Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

This is the face of the Best Father I know! He's the hardest worker I know to make it all possible!!! He's my rock, my biggest supporter, my best friend, my love, and daddy to my 3 precious angels! These 3 babies are so Lucky to call you Dad! From the words of Chad's mother: I am beyond proud of you. You are good, kind, and posses the pure love of Christ. I am grateful you see and honor the eternal perspective. You are an amazing "Daddy"- you treasure your children. You strive to teach them to honor their heritage, learn about their gifts, and leave a legacy. I am grateful to be "Chad's Mom".
 I couldn't have said it better myself! Honz you truly are an amazing man! Thank you for being you!
We love you the most honz!

Our Soaring Eagle!

1st grade is officially over and look who got the Soaring Eagle Art Award for 1st Grade!! Yay Penny!! She was selected out of all the 1st graders to be Mr. Mcknigh'ts Soaring Eagle! She loves being creative, making crafts, and drawing me pictures!! She has worked so hard all year! 1st grade was no joke! lol! Homework, 200 sight words, reading, ar goals, common core math, and monthly class presentation projects! Not to mention the girl drama! lol! Penny loves school and loves her friends! We had a busy year! I'm so  proud of her determination and eagerness to learn!! She is strong willed and loves a good challenge! Keep  up the great work! We love you so much! We can't to  see what 2nd grade brings!!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Lake Day!

Our 1st Lake trip  of the season was AMAZING!! It was Piper's 1st lake trip too and she was such a good girl all day! She Loved the boat rides! Didn't care for the cold lake! lol! but the big kids didn't care that the water was freezing!! Cash went on his first tubing and loved it! The kids had a blast! It was such a beautiful day! The water was glass all day long! The boat ran like a champ! couldn't have asked for a funner day with my family!!

Baby Piper is 5mons!

Look who's 5mons!! Time goes by too fast and my baby is getting big! She's truly the best little baby! Shes has had a busy month! She got her ear's pierced! Had her 1st Beach trip and her 1st Lake trip! She just goes with the flow! and always has her sweet little Smile! She loves to giggle! and Penny and Cash can get her giggling the best! They love their baby sister and she loves them so much! She found her feet and can almost roll over from back to tummy! She get stuck on her side! lol! She can roll from tummy to back!! She loves getting her hands in the business she will grab onto everything! She holds her bottle really good too! She sure just brightens our world! We just our little Piper Rae so much! She makes our hearts very happy!!

Our little Performer!

 Penny had her last Singers Company performance for the season last thurs! She rocked it again! She just comes alive on stage! That's my girl! It was the friends and family show and she stole the show! lol! She did amazing! We were all so proud of her! She is so fun to watch! She really knows how to put smiles on our faces!
We sure Love you Penny! You rocked it again!!!! Can't wait for next season!

Beach Bums!

 I love my little beach bums! For the long Memorial  Weekend we went to Cali! Spent the weekend in Huntington and Newport! Such a lovely weekend! This was Piper's 1st trip to  the Beach!! She loved it! She is such a great baby! Penny and Cash  played their little hearts out! Cash cried every time we left the beach!
 The beach is such a beautiful place! We had a blast just laying around and talking!
We ate great food and went to an amazing new ice cream  place called creamistry! oh was it good! The ice cream  was not like anything we have ever had before! So fummy! Such a fun place! on Sunday we met up with the amazing Simisters! Doug took the kids and chad on bikes down the Neport boardwalk! They had a blast! We can't wait to get back down to the beach!

Monday, May 29, 2017

My Singing Star!

 Sing your heart out Penny pie!! I just love my little performer! She is truly so much fun to watch! She just lights up the show!! This was Penny's 1st performance for the spring in Singers Company! We have just loved this fun singing class for 4 yrs now! Penny performing makes me smile so big! I'm so proud of her! She is not afraid to get up there and shine!!! She did perfect on her solo "Take me out to the ball Game" and speaking part! She truly is a my little Star!
Penny loves being in Singers with her little cousin Tayven! They are both so fun to watch!! Love these girls!!!

Swim Party!!

After Mav's baptism we all went to my dad's to swim!! It was such a beautiful day with beautiful people! Daddy cooked up  some great bbq! and we had a blast swimming! Sure love my family so much!! Thanks for having us over daddy!!

Mav's Special Day!!

Another special day came upon us! Mav's baptism day! Can't believe he's 8!! He's such a fun, silly, unwaivering boy! Penny and Cash sure look up to him! Penny and Mav are the best of buds! Sweet cousins! Chance spoke and born his testimoy to her brother! There wasn't a dry eye in the crowd! Chance is also such an amazing boy with such a strong testimony! We are so proud of you  Mav and your decision to join the only true church! Always choose the right and you will continue on the right path back to our Heavenly Father! We sure love you! It sure is great to be 8!!!

Baby Fenix's Special Day!

Baby Fenix was blessed! Eryka and Adam's 4th baby was blessed a few Sunday's back! Such a wonderful day! All the siblings were there on both sides for Eryka and Adam! Adam gave such a special blessing to Baby Fenix! He's such a chunker! He's 2mons younger than Piper and he out weighs her ans is linger! He's so precious! Looks like an Ence (finally my dad would say-haha)! After church we went to a country club and had a wonderful breakfast with all the family! Such a great day! We sure love you Fenix!! Grateful you're apart of our family!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

 How did I get to be so blessed to be able to raise these 3 amazing special babies! Sent straight from heaven to me!! They bring me so  much joy! They make my heart so full of love! I never thought i could love unconditionally! It's unreal how i feel about these 3 sweet faces! Being mom is also the hardest job i have ever done! Non-stop around the clock momma! but worth it and so rewarding! I love being their mommy!!!
These pics were from Penny's mother's day program at her school! She was so proud to have me there! I hope that never changes! She fed me, sang to me and read to me the sweetest things! I love my big girl!!! Miss Penny pie! We have so much fun together! She loves all the girly thing i love!!

Bling! Bling!

Oh how I love little girls with bling!! Baby Piper turned 4mons!!! She got her shots and it was time for Earrings! She was not to sure about it!! She was already crying when the sweet lady cleaned her ears! Then cried more when she marked them with the dot for placing! and cried even harder when they got pierced! Ouch!!! She was so  sad!! Poor thing! What we do to be blinging! She snapped out of it pretty quick thanks to daddy!! and then we watched Penny shop in Claire's! That store is so fun for any aged girl!! hahah!
We sure love you baby Piper! You're even more beautiful with your new bling bling!!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Baby Piper growing too fast!!

 This little Princess turned 4mons! Why does the time have to go by so fast! She loves Smiling!! She started giggling and Penny can get her laughing the best! Little Piper brings so much joy to our home! She has the cutest squeaks and cooing when she's trying to talk to u! She has been a very mild mannered baby! She's content where ever u put her! Very rarly crys out! She loves playing under her jungle mat! She just kicks and grabs the toys!Everything goes straight to her mouth! She get's a going under there just a playing and loving it! She loves tummy time! Smiles the whole time! She can roll  from tummy to back but not back  to tummy just yet! She gets to the side and gets stuck! We started adding rice to her bottles of milk for her acid reflux! It's bad! Little Piper is  not to  sure about the rice added to it! lol but so far it's keeping her from vomitting her bottles up! Poor baby! We just love our Piper Rae so much! The sweetest baby girl!

Hello Seattle!

 Hello Seattle! For my birthday my honz took  me on a fun get away to Seattle! We were supposed to  be with Eryka and Adam on the LuLaRoe Cruise but babies couldn't go under 6mons! and both Eryka and i just had babies!!!  Sad i know! We Totally earned it and couldn't go! But back to Seattle.... We have not been anywhere in the US but the states we can drive quickly too! So we picked Seattle to tour around! So fun to see the Seattle life! lol! We did everything touristy! and we ate a ton! Such great food places there! We flew in late Friday night! Got in about 1am and went with our best friends Brittany and Kyle! Brittany is serious the best person to travel with she had it all planned out.....the best top food places to the best top sights to see! It was a quick trip and we got a ton in! We had a blast! Baby Piper came with us too! She took her first flight and did amazing! Seriously she is the best! Never  makes a peep! and always such a happy girl!! Best little travel buddy too! The top collage is what we did on Saturday! Pikes market, gum wall, dick's burger joint, the temple, the troll under the bridge,the tiny houses on the water,space needle, sight seeing beautiful parks, and homes, amazing crepes for breakfast and the best tacos for dinner! Busy day! and So much FUN!
This collage was from Sunday! We had 1/2 day to tour around! We flew out on Sunday! I told you it was a quick trip! Biscuit Bitch to start our morning! Amazing! back down to Pike's market for HUGE donuts and then caught a ferry with our car over to the island Bainbridge! The island was so beautiful! A quick fun day! Got to the airport had to be frisked by the security in front of everybody because the ice packs for Piper's milk had thawed out and they thought i put something in them so  they had to  check me from head to toe in  every part of my body and all my belongings! It took a bit and i was stressing we were going to miss our flight back home but we made it with 3mins before loading the plane! Cutting it close! YIKES! Dang security! lol! 
We had a blast! We need to get away more! It's just so hard because we are both so busy! So worth and can't wait for our next quick adventure!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Fun at Grandma DeeDee's House!

Such a Fun tradition we do at Grandma DeeDee's house! Each child gets a basket and they hunt for their color egg! Penny had Pink and Cash had Camo! It makes it fair and fun! They each hunted for 24 eggs! Love this tradition and the kids do too! Thank you grandma for all the fun and the yummy food too!!! We sure love you! and love making memories too!

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!! The Easter bunny sure found these 3!!!! Love these 3 babies so much! Piper cracks us up with her eye brows in these pics! Also can't believe Piper is big enough to sit up in her bumbo! Stop growing!!!! Lot's of fun comes from these 3 littles! Glad they are mine for eternity!

It's Fair, Carnival and Rodeo Time!

 It's fair time! Oh how we look forward to going to Logandale for the fair, carnival and rodeo each year! We had our new addition with us! Baby Piper is such a good baby! Just goes with the flow! Just look at my precious babies! All 3 of them! They loved wearing their western wear all weekend! They looked so dang cute! Make my heart happy for sure!
 Loving our life just relaxing around the fair grounds! We didn't stop eating the amazing fair food all weekend long! haha
 Carnival time!! Love the carnival!! Love the rides and love the games! Won each of the kids including my nephews each a big prize!! We had so much fun! and of course we shut the place down both nights! Rode rides and played games until midnight! Love it!
Last but not least the Rodeo! We love getting off our feet and enjoying the cowboys ride hard! Best part of the night! The kids sure love it too! Cash said he wants to ride the wild horses and Penny said she wants to be the Rodeo Queen! 
The best memories come from the fair weekend! Another fun time!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Run! Run! Run!

Run! Run! Run little Penny!!! Penny's school just had their annual Apex Fun Run! She was so exited to participate! She ran her little heart out! Running 40 laps! Go Penny! Go!!!! We are always so proud of you!

Baby Piper Smiling!

My baby turned 3mons! My heart hurts! I want time to stand still! I love this sweet little angel so much! She has started to smile! and when she gets her eyes on you she just can't stop smiling! Oh it's just the best!! Her whole little face just lights up when she's a smiling! She also has started cooing! and every time she lets out a little peep it scares herself! The funniest!  Little Piper is just the best addition to our family!
These 2 have not gotten tired of her! lol! They love her and smother her! They both get so excited when she smiles and coos! It's the best! They both say "Piper is so Cute!" She sure is!!! We sure Love you sweet Piper Rae!

Friday, March 31, 2017


Holy moly this place is FUN!! We got invited by our new ward friends to come out and play for Monday family night! (love our new ward! we have made so many new friends) We had never been and man did the kids have a blast! Oh and Chad too!! The 3 of them didn't stop for the whole time we were there! The pics are  blurry because they were moving so fast! lol So much that both kids were sad when it was time to leave! Cash seriously cried the whole way home over leaving! I can't wait to take them back!!