Monday, November 19, 2012

Santa Clause is Coming to Town!

We were off to see Santa Clause early this year! We went on down to Townsquare! We think he is the Best Santa!  It was really nice seeing him early because there was nobody in line and Santa was so Sweet and really just talked to the kids making them feel so special! Penny still wasn't very sure about him! When he asked her what she want for Christmas she said "Surprises!" So cute! but she wouldn't sit on his lap at all! In fact she wouldn't even get to close unless Daddy or I was holding her! After we left she said "Santa looks like a papa and is nice!" We said of course he is all of why were you so scared! She said "Don't know!" What a silly girl! So we will see the next time she sees Santa if she thinks he's so nice!! I can't wait for the time when she will go right up and sit on his lap and not be scared!!

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