Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm So, Soo, Soo, SOOOO BIG!!! I'm 8mons!!

Oh my!!! Pretty Penny is now 8mons!! She's getting a few more Strands of Hair (not much)...sitting up Perfectly...pulling off her BIG Bows (no, no, no, not your business!)...Crawling just a Bit (still trying to figure it out)...thinking she's much BIGGER than she really is...and still NO teeth!!!! The BEST part is she knows the Camera!! She gets soooo excited- starts clapping and giving kisses when your taking the picture!!! That's my girl! Grandma Penny in Heaven would be soooo PROUD!!! She's just our SWEET little DIVA!!!!
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2 little pea in the pods!!!

How cute are these little cousins!! This is little Emma! (Chad's brother-Jacob & Bre's baby) They are exactly 1 month apart!!! Emma will be 9mons and little Penny will be 8mons! Wow how the time goes! They are so cute together just a playing!!! Penny just loves her little Emma!!! So do we!!!!
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pretty Penny is 7mons!!!

Another month come and gone! Our pretty little Penny is now 7mons old!! No teeth! but she is Clapping! Waving! and giving Kisses! (she puts her little lips together and makes the kiss sound over and over...then claps for herself!!) She is our little STAR! She loves the center pf attention!! (hmm..I wonder where she gets that from...!!! haha!) We love you so much PENNY!!!!
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Penny Playing with her BFF's!!!

Penny sure loves her BFF'S Sadie and Kru!!!
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Happy 5th Birthday CHANCE!!!

Happy! Happy 5th Birthday Chance! I can't believe you're 5!!!! You will always be my #1 favoroite nephew!!! We love you so much!!!!
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