Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be Thankful for! We are truly blessed! I'm so grateful for family and friends! This is what this time of year is all about! So For Thanksgiving we headed up to be with my sister and her family and all my extended family!! Our kids had a blast playing with all my cousins kids!! We only see my extended family about this time every year! It's so fun to catch up on life and see how big their kids are getting!! It's crazy how much changes in just 1 year! We spent most the day at my aunt and uncles house! Chad took all the cousins on rzr rides in his new turbo! They had a blast! Us ladies planned out our Black Friday shopping!! and before we  knew it it was time to shop!! This is my favorite part!! Chad is always so good to me and stays with the kids and gives me no limit of spending! haha He's so my match! To start I met up with some of our greatest friends that were up in Santa Clara as well visiting and we were off!! Then shortly after our first stop my sister met up with us! We shopped and shopped!! Found so many amazing deal!! Love getting all my Christmas done in 1 night! We spent the next day up there and went to the new movie "The Good Dinosaur!" It was so good! Such a sweet touching movie! At one point I was tearing up I look over to chad and he had tears in his eyes then looked down at Penny and she was even crying!! She really gets into the movies at her age! Now Cash on the other hand pretty much watch us watch the movie!! haha! He had more fun seeing our facial reactions than the movie! He's still a little too young! haha! All in all we had a wonderful family filled mini vacation!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Dune Time!

More Dune fun for us this last weekend! It was a beautiful weekend to be out there! Great riding and great laughs by the fire!! Can't wait to get back there!!

Trail Riding in our new Razor!

We have been loving our new 4 seat Razor!! Loving it so much we went with our bff Johnson's out up in the mountains behind their house for some trail riding!! It was so beautiful! Perfect weather too!! We came across beautiful red rocks and caves!! So fun!! The kids had a ton of fun hiking in the caves and up on the red rocks! We rode up and long the mountains and could almost see our house!! We had a blast! Love fun adventurous weekends with my family and bff's! There's nothing better!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Happy Halloween!

Here's how Team Bierstedt does Halloween!! Meet Elsa and Olaf! I can't take any credit for this adorable "make you heart melt" matching duo....all Penny's idea! She told me she really wanted to be the "real Elsa" so she needed her very own little Olaf!! Then proceeds to say "that's it mommy I know just who can be my little Olaf...Cash!" She seriously is genius! haha! I matched them last year as Woody and Jesse from Toy Story and I couldn't figure out what I could do for this year until Penny said it!! All her idea! Giving her full credit for the cutest matching duo!! Elsa and her little Olaf!! Amazing! They were so cute too! Penny would say to Cash "melt Olaf...get on the ground in a ball" then she would start swirling her hand as he would start to stand! She was magically making Olaf with her ice powers!! haha She was the "real Elsa!" Seriously can't get enough of their little personalities! They are magical!! So precious! Cash totally played along with her magical ice queen powers! haha! I love them so much!! These 2 sweeties are truly worth melting for!!
Now let me introduce you to our latest baby!! Our brand new 4 seater 1000 Turbo!! Wow! It's a beauty! Has so much power and rides so smooth! Can't feel any hard bumps at all!! Best purchase we have made yet!! We work hard to play hard! and there it is!!! Perfection!! 
These last 2 collages our from a fabulous weekend out at Dumont! We spent our Halloween weekend out there! Such a rush! It's always the highlight to go Trick or Treating around from camp to camp! These camps get way into it! Go all out! More than I have seen done at any house in town! haha Love it! That's what makes it so fun!!
Loving our New ride and the dunes!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Party Fun!

Penny sure has loved her teacher Mrs.Fisher  and all her little friends at Somerset Sky Pointe! She had a blast at her Halloween party last week! and I had a blast volunteering!! So fun to see all the kids in their costumes! They got to play fun games and eat lots of yummy treats!! Can't wait for the next party!!