Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Happy Halloween!

Here's how Team Bierstedt does Halloween!! Meet Elsa and Olaf! I can't take any credit for this adorable "make you heart melt" matching duo....all Penny's idea! She told me she really wanted to be the "real Elsa" so she needed her very own little Olaf!! Then proceeds to say "that's it mommy I know just who can be my little Olaf...Cash!" She seriously is genius! haha! I matched them last year as Woody and Jesse from Toy Story and I couldn't figure out what I could do for this year until Penny said it!! All her idea! Giving her full credit for the cutest matching duo!! Elsa and her little Olaf!! Amazing! They were so cute too! Penny would say to Cash "melt Olaf...get on the ground in a ball" then she would start swirling her hand as he would start to stand! She was magically making Olaf with her ice powers!! haha She was the "real Elsa!" Seriously can't get enough of their little personalities! They are magical!! So precious! Cash totally played along with her magical ice queen powers! haha! I love them so much!! These 2 sweeties are truly worth melting for!!
Now let me introduce you to our latest baby!! Our brand new 4 seater 1000 Turbo!! Wow! It's a beauty! Has so much power and rides so smooth! Can't feel any hard bumps at all!! Best purchase we have made yet!! We work hard to play hard! and there it is!!! Perfection!! 
These last 2 collages our from a fabulous weekend out at Dumont! We spent our Halloween weekend out there! Such a rush! It's always the highlight to go Trick or Treating around from camp to camp! These camps get way into it! Go all out! More than I have seen done at any house in town! haha Love it! That's what makes it so fun!!
Loving our New ride and the dunes!

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lauren said...

looks like so much fun!! so sad we haven't been out there yet!!~ love that new rzr!!!