Friday, August 28, 2015

Penny's 1st Day of Kindergarten!!

I can't believe this day has come!! My baby girl is off to school!! She started Kindergarten at Somerset Sky Pointe am class with Mrs. Fisher as her teacher! Penny was so excited to go!! Like I have said before she is my brave girl!! She has been wanting to go to "big kid" school since she was 2yrs!! Always wearing her backpack and telling me she was going to school!! Love my girl!! She is so Smart! Almost to smart for her own good! haha! We couldn't be more proud of her!! We love you Penny!! We can't wait to see how much you learn this year with Mrs. Fisher!! Go get em, make your teacher proud and always make Smart choices!

1st Dental Visits With the Best Dr. in Town!!!

These two little cuties both had their very 1st dental visit with the most Amazing Dr. Schmitt!! Penny has always been my brave tough strong girl!!  I would always bring her into my work and clean her teeth myself but this time was her very 1st x-rays and check up by the real deal!! Auntie Dr. Joanna!! and the results....NO CAVITIES!!! YAY! She's such a good girl always brushes and flosses her teeth so good!! So proud!! and always so brave when in any Dr.'s office!!
As for this little guy!! I need to bring him into my office more often and get him warmed up like i did with Penny at her age!! He is not so brave! haha! He barely let Auntie Dr. Joanna check his teeth! No xrays for him and no cavities either!! He's just bearly getting his teeth! haha Still on the late show with those! 
We sure do love their Dr!! She's the most amazing, honest, lite with her touch, very steady and a true perfectionist! We love you and thank you so much for taking such great care of all of us!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cash's Birthday Bash!!

 Choo-Choo!!! We celebrated Cash's 2nd Birthday with a Thomas the Train Swim Party over at Grandpa John's house!! He loves trains!! He will say over and over Choo-Choo!! So sweet! We just love this boy of ours!! He can be a naughty one but I've heard his dad was the same way!! hahah! Daddy still is!! hahaha!!!!!
 We just can't get over that he's 2yrs old already!! Thanks to all who came and spoiled him!! It sure is fun being with family and friends!! We love you all!!
and of course we Love you too Cashy!!!!!!! More than life it's self!!!

My Baby is 2!!!

 My most handsome little boy has turned the Big 2!!! Seriously where does the time go! 2 BIG! 2 Fast!! My baby has hit the terrible 2's!! haha  He sure is my busy busy wild boy!! He loves to cause trouble and tease tease tease!! Such a little stinker that's so stubborn and full of a very big personality!! But we wouldn't change him for nothing! He keeps us on our toes that's for sure!! He sits in time out most of his day!!! hahaha  He's loves the camera and taking pics!! Just stops and poses whenever and where ever! It's the sweetest! Talking a ton more and finally has a whole mouth of teeth!! Still delayed by 6mons month with the teeth but they are coming in now all of them all at once!! Yikes!! He wants to do everything big sissy does! Follow the leader that's for sure! Good thing big sissy doesn't brake any of mommy's rules!! haha
We just love our Cashy boy!!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Out Boating for Our Anniversary!

 We just celebrated our 7yr Anniversary! We went out boating with the fam to celebrate for the day!! Then for the night my honz took me to a wonderful restaurant and movie!! Can't believe how fast the time has gone!! The best 7yrs of my life and many more to come!! He's my best friend, my rock!!! Love him more the life!! My dream boy!!! Here's to many more with you!! I love you!!

Bulloch Family Reunion!!

We have had a fun and busy summer! Not to mention my computer crashed because I had so many pics on it!! Yikes but my husband saved the day and recovered my pics and got us a huge external drive to store them!! So here I am back posting again!! Yay!! Just a few posts behind that's all!! So these pics are from Chad's side of the family! The big Bulloch Reunion!! It's always such a fun weekend to get away and play!