Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pretty Penny is 7mons!!!

Another month come and gone! Our pretty little Penny is now 7mons old!! No teeth! but she is Clapping! Waving! and giving Kisses! (she puts her little lips together and makes the kiss sound over and over...then claps for herself!!) She is our little STAR! She loves the center pf attention!! (hmm..I wonder where she gets that from...!!! haha!) We love you so much PENNY!!!!
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lauren said...

oh that kissy face is my favorite! we love her! i noticed she is wearing that headband i gave you to cute!

Moser Clan said...

Wow are our girls really 7 months already!!!!!?!?!?! Penny Twin is adorable :) just like her mama. Miss you back!