform!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Baby Piper is 2mons!

 How fast has 2mons gone! Well when you're packing your old house, moving to the new house, all of us have been so sick including Baby Piper getting RSV twice and still working the time really flies!!!! Oh how we love our baby girl! She is just the sweetest! Not much squawking even when she was so sick! She got Pink eye from the big siblings and had to see an eye specialist because she was only 24 days. 3 chest xrays and an ER Summerlin Hospital Visit for the RSV 2 times! She has kept us busy and on our toes! She has been such a little trooper! Such a good baby! Little Piper has even started to Smile! It's the best feeling! Just brightens my day! She has the sweetest Smile! Love this little princess so  much!
Well I'd say baby Piper fits right in!! Penny and Cash just adore her, protect her and love her! Penny loves to play mommy! and Cash can't stop giving her Kisses! These three make my heart so happy!!  Love being their momma!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Daddy Daughter Delight!

It's that time of year again...the daddy daughter dance put on thru Penny's school Somerset! Penny was beyond excited to go on her special date with just her daddy! She loves feeling special and we all know who is the best at that....DADDY!! He truly is the best dad ever! I'm not sure who's luckier...Chad having Penny as his daughter or Penny having chad as her dad! Both are perfect and amazing! We couldn't have asked for a more sweet, smart special,caring daughter like Penny!! and of course Daddy! He could never be replaced! He's one of a kind and totally amazing in every way! I'm blessed to have both these beauties in my life! 
They had a blast at the dance as you can see! Penny said she can't wait for her next date with Daddy!

Our Sweet Little Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's! These 3 have definitely stolen our Hearts! Just look at those sweet faces! We are so lucky to call them ours! Penny sure loves being the big sister and holding baby Piper in all the pics! Cash sure loves smiling real big showing baby Piper how it's done! So cute! We sure do love our little Valentine's!

Sunday, February 5, 2017


 There are no words to even express how i feel when i look at these pics! First off how amazing was my photographer! She caught the best pics of all of them! i find it to be very hard to take pics of kids! Always moving! Don't know what mood they will be in! lol but all i have to say  is Liz with Liz Anderson Photography was amazing!!! So patient and great with my kids! and secondly how beautiful are my babies! Can't believe we made these beautiful humans!!Perfection! When i see these pics i feel overwhelmed with gratitude that i was chosen to be their mom! I'm so lucky! They  are my whole everything!!! and they are mine for eternity! My heart is Happy!!
Miss Piper Rae! Born Jan 3, 2017- 7.7 lbs 20.5 in long! Such a beauty! She didn't make a peep the entire photo shoot! Grandma Penny in heaven must have trained her too love the camera! "1,2,cute!" the famous words of Grandma Penny!
 Oh Big sister!! It's all about the Sisters over here! Penny is so proud to be a big sister and is so helpful! She's love being  little mommy with Piper here! Love these pics of these sisters!
Oh man! Big brother pride over here! He already is the protector! So precious! He loves his little sister so much! He has been such a great a big brother and big help! He's always kissing her and holding her! Even helps change diapers and feed her! Can you seriously even handle these pics! omg!
My pride and joy! These three make my heart melt and they are worth melting for! Sure Love my 3 littles so so so much!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Baby Piper is 1 month old!

Seriously has already been a month?! Why does the time go so fast! I can't have my baby is getting big over here! lol! She's the sweetest! She's got her own little look! We can't figure it out! lol! Has Penny's hair color, eye color, and skin color with Cash's shaped face, nose and mouth! All we know is that she is perfect! Of course she has sick tummy like my other 2 as babies! She was moved to Alimentum aka: Liquid Gold when she was 2.5 wks old! She has been doing much better! Not as fussy but, still has acid reflex and cries out after feeding her arching her back like her tummy is hurting! Poor thing! All and all she is such a good baby! So precious and perfect!
 Penny and Cash sure can't get enough of her! Penny loves that she can pick her up and carry her around the house! She loves that she doesn't always have to sit with her! Such a big sister!! Cash is very protective of her! He loves holding her! He's so sweet with her! Love these big kids! Such loving helpful kids to Piper!!!
Sweet baby Piper Rae! We love you so  much! You are the perfect addition to our family! Sent straight from my mothers arms in heaven to me!

Baby Piper's 1st Bath!

Somebody had their 1st Bath!! Oh how we LOVE our Piper Rae! and Oh how we have such BIG helpers! The big kids were so excited when we said it's time for Piper's 1st bath! They jumped in the tub so fast to help! lol! Love it! Love how they just love their baby so much! They are both so great with her!! As far as bath time went.... Piper LOVEE it! She didn't even make a peep! She layed ther so calm while daddy and the kids bathed her! She's the best! Such a good sweet baby! Sure can't wait for many more baths to come and either can Penny and Cash! We love you Piper!

A Special Day!

A special day for a special boy! My sweet nephew Benjamin got Baptized! We are so proud of him and his decision to join the church! He is such a great Boy always leading by example! Chooses the right daily and I'm proud to say my kids look up to him and i couldn't be happier! He has the best little personality and love for life and his family! Chad had the honor to speak at his Baptism on the Gift of the Holy Ghost! My honz did such a great job! Truly grateful to be apart of this church! We receive blessings daily that we are thankful for!  We love you Benjamin!

Friday, January 13, 2017

A New Arrival for the New Year!

 What a way to ring in the New Year with our New bundle of joy! Straight from my mother's arms in heaven to us here on earth... Piper Rae arrived c-section (37wks) on Tues, Jan 3rd at 10:10 am at Sumerlin Hospital! She weighed 7.7 lbs and 20.5 ins long! Our biggest baby! With tons of black hair and gorgeous tan skin! The c-section started out great like always and as soon as baby Piper was out my Uterus stopped working and would not contract and function properly! Same thing that happened when i delivered Cash but worse. I was loosing a lot of blood do to this non functioning uterus so almost hysterectomy and almost blood transfusion! I'm so grateful for my amazing duo Dr.'s -husband and wife Dr. Roberts! They have saved my life with every child that i have delivered! It's always scary when they tell your husband to leave the surgery room with baby Piper as they continued work on getting me to stop bleeding. You could see the concern in the dr. eyes. Every organ out of my stomach as Dr. Lisa Roberts was up on the surgery table pushing on my stomach and uterus to get it contract so they could start sewing me shut. I wasn't in any pain but i could feel the pressure and movement of my body. i started throwing up. It was awful! But with my dr.'s magic hands i was put back together! Sore and very bruised but i survived once again! No more babies for me! My Dr.'s say my uterus can't handle it and i agreed we are blessed with 3 beautiful babies! We are done! Couldn't be happier! Just look at Baby Piper! We can't get enough of her! She is such a beautiful perfect addition to our sweet family! We are blessed beyond measure!
 So in LOVE! 3rd child born on the 3rd! Jan 3rd! :)
 This collage is when Penny and Cash arrived at the hospital to meet their new Baby Sister! Penny was so excited! Couldn't wait to hold her real life baby! Cash was a little stand off-ish trying to figure out what's going on! He kept saying Piper was still in my tummy! Nope she's right here! Baby Piper is here! But then he warmed right up and has been such a big helper! Both of them have been great! The adjustment hasn't been to hard! It's busy especially when i need to get all loaded and out the door at a certain time! lol but other than that we are over the moon just loving our Sweet Beautiful Piper Rae!
Lots of snuggles! Lots of little helpers! Can't believe we have 3 babies! My heart is full of joy and so happy! Truly blessed to be their mommy!
 We just can't get over how perfect she is! Her tan skin, dark eyes, tons of dark hair! Just perfection! She reminds me a lot of her big sister Penny but has facial similarities of Cashy! What can i say we are just in love with baby Piper!
All the love from all our visitors! We are so grateful for our family and all they do for us! Thanks for coming and meeting baby Piper Rae! We have felt so much love these last few weeks! We are lucky!