Monday, November 26, 2012

Hawaiian Dress up Ballet!

A Really Fun Ballet class today! The story was Lilo and Stitch and they got to dress up like Hawaiian dancers! So Cute! Penny was really shaking it today!!! We just love our Monday morning adventures!!! Until next wk....

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Masquerade Quinceanera!

Yes! You're reading this right! Penny was in her 1st and probably her only Quinceanera! The sweet lady Dulce that watches Penny while I work....her daughter Pam turned 15! So in their culture they get to have a huge party when they turn 15! A very Entertaining and Fun night! Ir was a Masquerade theme! So we were all masked when we arrived! Really Fun! I love dressing up! and so does little Penny! Penny was even in the program! She got to hand Pam her "last doll"! It's a symbolism in their culture of being a "young adult now"! Chad and I just sat back in awe of the whole night! We couldn't believe the amount of money that was spent and the time and prep to put on this Amazing Party! WOW! Just for a 15th Birthday! Penny don't get any ideas! hahaha! Such a memorable night for all!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Such a Wonderful Thanksgiving! We went up to St George, UT to visit my Family! My Grandma will be turning 98yrs in Jan so you just never know what life will bring her so we want to cherish every moment just in case it's the last! Penny just loves her little Grandma! and my little Grandma sure loves her sweet little Penny! So precious! So excited we got to see our Eryn! She flew in from Oklahoma for the weekend! We have loved every moment with her! Sad to see her have to go back!!
We got to visit my momma's grave! This is who little Penny is named after! She kept pointing at her name on the tomb stone...saying "that's my"! She just knew that was her name! I'm so thankful for my momma! She truly was the most amazing person I have ever known! I'm grateful to name my sweet little angel after my mom!! We are so happy we brought her name back! It will be 15yrs on the 29th of this month since she has passed! Can't believe it!! We love YOU momma! You are truly missed everyday!!
And of course if we have Eryn in town then that means photo shoot! So we snapped a few! Enjoy! Another wonderful Thanksgiving! So grateful for Family! We love YOU all!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Santa Clause is Coming to Town!

We were off to see Santa Clause early this year! We went on down to Townsquare! We think he is the Best Santa!  It was really nice seeing him early because there was nobody in line and Santa was so Sweet and really just talked to the kids making them feel so special! Penny still wasn't very sure about him! When he asked her what she want for Christmas she said "Surprises!" So cute! but she wouldn't sit on his lap at all! In fact she wouldn't even get to close unless Daddy or I was holding her! After we left she said "Santa looks like a papa and is nice!" We said of course he is all of why were you so scared! She said "Don't know!" What a silly girl! So we will see the next time she sees Santa if she thinks he's so nice!! I can't wait for the time when she will go right up and sit on his lap and not be scared!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Little Mouse Ballet!

In ballet class they read about 2 little mice playing in the fall leaves! So Penny got to dress up like little mouse and dance around with leaves! So cute! I must say she was the most precious little mouse! We are just loving ballet class!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Just Sand Duning it up!

We love our quick get away to the Dunes! Such an amazing time! We had a huge circle of trailers this time!! Our biggest one yet! All the kids play so great together that it's a nice break for us mommies! You can tell Penny loves it out there too! Her face in these pics are to die for!! :) 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween little Bumble Bee!

Such a Fun Halloween! Our Sweet little Penny was a the cutest little Bumble Bee ever! and man did we have a Blast Tricker Treating this year! It's our little tradition to go out to my brother's house and trick or treat with my nephews in their awesome neighborhood! Each year gets better with this little Diva! and Yep she was a Diva! We hadn't even walked 1 house and she was wanting to be pushed in a stroller that we didn't even pack along! So my sister-n-law let us borrow hers! Thank goodness! We kept trying to get her to walk to keep up with her cousins but she would say..."just push me faster daddy!" What a silly girl! Then she would walk up to the door (as long as it wasn't scary or else we have to carry her) with her pumpkin and say..."Trick or Treat!" so sweet! We practiced that all month long! Love it! She's just getting so big! Sad but so Fun to live these moments!