Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry! Merry! Christmas 2011!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! So here's our Wonderful Fun Christmas in one BIG Nutshell!! It was another fun busy holiday!! To kick off the festivities on Friday Christmas eve eve...We went to my Dad & Janeen's for some yummy dinner and present fun for all the grand kids!!

On Christmas Eve! We headed over to Chad's dad and Vicki's new home!! We sat around and ate...and ate...and ate!! We had a great time talking and lauging!...

Then it was off to Nanny Debbie's!! This a tradition to go to Em's mom's house for some amazing food and of course SANTA!!!! Santa comes every year to get us all ready for Christmas morning!! Penny of course wouldn't go near him!! She Screamed out and it wasn't for JOY!! haha! There's always next year!!!

On Christmas morning!! Boy did SANTA find sweet little Penny!!! He spoiled her rotten!!! She was so Surprised of all her New Toys!! She kept "ooooing and ahhhhing"! She has the cutest personality! She is just the BEST!! As soon as she hit the bottom of the stairs she Skipped right on over to all her new Santa toys and jumped on her new 4 wheeler!!! She was just so excited!! Then hopped off that and jumped in her Babies Play Crib with the Baby next to her saying "nigh...nigh!" So Hilarious!! Then she finally realized the Bubblegum Pink Play Kitchen!! Oh my!! Now on to unwrapping presents! She sure has that down! WOW! They learn fast!! She would "ooooh...ahhhh" every time she got the wrapping paper off! Oh! and I got a new purse and Chad got the new 4s Iphone! So We really had the perfect Christmas!!

Now it was time to head to DeeDee's! It's Tradition to have a huge breakfast! The big hit is the Scones!! YUM!! Then it was present time!! Penny opened all of hers and everyone else's!! We couldn't keep her away!!! She Loves Surprises!!! Don't we all!!!

And to end the Amazing day we met up with all my Family at Ryan and Em's! We ate again! Opened more Presents and finished with watching Old Home Videos on the Beta Machine! (that's how old these family videos are...) It's the best to see mom in them! I think this is why we always watch them on Christmas cause we are all together and wish so much that she could be here with us!! So instead of making new ones we watch old ones of her!!! We love you mom and miss you so much...especially around this time of year!!!
So all in was a Fabulous Christmas Nutshell!!! Another Amazing year came and gone so quick!! Can't wait till next year!!!
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sweet Penny is 17mons!!!

Oh my! Oh my! Sweet little Penny is getting so BIG!! She is seriously the Funniest little thing ever!! She just keeps us laughing and smiling everyday!! She is Busy! Busy!! Keeping us on our toes!!! Her personalty is just getting bigger and bigger! She knows just what she wants!! haha! So Happy! Happy!! She loves to Dance, Spin, Twirl, and Pose with a Big Smile!! Oh we just love life with Sweet little Penny!!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fun! Fun! Christmas Times!!

Christmas this year has been so FUN for us!! Penny loves the Lights...the Christmas tree...the Presents...but not Santa!!!! haha! It's the Craziest because..all of you that know this Little Diva...know that she is not shy!!! She is so Friendly! Loves people!! But when it came to Santa...she said no way!!! I'm not sitting up on his fact I couldn't even get her off me!! She was clinging and screaming to the top of her lungs!!! Crazy!! So here's the funny part!! If you show her a picture of Santa or read her a book with him in it or just even see him in stores! She loves him!! She even says "Anta!" "Anta!" over and over but when we ask her..."do you want to go see Santa and sit on his lap?..." She shakes her head NO!! Oh she's just the Best!!! Love her little personality!!! So animated!! We love Christmas time and just love little Penny!!!! Can't wait till Christmas morning!!!!
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Zane!!!

On Monday the 12th Eryka's Little Zane turned 2yrs old!! He had a Thomas the Train Birthday Party! He loves loves loves TRAINS!! This is Penny's little bff! They just love each other! They play the Best together!! I just love being with my sister! We love that we have our babies so close together! They will be in the same grade in school too (someday)! Oh so fun!!! Now they just need to move back to Vegas! haha! We love you ZANE!! HAPPY 2nd Birthday!!!
Ps. Yep! I'm pretty sure Penny enjoyed his Birthday Cake more than him!! She wanted to be right down it! So Funny!!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Isn't Thanksgiving just the Best time of Year!! We love the Holiday times! We went to see my Grandma and all my family up in Santa Clara, UT! My Grandma is 96yrs old and boy does she still keep up! She'll be 97 in Jan! Every Thanksgiving is our family photo shoot time! So here's just a few of our Fun photos from that day! Enjoy!
Oh! and for some very exciting news my Amazing sister Eryn got excepted to Orthodontic School!! She is off to the University of Oklahoma!!! Go Sooners!! She will graduate from UNLV Dental School in May and then head on out to Oklahoma! She is so the smartest one! We are so Proud of her!! Yeah for Dr. Eryn Ence!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Look who's 16mons!!!

Wow the time really flies! Our sweet little princess is already 16mons!!! She has so much personality! She truly loves life! She just talks up a storm to anything and anyone!! She is just so busy busy!! She definitely keeps us going!! She loves to sing, dance, play dress up, carry her purses, dolls...and the list can go on and on! She is such a girly girl!! and I love it!!!! She says so many words that I can't even believe! It really surprises me how fast they learn and really pick up on things! She will tell you.. She is the "Princess"! Points to herself and everything! (should we be worried...this is a little young...right??? haha!) So all the pics are pics I take through out the month! She loves the camera! When she see me pull it our she starts saying "CHEESE! CHEESE!" and then if I say pose for mommy she knows just what to do! Oh I jut love it and Grandma Penny would just love it too! (you know she was the picture QUEEN) We seriously can't get enough of our Sweet little P! She cracks us up daily! It's the best being mommy and daddy!!
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Panaca Fun!!!

Last weekend we headed out of town!! We love getting away for the weekends so we headed to Panaca where Chad's family has a place! It's the best up there! We just relax all weekend long! On the way we came across some snow! This was Penny's first time in it! She wasn't quite sure what to do so she just stood ..frozen in time! She is so FUNNY!! We are just enjoying every moment with our sweet little P!!!
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!!

Oh what FUN Happy Halloween we had!! It's so crazy how little kids just know what to do! Speaking about little Penny of course! We got her in her little cupcake costume...she grabbed a Hot Pink glow stick in one hand and her purple pumpkin basket in the other and she was off! Her little legs were just a moving so fast to keep up with her big cousins! She would go right up to the door say "treat" "treat" and then help herself right into these stranger houses! What! She is way to friendly! haha! By the end of our trick or treating she was dragging her bucket on the ground and still holding onto her glow stick in the other hand! So Funny! We just had such a great time! We love it!
Chance (5 1/2yrs old): he was a Scary Zombie
Maddison (almost 4yrs old): she was a Witch
Mav (2 1/2yrs old): he was a Dragon (he kept taking his costume funny!)
Zane (22mons..almost 2yrs): he was a Zebra
Penny (15mons): she was a Cupcake (she didn't want me to take it off..she loves dressing up!)

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lions, Tigers & Bears..Oh My!!!

Oh my is right! We took our little Penny to the Zoo and Sea World for the very 1st time! Daddy has been working with Penny on all her animal sounds so when it was time to see them...Oh My!! She loved them! She was making all the animal sounds so good! We were so Proud! Penny has also started saying every ones names and it's so sweet to see her little tongue, mouth and lips try to say the names! So busy talking and saying so many words too! If you can believe it her 1st 2 TEETH have finally broke through right down on the bottom!! Wha-hoo! Yeah!! We couldn't be more relieved! She does have TEETH in there!! We are just truly loving life!!!
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Happy Penny at 15mons!

Another Fabulous month has come and gone!! Little Penny Cakes is 15mons!!!! WOW!! Where's my little baby! She's is such a big girl and she totally thinks she is too!! She is talking up a storm! It's so amazing! She is now putting all her little words to the actual object! I can tell her to get me something (what ever I'm asking for) and she will bring it to me! WOW!! She is like a little sponge! So SMART!! Can you tell we are very PROUD!! :) She really is just so FUN!! Has so much Personality and so Animated with her expressions! I wonder where she gets that from!!! Oh we just love this little Penny Cakes! She lights up our world!!!
P.S. I know you are all wondering....Still NO TEETH!! We are hoping she has some!!! :)
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Sunday, October 16, 2011


So for Monday Night Family Night we went to a PUMPKIN PATCH!! This was the 1st time for little Penny and both Chad and I! We couldn't believe how many Pumpkins there were! BIG ones...little ones...all different shapes and colors! So FUN!! Penny wasn't so sure of them or the hay but she warmed up a little! (check out some of her faces in these pics) Boy is she animated!!!!! I wonder where she gets that from!!! haha! Well we are just loving the season change and all the FUN Holiday's to come!!! HAPPY HARVEST!!! :)
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Little Super Star!!!

We have a Little Super Star! On Saturday it was Penny's 1st Pageant! What a Natural! She loved being on stage!! She was waving and saying HI! Blowing big Kisses! Twirling around! Nothing was going to stop her from Performing! It was the best seeing her up there on that big stage!! She didn't want to get off it either!! She competed against 12 other little girls in her division!! and would You believe our little Super Star...Won "Miss Tiny Tot Overall Winner"! Meaning she took 1st place in every category!! Plus to top it all off she got a medal for Personality Plus!! We were so excited for Miss Penny Cakes! She was so happy too! So now we are off to State for Penny to compete there! She is the only one from the competition to go to State and compete against all the other little girls that won overall! We are so PROUD!! State Pageant...Here we come!! Good Luck Sweet Little Penny!!! We LOVE you!
Wow! This totally brings back a ton of memories when me and my sisters used to be in all the pageants growing up! Grandma Penny would be so PROUD!!!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Penny cakes is 14mons!!

WOW! The months are flying by!! Sweet full of life Penny has turned 14mons!! She is a wild child!! So much personality! She loves people!! Loves her purses, dolly's, baby doll stroller and dressing up with bracelets and necklaces! When she hears music a playing she gets her little body moving! She loves to dance and sing! Just talking up a storm too! She says "oooooh!...Pritt!" for oh pretty! So funny she'll say "brathe" for bracelet! Oh and don't even show her a drink with straw..she'll say "I-th" for ICE over and over until you give her some!! She is just the funniest little thing! She still has all the sass in the world!! It's the best being her mom and dad! We just love her happy little self!!
We are still waiting for TEETH!! We are really hoping she has some in there! haha!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

We're Going Back to Cali!!!

So for the long amazing holiday weekend (Labor Day) we went down to Newport Beach! We love going to Cali to get away! These pics are some silly ones of miss Penny cakes! Another fabulous weekend!! Life is GOOD!! :)
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gone Fishn!!!

Last weekend we did a little fishn!! So much fun! We were with lots of family and that's the best! Here's a fun collage of pics of our memorable weekend!! We LOVE fishn and we LOVE family times!!
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Loving Summer!!

There's nothing better than a FUN pool day with your cousins! We LOVE going to the YMCA!! It has all the FUN for everyone! It's perfect for the little ones! Penny just LOVES the water and LOVES being with her cousins!
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Miss Sassy Pants has turned 13mons!!

Little Penny has one BIG Personality!! She is the FUNNIEST little Sassy thing!! She pretty much thinks she runs the house!! haha! She gets more fun everyday!! Busy! Busy! Body!! She is so friendly too! She will talk to anyone even if they are completely ignoring her!! haha! (like in the grocery store! haha) She has become our little speed walker! Sometimes we can't even catch her! Words can't even describe how much we LOVE her! She is out whole world!!! We love you MISS DIVA!!
ps. still no teeth! Kind of concerned!! haha! I guess their coming when they want!! Stubborn like her sometimes!! haha!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family Good Times!!!

This last weekend we were up in PANACA for the HUGE Bulloch Family Reunion!! This is such a big deal for us! We look forward to this weekend every year! It's just the Best to sit around with family with nothing to do but to!! It's just so relaxing! Being with family is truly the BEST!! As you can see we took some beautiful pics with all of Chad's fam! It was so fun to see all of Chad's brothers, wives and of course the sweet nieces and nephews! Chad and his sister are the only ones that live in Vegas so it's always fabulous to see his brothers that live all across the states! We always miss them! and love them very much! We love the good times!

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Some FUN 12mon candids of Penny Pie!

Our little Penny Pie is just so FUN! She just turn 1 last wk! and She is on the move...with her feet!!! What? I know our little diva is getting big! On her birthday she was taking 1-2 steps and through out this week she has figured it out! She will stand right up in the middle of the room and take off...falling after about 6 steps! We are so proud!!!! ps. still NO teeth! They are really taking their time!! Penny your just the BEST!!!! We love you!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy! Happy 1st Birthday Sweet P!!!

So FUN to be ONE!!! 7-21-10 was the Best day of our lives!! We started our Penny Elyse adventure! WOW!!! We can't believe our Sweet P has hit the BIG 1!!! She is more and more coming alive! She has the BEST little personality!! Sassy!!Wild!and bit of BUSY BODY! And we are loving every minute of it!! She is such a Talker! She'll open her books...start talking! Put her baby on her lap...start talking! Pick up her play phone and put by her ear...start talking! In the grocery store...talking to EVERYONE!!! "HI!" "HI!" "HI!" She wants the full attention!! Not shy! Huh?? I wonder wear she gets that from!!!..It must run in the family somewhere!!! haha! She seriously is doing so much and acting way to BIG!!! On her BIRTHDAY she stood right up in the middle of the room and walked 4 STEPS!! We were so excited!! She was too...She started clapping for herself!! So precious!! When you ask her how old she is she puts up both hands with her little pointer finger straight up! We think she's pretty dang smart! We are totally the proudest parents!! We love you Penny Cakes!!!

For her special day we Celebrated with a Hello Kitty BIRTHDAY Swim BBQ!! It's was so fun to share this with all our family and friends!! She had a blast! She loves kids!!! and of course the attention!! When we sang "Happy Birthday" to her she was CLAPPING for us!! So Sweet! and as you can see in the pics she LOVED her HELLO KITTY CAKE!! (our bestie HOLLY made it for her! It was so perfect!)
Our Little Penny is our PRIDE and Joy! Wouldn't trade her for the world!! She bring us so much JOY! It's the most AMAZING being her mommy and daddy!! We can't wait for what's next with our WILD DIVA!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Penny's 1st Happy 4th!!!

Here's our little LADY LIBERTY!! It's so FUN to get her all dressed up and start snapping pics! She loves the camera too!! It's the best!

So for Penny's 1st 4th of July we went down to Newport Beach! On Friday night we took her to her 1st baseball game! We saw the Angels play the Dodgers! Yankees should have been in there somewhere! haha! You all know that's my team! So I didn't care who WON nor do I really know who actually WON!! haha! It was still awesome being in the stadium! On Saturday we took little P to the BEACH!! She loves the sand and the ocean!! It was so cold for me but not for little P!! She is definitely just like her daddy!! We always just have a BLAST! What a fabulous holiday weekend!!
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh the Beautiful Lake Powell!!

Oh how we love Lake Powell!! This was our 1st trip up for the season! It's just perfect there!! So fun to be with all my family too!! Our wild diva PENNY just loves the sand, the water and her hot-pink beach chair so much! She's nothing like her mommy when it comes to those things! Haha!!! We all just had a Beautiful time!
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Monday, June 27, 2011

SURPRISE!!!! Happy Birthday ERYN!!!

Surprise Happy Birthday ERYN!!! For Eryn's 33rd Birthday all her Dental School Friends planned her a Surprise Party!! It's so hard to surprise that Eryn but they got her GOOD!! She had no idea and was totally SHOCKED!! It was so FUN to get her good!!! WE all had such a great time! We swam, played volleyball, ping pong, ate tons, and laughed all day!! We all LOVE YOU ERYN!!!! Happy Birthday!!
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