Friday, May 13, 2016

Penny's Field Trip!!

I was lucky and was selected to be a chaperone at Penny's class field trip to Springs Preserve! These kids are just the cutest!!Lets just say the bus ride was nit quiet at all!! They have so much energy!! lol! I had never been to  Springs Preserve! It was really neat!! Very clean and so informative! We had a blast! The highlight was the Butterfly part! It's so cool how you go in their environment and they fly around you and they can even land on you butterfly kisses! So awesome!! It was just so fun much to see my sweet little Penny interact with all her friends! Her personality just cracks me up!! Just Love being her mommy!! and Loved being a chaperone! Can't wait until next time!

Disneyland Family Fun!!

Our 4th Annual Disneyland Trip with Chad's Dad's family! This year we had 36 loved ones in our group!! So much fun!! This is such a Fun tradition that Jeff and Vicki do for us! We are extremely grateful for their generosity!! We sure do love them so much and are so thankful!! and of course so thankful for our matching Shirts that my Honz does for all of us for both days!! You're amazing honz! We looked GOOD!!
 Here are the Fun pics from our 2 day Disneyland Adventure!!

Too much fun crammed into two quick days of  being together!! Can't wait till next time!! Until next year Disneyland!!