Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lions, Tigers & Bears..Oh My!!!

Oh my is right! We took our little Penny to the Zoo and Sea World for the very 1st time! Daddy has been working with Penny on all her animal sounds so when it was time to see them...Oh My!! She loved them! She was making all the animal sounds so good! We were so Proud! Penny has also started saying every ones names and it's so sweet to see her little tongue, mouth and lips try to say the names! So busy talking and saying so many words too! If you can believe it her 1st 2 TEETH have finally broke through right down on the bottom!! Wha-hoo! Yeah!! We couldn't be more relieved! She does have TEETH in there!! We are just truly loving life!!!
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Jen S. said...

Looks like you guys had a blast on your trip! How fun :) Penny is just so darn CUUUTE! That's so funny and sweet about her making the animal sounds, and saying names. What fun!

Have a great day!

lauren said...

isnt being a mom the best when you get to see your kid so excited!! love her and glad she got some teeth!! please hurry and get a trailer so we can see you guys!