Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Happy Penny at 15mons!

Another Fabulous month has come and gone!! Little Penny Cakes is 15mons!!!! WOW!! Where's my little baby! She's is such a big girl and she totally thinks she is too!! She is talking up a storm! It's so amazing! She is now putting all her little words to the actual object! I can tell her to get me something (what ever I'm asking for) and she will bring it to me! WOW!! She is like a little sponge! So SMART!! Can you tell we are very PROUD!! :) She really is just so FUN!! Has so much Personality and so Animated with her expressions! I wonder where she gets that from!!! Oh we just love this little Penny Cakes! She lights up our world!!!
P.S. I know you are all wondering....Still NO TEETH!! We are hoping she has some!!! :)
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