Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Happy Penny at 15mons!

Another Fabulous month has come and gone!! Little Penny Cakes is 15mons!!!! WOW!! Where's my little baby! She's is such a big girl and she totally thinks she is too!! She is talking up a storm! It's so amazing! She is now putting all her little words to the actual object! I can tell her to get me something (what ever I'm asking for) and she will bring it to me! WOW!! She is like a little sponge! So SMART!! Can you tell we are very PROUD!! :) She really is just so FUN!! Has so much Personality and so Animated with her expressions! I wonder where she gets that from!!! Oh we just love this little Penny Cakes! She lights up our world!!!
P.S. I know you are all wondering....Still NO TEETH!! We are hoping she has some!!! :)
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Sunday, October 16, 2011


So for Monday Night Family Night we went to a PUMPKIN PATCH!! This was the 1st time for little Penny and both Chad and I! We couldn't believe how many Pumpkins there were! BIG ones...little ones...all different shapes and colors! So FUN!! Penny wasn't so sure of them or the hay but she warmed up a little! (check out some of her faces in these pics) Boy is she animated!!!!! I wonder where she gets that from!!! haha! Well we are just loving the season change and all the FUN Holiday's to come!!! HAPPY HARVEST!!! :)
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