Friday, April 20, 2018

Clark Coutny Fair Fun!

 There's nothing better than getting in your western gear and heading out to the Clark County Fair and Rodeo in Logandale! We take out our trailer and camp the whole weekend! It's been our tradition for years now and every year its just so much fun! One of our most favorite memories together!
 Little Penny pie! not so little! Getting to big!! Seriously the best personality! She brings so much fun, excitement, sass and laughter to our family! She is such a sweet heart too! We can't believe she will be 8 this July!
 Mr. Cash man! This sweet and sensitive but oh so rough and tough all at the same time! He has such a great personality too! Still my little tease but always tells me he loves me! Especially the times when i need to really hear it! He's loves his sisters and everything they do! He's so proud to be their brother!He will be 5 this August! Can't believe it!
 Sweetest baby girl Piper Rae! Getting sassy the older she gets! lol She a sensitive sole too! lol! You tell her no no and she puts out her sad quiver face! lol She's a busy bee always quietly into something! When she's nasty...she's nasty! but most of the time she's my sweet one! Baby Piper will be 18mons in July!
 The fair is not complete without the carnival rides and face painting! We had a blast riding the rides and shutting the place down after the rodeo! lol! So much FUN!!!
 The highlight of our Saturday was Cash mutton buston! My family and Chad's family came out to watch him ride! This was his first time doing it! We have watched my nephews do it each year and now he was finally old enough to do it himself! I was definitely more nervous than him!
These are the pics from Cash mutton buston! He did so good for his 1st time! I was a nervous wreck! He loved it! He wanted to get right back on thinking it was a carnival ride! He said the sheep was stinky but had so much fun riding! I didn't think he would want to do it again!! He said he wants to win the big Golden belt buckle next year! lol! This year he Won $20! We were a hooting and a hollering in the crowd! Cheering on our big boy! Love him so much! This boy has no fear!
Both nights we enjoyed the Rodeo! The weather was perfect and had the best seats! Piper was a little to busy trying to go up and down bleachers so i took her back to the trailer early each night! I tell ya she's at a busy age! Next year will be even better! She will be that much older! We had such a wonderful weekend! Can't wait till next year!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

BabyPiper 15mons

Oh my busy baby growing to fast! Baby Piper turned 15mons a few wks ago! We've got a walker and a talker on our hands! lol She is walking so good! Its just the cutest! She loves talking too! She will try and say words after you say the word! Her newest words are "hi, bye, good girl, thank you, baby, cook cook for cookie" She is our whole world! Penny and Cash love every new thing she does! They are so proud of her! Its the cutest! Shes a climber too as you can see in the pics above! She loves trying to fit in small high places! She so funny and it totally scares her momma!! She loves getting into the big kids toys! Loves any kind of baby, stuff animal and purses! she also loves to pull everything out of cupboards, boxes, and food pantry making big messes for mommy to  clean  up! She thinks she's a big girl like her sister! She is too smart already! She has so many teeth! Like a whole mouth  full! Side not reminder....Penny and Cash both didn't get their 1st tooth until after turning 15mons! Piper has molars in there! So not used to seeing my baby with teeth! lol! She just getting teeth like a normal  baby does! My first two  kids were not the norm! lol We just love our Piper girl so  much! She keeps momma so busy but we just love her so much! She can do no wrong! lol Love you Piper Rae!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Happy Easter!

 Happy Easter! Just love these three with all my heart! They are my whole world! I'm so greatful for eternal families!
 The Easter Bunny found us! The kids were so excited to find eggs and their baskets full of surprises!!! Just love spoiling them! They are so easy to please! Love these faces!
Such a fun tradition! We go to Gma DeeDee's for the kids annual easter egg hunt! The kids love this every year! Gma sure knows how to spoil them  and make them each feel so special! Even Piper got to hunt her eggs! lol  She had no clue what was going on! So of course she had lots of help from her big sister and cousins hunting her eggs down! Just love making fun memories! Such a wonderful day!

Spring Break Fun!

 Lots of exciting fun adventures during our spring break! We had such a FUN spring break! The beginning of the week i had my brothers boys come for a few days! We hit up toys r us, skate parks, reg parks and gravity! On the last day of spring break we swam and had a bbq with chad's family! Such a blast! I love breaks from routine! lol no school is the best!!!
 The end of spring break  we went up to stay a couple days with Eryka in Utah! We had so much fun too! They had such a cute town Easter egg hunt that we went to too! The kids had so much fun!! We love being with family!!! Always great memories made!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Cash's Pre-k Easter Party!

 Oh how we love Mrs. McIntyre and all the fun things she does for her Pre-schoolers! Cash just loves his lil school, all his friends, and all the fun activities they do! Yesterday was their Easter Party and the Park! They love park days! They had a blast playing and running from thing to thing!
They smashed confetti eggs on their heads! Hunted for eggs! and the Easter Bunny even showed up for pics! Such a beautiful day too! Cash had a blast! Thank you so much Mrs. McIntyre! What a wonderful fun time!

Happy Birthday Daddy and Baby Fenix!

 Happy Birthday to my daddy and baby Fenix! They almost share the same day 70 years apart! We love Macayos so we all met up to  celebrate their birthday's! I love this dad of mine! He's truly the best! He has a heart of gold! I love seeing him and getting to spend time with him any chance I get!
This little guy turned 1 on St. Patrick's day! Happy 1st birthday baby Fenix! This is my sister Eryka's baby! He's just the sweetest! It was so fun to spend the day with her and her family!My kids are obsessed with their cousins! lol
After Macayo's we didn't want our day to end so we went out to Eryn's new house to see it! They had just got the keys and were remodeling it! This pics of the kids is from her new pool! The other pic in this collage is of my kids getting their surprised from the Leprechaun! Happy St. Patrick's day and Happy Birthday Fenix and daddy! What a wonderful day it was!

Cash's BMX Riding!

So i have been trying to figure something fun for Cash to do that doesn't require Saturday games! lol We are always going to Penny's singing practises and performances and he keeps asking when is it "my turn for you to watch me!" Well we have found his thing! lol I saw someone on  fb post their son  riding at this track and i had to figure out where it was and what it was! So i asked around and with some friends help we found the track and signed him up! The top collage is from the first time he ever went to the track! He has never done anything like this but rides his bike so good! At only 4yrs old the people at the rack were impressed! They said he was a natural racer! Needless to  say we were all so proud of him! I thought he would have been scared after seeing the track... nope not my fearless boy! He took  right off down the first slope and up and over the first hump! He was loving it! We all loved watching him too! As we were leaving Penny's shoelace got wrapped around her peddle and off she went flipping her bike and landing rt down on her elbow! Well you know me and elbows lol I'm still recovering from both mine being broken we took her in to the ER. Good news nothing was broken! It was swollen and a few stress fractures. Dr. said you can get those just from impact but keep her in sling and just watch her! She wore the sling to school  everyday and healed pretty dang quick!
This collage is from his 1st race! Yes he couldn't wait to race and get a trophy! lol! We prepared him that he wasn't going to get a trophy being that it was his first race ever and 2nd time on the track! lol! But he didn't care he was racing and couldn't wait! All the 4yr olds were in the strider race. Those are the kids that don't know how to ride with out training wheels so they put Cash with the 5-7yr olds. He was the youngest and smallest one out there and riding with just a regular bike! We found out talking to lots of people there that they have riding bikes for his size! so expensive but if we're doing this he needs a good fast bike to keep up! lol! He totally finished dead last but the crowd went wild and cheered him on as he came thru the finish line! He was winner! A 1st time rider Winner! He qualified and made it thru all 3 races! They came over and awarded him his Trophy! He was over the moon! We were all so excited for him! That's all he wanted was to race hard and win a trophy! lol! We just love our  little cool bmx racer! We can't wait until his next race! New bike first though! lol So Proud of my boy!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Park Fun!

Thanks to  my lovely fb friends we have been busy hitting up all the parks you guys suggested! It's been so beautiful out! Perfect weather for Park days! My kids have had a blast! Just love these pics of their faces! So happy and loving life!!

Chad's Annual Alumni Game!

Already been another year! Chad's alumni baseball game out in his hometown, Logandale! He makes the tshirts every year and we all just loved this years design! They turned out great! My little niece spent the night the night before and we took her with us too! Penny and Cash were in heaven! They just love sweet Emma so much! They all had a blast playing all day! Piper had fun too watching her daddy! Chad bought 64 raffle tickets lol and we pretty much won all the raffles! It was so funny! I never win anything! lol! but when u buy 64 raffle tickets your odds are really high! lol! So i was busy collecting prizes we won lol while chad played in the game! He did good too! His first hit was a home run! it's ok that it was a little foul rt? I counted it as a home run!! Go Chad Go! lol! We had a wonderful day! Great to be out in Chad's hometown!

Baby Piper 14mons!

Another month come and gone! Baby Piper is 14mons! and boy is she coming alive! She has discovered a scream when she wants something and then when you get after her for screaming she will put her hands over her face and her head down and start crying! She is such a lil stinker! lol She's quiet and busy getting into everything! She's a super fast crawler, a climber,  walks fast around holding onto something but right at the end of the month she took her First steps!! My baby is walking! She will still crawl to everything but if u put something in  her hands and stand her up she will take a few steps to you! It's the best but still hurts my heart she's getting big!!! She's getting a mouth full of teeth and still loves to eat! If she sees you eating she thinks she needs to eat too! lol We moved her to almond milk and she loves it! She loves to talk! Don't know what she's saying but she's telling stories and the word momma is always in her story! Momma is still her most favorite thing! and i love it! Her big brother and big sister can get her to  laugh the most! She loves music! When she hears music she loves to dance! She loves to snuggle and give kisses! When you hold her she will pat you! lol She waves hi and bye and will blow kisses! Just love my baby so much!! She getting her little personality and we are just loving it!!!

School Projects!

Busy doing projects! At Penny's school every month they have a project. Which pretty much means mommy has a project every month! Do any of you other moms feel this way? lol or is it just me! Well for black history month penny had to do research on a famous African American and she was given Mary Lou Williams. Part of the project was to dress like your character and memorize a speech about your person. Then they presented at the black history museum at their school. Penny did amazing! Just love my little performer! She nailed her character! Way to go mom and Penny! lol

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

President's Weekend Riding!

 We love getting away to the dunes! We spent our long president's weekend out dunning it up!! We hadn't gone since our Christmas/New years trip! So we couldn't wait to get out there! It was beautiful weather! and always love spending time with beautiful people!
 Kids of course had so much fun! We had 3 camps of friends and families! Chad did not stop riding all weekend! non stop and fast riding hard!! Cash would not let daddy leave without jumping into  ride! He loves going fast and jumping the dunes! Daddy loves his little side kick! Such an Amazing time!!!
My little Cash man is obsessed with riding a motorcycle! He asked for one from Santa but got a crazy cart instead! He noticed a little motorcycle just his size in  our friends camp and had to ride it! Thankfully they were nice enough to let him ride! Oh man that made his whole weekend! He was dang good too! It didn't go very fast but he totally knew how to start it and totally new how to  ride it! He's the best! All boy with no fear!! He did not stop talking about riding it and said he can't wait to get his own! lol! Looks like somebodies getting a new motorcycle real soon! lol

Our Little Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's from my sweet little Valentine's! Oh how these 3 make my heart so happy! Words  can't express my love for them! They are growing to fast!!
Cupid surprised them on Valentine's with fun little surprises and candy! They sure are loved so much!
My big valentine brought a vase full of flowers home and took me to dinner and the temple! We had a wonderful night together! my honz is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me! So much love in this post! lol

Daddy Daughter Dance!

These 2 had the time of their life! Daddy Daughter Dance at Somerset! Penny felt like quite the special little lady all dressed up form head to toe in her new gown for the ball! Daddy felt pretty dang special to be her date! They were so cute all matchy matchy! I have the best husband ever! It was his idea to match! He loves matching the kids! I love it! He loves spoiling the kids and making them feel  special and number 1! They had a blast they went with his brother Jacob and penny's bff cousin Emma! This has been their little tradition since kindergarten! Our neighbor also joined them for the night! They had a blast! I love these 2 with all my heart!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Baby Piper 13mons!

How has it been another month! My baby Piper is now 13mons! She is getting her little personality too! She loves to giggle and smile! She still loves her momma the most! lol She loves her binky and blanky! She will cuddle and sniff her blanky so hard you can here it!  lol! She loves all toys especially Penny's tiny tiny toys to put in her mouth and Cash's nerfs and cars to put in her mouth! She loves to give big hugs to her baby and any stuff animal! She loves giving cuddles to daddy! We moved her to soy milk and seems to be doing good! She loves all foods that she can be in control with feeding herself! She has new Teeth! 4 popped in on the top and boy does she enjoy grinding them! ugh can's stand that sound! She's not walking yet but will push her stroller or a walker and will walk with it! She is fast crawler and yep we have a climber! If she can get her leg up to climb it she will! lol! She is all over our lovesacs in the movie/play room! I can't believe how fast the time is going! I need her to stay a baby! lol! We are just loving her! We love seeing her do each new trick! She has started to blow kisses and we can't get enough of it! She is the sweetest baby ever! We just can't get enough of her! Love my Piper girl so much! She definitely makes my heart burst!

Cash's Field Trip!

My Cashy boy had a field trip! We went to the National History Museum! We got to see so many animals even dinosaurs! Cash was in heaven! He had a blast!! He's so dang cute! He would stay close to me just in case he got scared of the big animals! Such a sweet good boy! He felt so special that it was his day at the museum!  Thank you Mrs. McIntyre! We sure love you!

Penny's Apex Fun Run!

It's that time of year again! Penny's Apex Fun Run at School! She loves it every year! So we all go out to support her running her 36 laps! She did 42 this year!! She's getting faster! Yay!! Cash's was the cutest cheering her on!! Go Penny Go!!! Oh hoe we love this fun energetic girl! She's the best!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy 1st Birthday Piper Rae!

 Happy Happy 1st Birthday my sweetest Piper Rae! I can't believe a year has come and gone so fast! She's the sweetest, most happy, mild mannered, mellow, snuggling baby! She loves to be held in her momma's arms! She loves watching her big Sister and big Brother play! She will sit at the front door and squeel, clap and cheer them on while theu ride around on their bikes or scooters and play! She loves getting into the trash too! lol
 With her birthday being so close to all the Christmas excitement and then us going to the dunes for a wk I was like oh my it's Piper's birthday in 2 days! So we through together a very last min 1st Birthday Party for her at our house! Unicorn themed and all!!! So fun for family and friends to come over and celebrate our Piper! We had pizza, sodas and cupcakes!
 My baby loves real food!! lol! No baby food for a while now so when it came to Cake time she was all over it! We couldn't even put the cake on her high chair with the candle lit while singing to her because she was already wanting to dig right in!!! She is the cutest!! Just love her so much!! Needless to say she LOVED her Cake! Squeeling, giggling and clapping for herself!! She's the best to just watch all her cute expressions!
Present time!! She didn't know quite what to do but we had lots of big helpers to help! I'm pretty sure Penny was more excited to see what she got than Piper! lol!! Penny was the one in charge for present time! lol! Love my big girl! She got so many cute fun things! Thanks for the fun gifts and coming out and celebrating with us!
Happy 1st Birthday my baby!! You will always be my baby forever and always! We love you so much!! We can't wait to see what 1 will bring!!

Friday, January 5, 2018

My Baby!

Each month I collage candid pictures! My baby just hit 12mons! Yes that's 1yrs old!!! AWWWWW so sad! My baby!! Seriously why does time have to go so fast!! I can't believe a year has come and gone so fast! So these are the candid pics of my sweetest baby Piper from the month of December! She hasn't taken the walking steps on her own but boy is she getting fast crawling, pulling her self up, and walking around furniture! We have gotten her to stand by herself in the middle of the room nut it doesn't last very long! She is the sweetest baby girl ever! Still barley makes an awnry grumpy peep! She sure doesn't complain! Still mild mannered! She loves real food! no baby food what so ever! lol! She is still on her special  formula but we will be transitioning to real dairy in the next couple weeks to see if she can tolerate it! She just cut her 2 upper front teeth! it's a race to see who gets their 2 front teeth all the way in... Penny or Piper?! lol Penny has checked like everyday to see who's has grown in more! Her's or Piper's! So funny! Even Cash gets a kick out of this! Love these kids of mine! So dang precious!  She is currently in the "obsessed with mommy stage" like seriously follows me around the house everywhere and wants to be held by me only! and I'm not stopping it! I'm taking in all the snuggles and not getting my work done around the house to hold, carry and just love on her! She's momma's girl for sure! I thinks its because I couldn't hold her for such a long time with my broken elbows that this last month i have been able to hold her and she realizes it ans doesn't want me out of her sight! Trust me it's the best feeling and  I'm soaking it in!!! She's the best thing in our life! We Love you baby girl! What will next year bring???!!!

Family pics from the Professional!

The family pics arrived from the professional!lol Thanks Brittany for your beautiful work! You captured great ones! and Thank you, Thank you DeeDee for getting us all together and making it possible! Best present ever! Pictures are a lasting memory! Love you!
Be still my Heart! I love these faces with all my being! They make we crazy! but i'm also totally crazy in love with them! They are my whole world! wouldn't change anything! I love being their crazy mommy! lol
SISTERS!!! My biggest joy! My whole life i always wanted to have sisters! I go back to this often and many have heard me say this... I lost my mom to cancer at a very young age and thankfully i had sisters to call and lean on through out this crazy life we all live in! so with going thru this tragic life experience I always wanted to have my own girls to be sisters and have each other if I were to ever leave them like how my mom did! Now don't get me wrong... Brothers are amazing too and having my son is so wonderful but there's nothing like a blood sister bond and I myself have especially needed and grateful for both my sisters and the bond we have! Seeing these pics makes my heart so happy on so many levels! Dressing them like twins is my all time fave too! My mom did this with me and lil Eryka! lol
I'm truly blessed to be apart of Chad's wonderful family! Just look at these beautiful humans! Thanks again DeeDee and Fadi for making this happen! Perfect pics! I think they turned out great!