Monday, November 21, 2011

Look who's 16mons!!!

Wow the time really flies! Our sweet little princess is already 16mons!!! She has so much personality! She truly loves life! She just talks up a storm to anything and anyone!! She is just so busy busy!! She definitely keeps us going!! She loves to sing, dance, play dress up, carry her purses, dolls...and the list can go on and on! She is such a girly girl!! and I love it!!!! She says so many words that I can't even believe! It really surprises me how fast they learn and really pick up on things! She will tell you.. She is the "Princess"! Points to herself and everything! (should we be worried...this is a little young...right??? haha!) So all the pics are pics I take through out the month! She loves the camera! When she see me pull it our she starts saying "CHEESE! CHEESE!" and then if I say pose for mommy she knows just what to do! Oh I jut love it and Grandma Penny would just love it too! (you know she was the picture QUEEN) We seriously can't get enough of our Sweet little P! She cracks us up daily! It's the best being mommy and daddy!!
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Panaca Fun!!!

Last weekend we headed out of town!! We love getting away for the weekends so we headed to Panaca where Chad's family has a place! It's the best up there! We just relax all weekend long! On the way we came across some snow! This was Penny's first time in it! She wasn't quite sure what to do so she just stood ..frozen in time! She is so FUNNY!! We are just enjoying every moment with our sweet little P!!!
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!!

Oh what FUN Happy Halloween we had!! It's so crazy how little kids just know what to do! Speaking about little Penny of course! We got her in her little cupcake costume...she grabbed a Hot Pink glow stick in one hand and her purple pumpkin basket in the other and she was off! Her little legs were just a moving so fast to keep up with her big cousins! She would go right up to the door say "treat" "treat" and then help herself right into these stranger houses! What! She is way to friendly! haha! By the end of our trick or treating she was dragging her bucket on the ground and still holding onto her glow stick in the other hand! So Funny! We just had such a great time! We love it!
Chance (5 1/2yrs old): he was a Scary Zombie
Maddison (almost 4yrs old): she was a Witch
Mav (2 1/2yrs old): he was a Dragon (he kept taking his costume funny!)
Zane (22mons..almost 2yrs): he was a Zebra
Penny (15mons): she was a Cupcake (she didn't want me to take it off..she loves dressing up!)

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lions, Tigers & Bears..Oh My!!!

Oh my is right! We took our little Penny to the Zoo and Sea World for the very 1st time! Daddy has been working with Penny on all her animal sounds so when it was time to see them...Oh My!! She loved them! She was making all the animal sounds so good! We were so Proud! Penny has also started saying every ones names and it's so sweet to see her little tongue, mouth and lips try to say the names! So busy talking and saying so many words too! If you can believe it her 1st 2 TEETH have finally broke through right down on the bottom!! Wha-hoo! Yeah!! We couldn't be more relieved! She does have TEETH in there!! We are just truly loving life!!!
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