Friday, August 28, 2015

1st Dental Visits With the Best Dr. in Town!!!

These two little cuties both had their very 1st dental visit with the most Amazing Dr. Schmitt!! Penny has always been my brave tough strong girl!!  I would always bring her into my work and clean her teeth myself but this time was her very 1st x-rays and check up by the real deal!! Auntie Dr. Joanna!! and the results....NO CAVITIES!!! YAY! She's such a good girl always brushes and flosses her teeth so good!! So proud!! and always so brave when in any Dr.'s office!!
As for this little guy!! I need to bring him into my office more often and get him warmed up like i did with Penny at her age!! He is not so brave! haha! He barely let Auntie Dr. Joanna check his teeth! No xrays for him and no cavities either!! He's just bearly getting his teeth! haha Still on the late show with those! 
We sure do love their Dr!! She's the most amazing, honest, lite with her touch, very steady and a true perfectionist! We love you and thank you so much for taking such great care of all of us!!