Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Merriest Christmas!!!

So here's our Busy Christmas FUN all wrapped up in some cute picture collages!! :)
The top collage is from my Dad ans Janeen's Christmas dinner! Its tradition to always get together the Sunday before Christmas! We always have a great time eating, laughing, opening presents and taking pics!! The grand babies are filling up! Everyone had a baby this year except my brother and my sister! That's crazy! All of Janeen's kids had babies and me and Eryka!! It's been a busy 2013!! So fun to get the cousins together! I do have to say the highlight of the night was when Penny opened her present from Grandma Janeen! It was a Princess Microphone! We couldn't get her off the mic from singing!! She hasn't stopped either! She LOVES to sing and now she said she's a "Rock Star!!!" The perfect gift for her Grandma!! Great job!!!
Just couldn't resist this pic collage! I snapped these on Christmas Eve! I love getting these candids of Penny holding Cash!! She loves holding him!! Its so fun to catch their faces!!! Love these two so much!!!
On Christmas Eve we headed to Chad's dad for dinner! He took us to Lucille's BBQ at the Red Rock! Such yummy food!! If you haven't been...You better! You won't be disappointed!! :) We had such a great time! We have gotten together with his dad for the last few years on Christmas Eve and it's just nice and relaxed! No rushing around trying squeeze time in on Christmas! We will continue doing this! :)
Then it was Christmas morning!! Oh my!! The BEST Christmas yet with Penny!! She was hyped all morning long!! Santa found her and Cash and she was so excited!! She finally is really getting it!! She loved everything! She kept thanking Santa over and over saying "Santa loves me...he got me everything I really wanted...Thank you Santa where ever you are!!!!!" haha! She's the best! and at every present she opened she would say "Oh my gosh!"... "shut up!"..."no way!"..."stop it!" haha! She totally kills us with her big sassy words! She loved her Stocking too! Little Cash stayed awake for just about 1 picture and he was off to bed! He loves his little schedule! :) He truly is the best baby! We all got spoiled! Chad got his first Coach Wallet and I got my first high end camera lens that I have been wanting for a long time!! We are so grateful! The Best Christmas ever!!
Then it was off to Deedee's (Chad's mom) for her traditional Christmas Breakfast! We Love going over to her house every year for her homemade scones and all the fixings! We stuffed our bellies and opened fun presents!! but the highlight of the morning was when Drew proposed to Tara!!! I'm getting a new brother-n-law! Little Auntie Linn is getting Married!! We are so excited for the both of them! It was such a special morning!!
We ended our busy amazing day at my brother's house! We always end our Christmas here every year! It was the best because Eryn was there!!! We love that Eryn! All we were missing was little Eryka and her sweet family! My brother requested a white chicken chili soup for dinner and I volunteered to make it! What...me!!! Yes me and it turned out perfect! It was the best yummy soup! I was quite impressed with my self since I never cook!!! haha! So we filled our bellies up and opened more presents!! Such a FUN day!! We love being with our families on Christmas! It's always such a busy day for us going form house to house but so worth every year! We Love Christmas time!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Benjamin!!

Somebody turned the BIG 5!!! Happy Birthday Benjamin!! He is my nephew on Chad's side of the family! He's Jacob (Chad's Brother) and Bre's oldest son! We just can't believe he's 5! He is the sweetest little guy you will ever meet! He greets you with a BIG Hug as soon as he sees you and when you leave he must give you another BIG Hug!! Love it! He had a Super Hero Party! So fun! Bre made all the kids little Masks! They were so dang cute! Penny just loves Benjamin! They play so good together! Such a big boy! Happy Birthday buddy! We love ya!

Penny's Singers Company Christmas Performances!

Penny has been loving her Singers Company class! She had her 1st Christmas Performances this week! She performed 1st at a Retirement home! She had so fun! The sweet little old people just loved it! When it was all over Penny went up to each little old person and gave them a hug! So cute!They were just loving her!
Her 2nd performance was at a church and they performed for their family and friends! She was loving her family out in the crowd! She didn't get shy at all seeing them out there....she was really putting on a show for them! It was awesome! In both performances she gave the opening line to start the show and sang the best little solo!! We were so proud of her!! It reminded me of when I used to perform on stage!! I loved it!! At the end daddy gave her some flowers and man was that the highlight of her night! Her face was priceless when he gave them to her! She hasn't stop talking about those flowers either! I am so happy to have found this amazing singing/dancing class! We love Miss Brittney! She truly is the best teacher!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Penny's Pre-K Christmas Party!!

We sure have enjoyed Penny's little pre-k class at the community center! She loves her teacher Miss Alex! Today they had their Christmas Party! So fun! They made reindeer antlers that she wore and performed a bunch of Christmas Songs for us! Some of them were even in Spanish! Thanks to Dulce she picks right up on all her Spanish! So adorable! Then they got to eat!!! Penny is just getting so big!! She LOVES School!!! She pretends that she has homework all the time! So funny! I hope this keeps up thru out all the school years to come! :)

Happy 4th Birthday Zane!!!

Zane turned 4!!! WOW! Can't believe it!! He LOVES any Super Hero! So my sister put together the best birthday party! It was so Awesome that even BATMAN showed up!!! The Birthday boy was in "AAAAAWWWWWW!" It was at a bounce house place! There so many bounce houses in there! Penny had a blast!! Such a FUN day! I'm pretty sure if Penny could she would marry him! She tells me all the time Zane is her boyfriend and has even said husband! (how she knows these words I have no idea! haha) She just loves him so much!! I have to remind her all the time that Zane is her cousin!! haha! We can't believe he's 4!! Happy Birthday Zane! We love you!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baby Cash is 4mons!

I seriously can't believe my little man is 4mons!! Cash Money weighs a little over 14lbs! Just Loving my husky little guy! He's the most happy chill baby ever! He loves, loves to SMILE!! Even if he's fussy (which is hardly ever) and he catches your eye he will start smiling! He loves to make little sounds while spitting bubbles out at you too! I'm just so in love with him! I'm so lucky to call him mine!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Oh How We Love Santa Clause!

Here comes Santa Clause! Here comes Santa Clause! Oh how we Love Santa Clause!! Penny was so excited to see Santa!! This was the first year she didn't cry when she sat on his lap! Santa asked her what she wanted and she said "I don't know...a little of everything! haha! That's my kind of girl! haha! We are into some trouble with this princess!! Cash on the other hand was as chill as can be! This was his first time seeing Santa!!! Not a peep out of him! Just love their little faces! We just love Christmas time! So many fun memories!