Friday, May 30, 2014

Loving the Beach!!!

Beach fun is the best fun!! Penny had a Blast!! The sun never even came out but that didn't stop her from getting into the super freezing ocean!! She did not stop playing all day from ocean to sand all day long!! As for baby Cashy he came down with the flu and was throwing up and diarrhea after every meal as we were driving down to California! Poor lil man! It didn't stop until after we got home and into the next wk!! He had the stomach flu bad!!! This was his 1st trip to Beach and he did not feel good!
There was such a big group of us out there! It was so nice because all the kids played so good and us adults got to relax, talk and just lay around! I especially loved that my sister Eryka and her family came down! I just love my sister bond times!! All we needed to complete the fun was Eryn!! Next year she will be there for sure!! :)
Penny was having so much fun that she didn't even care that she was loosing her bottoms! She definitely takes after her Auntie Eryn! :) haha

Visiting Grandpa Bierstedt!

A couple weeks ago we had the wonderful opportunity to go to Texas to see Grandpa Bierstedt! Chad had not seen his Grandpa Bierstedt since he was 13yrs old and of course the kids and I had never met him before! What a wonderful time we had! To start this was the 1st plane ride for the kids! I was a bit nervous about that but they did great on the plane!! Lots of activities and lots of snacks was the key!! Secondly I had never been to Texas! Wow! It was beautiful there!! Chad and I couldn't get over the Restaurants! There was such a variety of food places and the places were huge!! and did I mention the food was Amazing!! We had never had such great food ever!!
Visiting with Grandpa Bierstedt was wonderful! He had so many great stories!It was so wonderful to really get to know more about him! He pulled out his old photo albums and showed us so many pictures with so much history! Chad and I started to put together where some of Chad's resemblances came from looking at the young pictures of his grandpa! So neat! It was so precious to see him interact with his great grand kids! He just Loved them!! Penny called him her "little grandpa!" So dang cute! and Cash would just watch his every move and just Smile so big at him!
While we were there we Took the kids to a fun Children's Museum and also to a Drive through Zoo! The Zoo was really cool! The animals would come right up to your car and some were a lot more aggressive than others! Like that Ostrich up in the collage! It's face came right into our car on the driver's side where Chad was so Chad hurried and rolled up the window and then it started hitting it's beak into the window! It was hyped!!! We were loving the action!!! It was so Crazy!
Before we caught the plane back home we did the River Walk down in San Antonio! We took a little boat around all these old buildings as they talked about the Alamo! I had no idea how much history is right there in San Antonio! We had such a wonderful time! It was sad to say goodbye to Grandpa! So we are hoping to get back to Texas real soon!! Being with family is really what it's all about for Chad and I! We had such a lovely time! We love you Grandpa Bierstedt!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Little Cash Is 9mons!!

 Seriously why does the time have to go by so fast!! I can't believe our Golden Boy is 9mons old!! and boy is he getting his little personality!! He already is trying so hard to keep up with his big sis!! He just watches her every move and somebody started to crawl!!! He hasn't quite mastered it but he definitely is on the move and big sister is already started moving her toys aways from him!! Poor little guy! All he wants to do is be right next to her doing what she's doing!! His little crawl is so funny! He uses is tip toes to move forward then to his knees and then on to his tummy out stretching his arms to repeat the whole process again! Looks sort of like an inch worm when in motion!! He's still just as happy as can be!! So Smiley and his newest thing is talking!! He 1st started saying "dadda" around the end of 8mons old and just a couple of weeks ago he started saying "momma!" It's so exciting around here as he starts learning and doing new things! Especially for Penny!!! She was so excited to discover that Cash learned how to Clap (also new this month)!!! She was so Proud of him! Telling everyone!! "Cash can Clap! Cash can Clap!" So sweet! She is his biggest fan and I know the feeling is mutual in return from little Cash!! He also discovered that he can make noise with toys by banging them together or against the wall or anything that makes a loud noise back!! He loves it! Just starts a giggling and squealing! He's all BOY!! So rough already with his toys!! Oh man I'm nervous for the toddle years!! YIKES!!!

Happy Mother's Day to Me!!

Oh being mom to these two is the BEST!!! They just make my heart BURST!!! Being a mom is probably the hardest and challenging but most rewarding job I have ever had! Wouldn't trade it for the world!! I LOVE being mommy!! Such a blessing to have been given these sweet full of personality babies!! They are my world!! Mommy Loves You Penny and Cash!!!!

Penny's Last Day of Pre-K!

It's been a Wonderful year of Pre-K for Penny!!! Penny's 1st year of school is all over! She has had so much FUN in Miss Alex's Class! Miss Alex has taught her so much and has made learning so fun! Such a great Teacher! I totally recommend the pre-k at the Cimeron Rose Community Center! So many great friends and great learning fun!! Now we get to play all summer and wait until pre-school Starts again! Only this time she will be with Miss Lisa and she can not wait!!!! Penny LOVES School! All She wants to do is ride the yellow school bus and go to school! She is the Best!! We just Love our little Smarty Pants!!

Penny's 1st Hair Cut!!

Somebody finally got their first hair cut!! It only took 3 1/2yrs! haha! Little Cashy had his 1st hair cut at 3mons!! haha! Penny's hair is just so curly that it grows so dang slow! Thanks to the Amazing Auntie Eryka she trimmed it up just perfectly!! Penny was so excited! She felt so big as Auntie Eryka cut, shampooed and styled it!! We were all having too much fun!! We love you Auntie!! You're the Best!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Best Birthday Ever!

Another Great Birthday for me!!! I can't believe I'm 34!! Such a great day! Had lunch with the BFF Facers and shopping! Then last minute we thru together Wahoo's for dinner with family and friends! It was very short notice so thanks to all who came out to celebrate with me!! We had a wonderful time! Happy Birthday to me!!!