Saturday, November 30, 2013

Such a Happy Thanksgiving!

Such a Beautiful Happy Thanksgiving! This was the first year we have ever had Thanksgiving with Chad's mom and family! We have always gone up to St. George but since Grandma passed this year we decided to spend this thanksgiving in town! Although we missed seeing all my family we sure had a wonderful time with Chad's family! We loved having my dad spend the day with us too! Such wonderful food and wonderful family to make such a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving! We re so thankful for so much! We love you all!
Once the kids were put to bed and sound a sleep....momma headed out to go Black Friday shopping until 4:30am! Always one of the most funnest nights ever! Love getting all my  Christmas shopping done in 1 night!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Best of Buds!

It's crazy to watch first hand the bond and love of siblings! These two are the best of buds already! Penny of course loves her brother so much but little Cash could just stare and watch her all day! He gets so excited when he catches a glimpse of his big sis! He coos and smiles so big at her! He just thinks she is the greatest! It Just melts my heart!! I can't get enough of these lil faces! I'm truly blessed!
Love these fun action/candid shots of these two! Penny LOVES to hold him!!!! Her very own real life baby doll!

Back to the Dunes we go!

Back to the Dunes for the weekend we go! It was a cold one!! Pretty much rained all weekend on us but that sure didn't stop the boys from riding and the kids from playing!!! Just love my Penny girl posing for the camera!! She's too much to handle! haha! and can't get enough of my baby Cash just a Smiling so big!! He pretty much loves any face that looks at him!! He will give a big big smile!! I have such happy kids!! Love them so much!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Sand Dune Season Has Begun!

This is our most favorite time of year!! It's sand dune time!! This was our first weekend out and Cash's first time to the dunes too!! Of course Chad was loving his Razor!! We got to take our first family ride all together in our razor! Cash loved it! Also if you didn't notice we our pulling our Trailer with a brand new Truck!!! Whahoo!! It's a Slate Grey with light grey leather interior!! It's a beauty! This weekend was our first time pulling the trailer!! It pulled amazingly! You couldn't even feel that trailer behind us!! Oh that truck is so awesome!! Chad is so hyped!! We can't wait to get back out there!

Look Who's 3mons Old!!

Somebody is 3mons old! Little Cash is the sweetest baby! He has figured out he can SMILE and boy does he ever!! It just brightens our day!! We can simply just walk past him and he will start a Smiling! Such a Happy Happy boy!! He has also started making sweet little cooing sounds! Like he's trying to talk to us!! He's got the same milk allergy as Penny did but not as bad! We finally figured out what formula he can handle and he loves it!! He's on the Simulac Allimentum! It's pretty expensive but anything for my little baby! His little tummy is not upset anymore! We just love our Happy little boy!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Happy Halloween!

Such a FUN Halloween! Can't believe October is already over! Penny had a blast getting all her candy!! But the one who had the most FUN and got the most Candy was Chance! As soon as it got dark he was gone!! we couldn't keep up with him! Little Mav stayed close with his brother as good as he could! Chance was moving fast from house to house! Penny stayed closed to mommy because she said it was a little scary out! haha! Baby Cash hung out in his stroller sleeping! Such a great baby!
Chance was a Skeleton: 7 1/2yrs old
Mav was Woody: 4 1/2 yrs old
Penny was Doc Mcstuffins: 3yrs old
Baby Cash was the cutest little Cow: 2 1/2mons old
 We all wore ourselves out! I even ended up driving my car with Mav and Penny for the last little bit! haha! They said their Legs were too tired but they wanted more candy! haha! We couldn't get Chance off the streets! Such a fun night!! Another Wonderful Halloween!!!