Sunday, September 18, 2016

Labor Day Beach FUN!

 We love our Beach times! It was a quick trip for Labor day weekend but that didn't stop  us from having a blast! Huntington was just perfect! and the kids ran wild! Such a great company with family and friends! It feels so good to get away!

Fun in the sun! Can't wait to get back!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cash's 1st day of Pre-School!

Well just like Penny! This bug boy wanted to go to school as well! So I put him in a pre-school at the community center down the street from us! I took  Penny here as well  when she was 3! So it was his time to start school!! and Mrs. Alex is his teacher! The same as when Penny went there! Yay! We love her!! Cash had the Best 1st day! Such a big boy! He went right in his class and didn't look  back! lol! He was so brave!! I was so proud of him!! He had his new school shoes on and his new Star Wars backpack! He was set to go!! We just love him so  much! He's got the silliest little personality! Go make us proud Cashy boy!!

Penny's 1st Day of 1st Grade!!

 And just like that she's off to 1st grade! Such a big girl! She has been so excited to be in 1st grade to be able to  go to  school all day! Play recess with the big kids and eat lunch at school and with big kids! She just makes us smile so big! She goes to Somerset Sky Pointe Academy! Her teacher is Mrs. Wilson and is loving her already so much as her teacher! Penny is such a happy girl! Just loves life!! She loves to learn, make new friends and just loves school so much! We are honored to be her parents! We love you Penny pie!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

My Birthday Babies!

 Happy 6th Birthday Penny!! Can't believe she is 6yrs old! Such a big girl! Way beyond her years! Everyday she makes us proud! Such a great girl! She's my sweetest, biggest heart, strong personality, loving, funny, silly girl!! She's the best big sister! Such a great leader and example to her little brother!
 These two have my heart eternity! They are the best of friends! Penny is always looking out for her little bother!
Happy 3rd Birthday Cashy boy! Such a big boy! Boy is he our busy boy! He keeps us on our toes! We love his energy and excitement for life! He's a lover and a fighter! lol! He loves to wrestle! and Such a tease! Strong willed and wild personality! We Love you so much!