Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family Good Times!!!

This last weekend we were up in PANACA for the HUGE Bulloch Family Reunion!! This is such a big deal for us! We look forward to this weekend every year! It's just the Best to sit around with family with nothing to do but to!! It's just so relaxing! Being with family is truly the BEST!! As you can see we took some beautiful pics with all of Chad's fam! It was so fun to see all of Chad's brothers, wives and of course the sweet nieces and nephews! Chad and his sister are the only ones that live in Vegas so it's always fabulous to see his brothers that live all across the states! We always miss them! and love them very much! We love the good times!

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Some FUN 12mon candids of Penny Pie!

Our little Penny Pie is just so FUN! She just turn 1 last wk! and She is on the move...with her feet!!! What? I know our little diva is getting big! On her birthday she was taking 1-2 steps and through out this week she has figured it out! She will stand right up in the middle of the room and take off...falling after about 6 steps! We are so proud!!!! ps. still NO teeth! They are really taking their time!! Penny your just the BEST!!!! We love you!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy! Happy 1st Birthday Sweet P!!!

So FUN to be ONE!!! 7-21-10 was the Best day of our lives!! We started our Penny Elyse adventure! WOW!!! We can't believe our Sweet P has hit the BIG 1!!! She is more and more coming alive! She has the BEST little personality!! Sassy!!Wild!and bit of BUSY BODY! And we are loving every minute of it!! She is such a Talker! She'll open her books...start talking! Put her baby on her lap...start talking! Pick up her play phone and put by her ear...start talking! In the grocery store...talking to EVERYONE!!! "HI!" "HI!" "HI!" She wants the full attention!! Not shy! Huh?? I wonder wear she gets that from!!!..It must run in the family somewhere!!! haha! She seriously is doing so much and acting way to BIG!!! On her BIRTHDAY she stood right up in the middle of the room and walked 4 STEPS!! We were so excited!! She was too...She started clapping for herself!! So precious!! When you ask her how old she is she puts up both hands with her little pointer finger straight up! We think she's pretty dang smart! We are totally the proudest parents!! We love you Penny Cakes!!!

For her special day we Celebrated with a Hello Kitty BIRTHDAY Swim BBQ!! It's was so fun to share this with all our family and friends!! She had a blast! She loves kids!!! and of course the attention!! When we sang "Happy Birthday" to her she was CLAPPING for us!! So Sweet! and as you can see in the pics she LOVED her HELLO KITTY CAKE!! (our bestie HOLLY made it for her! It was so perfect!)
Our Little Penny is our PRIDE and Joy! Wouldn't trade her for the world!! She bring us so much JOY! It's the most AMAZING being her mommy and daddy!! We can't wait for what's next with our WILD DIVA!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Penny's 1st Happy 4th!!!

Here's our little LADY LIBERTY!! It's so FUN to get her all dressed up and start snapping pics! She loves the camera too!! It's the best!

So for Penny's 1st 4th of July we went down to Newport Beach! On Friday night we took her to her 1st baseball game! We saw the Angels play the Dodgers! Yankees should have been in there somewhere! haha! You all know that's my team! So I didn't care who WON nor do I really know who actually WON!! haha! It was still awesome being in the stadium! On Saturday we took little P to the BEACH!! She loves the sand and the ocean!! It was so cold for me but not for little P!! She is definitely just like her daddy!! We always just have a BLAST! What a fabulous holiday weekend!!
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