Sunday, August 9, 2009

We made it! And many more to come!

We just celebrated the most amazing 1st year ever! I can't believe how fast the time flies! but i guess when your with your best friend, companion, and lover anything can happen! Life is so great with Chad in it! He makes me laugh the hardest, smile the biggest and truley just enjoy every min of life to the fullest! I never thought I could find someone that had more sunshine than me! That's my Chad! He's always having a great day or just making the best out of every day! He's definetly my most favorite thing ever! I call him my dream doy because he is everything I have ever dreamed for in a man! I love you the most hons and can't wait to celebrate many more amazing years with you! Can't wait to see what the future brings with the 2 of us together! I love you!
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What we did to celebrate for our 1st anniversary!

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To kick off our anniversary we went to our most favorite band in concert "Blue October"! They were amazing! What a way to start our weekend! Then we went to dinner and movie on Friday night! We saw "GI Joe" it was awesome! I feel as though it might have been better than"Transformers", but anyway, it was great! Then on Sat (which was our actual anniversary day) morning bright and early Chad took me golfing and then to breakfast! I love to golf and if you can believe was the first time we had ever golfed together! So how amazing to do this on our 1yr anniversary! Boy do I need some had been over 2 yrs since I had golfed before! Yikes! But we always just have so much fun together! I love it! After golfing Chad surprised me with the "Apple Tv"! For those that don't know what this is, it's made from Apple and you hook it up to your tv and you can rent and buy movies, buy songs all from your itunes! It's so amazing! It's like on demand but much, much more! Seriuosly the coolest! Then I surprised Chad with tickets to see his favorite football team the "Dallas Cowboys" play in Dallas in their new stadium! Chad was shocked! He has never seen a pro football team play live let alone his favorite and in their home stadium! Wow! We both can't wait to go to Dallas! So I guess you can say we have had an amazing first year and an amazing celebration at that! Thanks hons! I love you!

Such Proud Business Owners!

For those of you that don't know....Chad bought a custom embroidery business back in March of this year! So we were so proud to show up to our first embroidery convention in Long Beach, California! This convention covered everything from embroidery to screen printing to engraving to just about anything and everything that you can think to get your name or logo printed on! It was the coolest! Things have been going so great for Chad and the business! We have opened our doors to anything and everything! We are so excited to be together on this amazing business adventure! We are enjoying every moment of it! So if you need know who to call!
ps. Chad surprised me with matching shirts that he had made for the both us to wear at the convetion! He's so adorable! He's just the best husband ever! I'm so proud of him!
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Watch out small we come!

July 24th of every year marks the Bulloch family reunion! This was my first year going! Now almost every year the reunion takes place in a very small town out in the middle of nowhere called...Panaca! Now I know you're thinking where is this...its actually in Nevada! I never thought you could have so much fun in such a small town! But boy did we make our own fun! From playing softball to swimming in the warm springs, playing board games to just sitting around talking! And to top it all off we had a garage sale fashion show! This explains the pics above! We were given $4 each to go to as many garage sales in Panaca and buy whatever we wanted to wear for the fashion show! You couldn't spend more than the $4 dollars! So check out what I found for Chad and I....matching his and her oppisite shirts (notice the detail work on this gold mine), hats, chad's tight wranglers, and my perfect denim skirt that I had to wear up to my neck! lol! I tried to find boots to complete the outfit but nobody was giving those up! lol! Watch out Logandale..Team Bierstedt is coming to the next rodeo in this pretty little outfit! We just had so much fun all weekend long with everyone! I feel like I'm the luckiest person to have all these great people in my life and to be apart of this amazing huge Bulloch family! There were over 100 of us there! That's why I said watch out small we come!
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