Friday, March 21, 2014

Our Little Lucky Charms!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! We had some fun taking pics in their GREEN!!! Penny is just my little posing machine!! Her wild sassy personality cracks us up!!! Penny made sure that everyone one she saw was wearing GREEN or she was going to pinch them!! She was cracking me up all day!! She even made sure that her and Cash's pj's had Green on them too when it was time for bedtime! She's just too much!! haha! When we woke up Penny was excited to see that the little Leprechauns had come to our house! They had changed all the toilet water GREEN and the Milk GREEN!! She was so excited to have her cereal with her GREEN Milk!! The Leprechauns also left a Lucky Charm Cereal Trail around the house that lead to a Surprise for Penny and Cash!!! Penny was hyped! Such a Silly Little Fun Holiday!! Just LOVE my Lucky Charms!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cutest Little Boy In Town!

I can't believe another month has come and gone! It hurts my heart a little!! Our little Cash is just getting bigger and bigger!! Right at the end of his 6mon mark he started to sit on his own! Not very good on his balance but by 6 1/2 mons boy did he have his balance down! Now at a complete 7mons he sits up so good! He even leans all the way forward and  twists to each side if he wants to grab a toy and then sits right back up!! He will sit by himself for a long time without falling over! He Loves to sit too! He knows he's a big boy!! He Loves his little jumper too!! He has figured out just how to use it! He will spring off his little feet and let his body fly! It's the best!! His little personality is just a coming out! He's so aggressive with his toys! He Loves any toy you give him and it goes straight to his mouth! It's so funny to see the difference between Penny and Cash! Penny at this age only wanted people attention (still does) where as for Cash you give him a toy or put him in his bouncer he won't make a whiny peep for a long time! I remember Penny would be fussy with in 5-10mins with anything you gave her or put her in to play with! She always wanted us to play with her and that has not changed! haha! He loves to eat! He has gotten the hang of eating his foods and Loves it!! He's just the best!! He's always so happy and smiley! He makes my Heart so Happy! Loving every second with this little man in our lives!!
My favorite is when I can hear Penny in the other room playing with Cash! Oh I just Love it! She is so sweet to him and as you can see in these pics he LOVES his BIG Sister!! He watches every little thing she's doing and is smiling the whole time just Loving her!! Oh my heart is going to burst!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chance's Very Special Day!

Such a special day! Chance got Baptized! He is our 1st nephew to get baptized on both sides! We are so Proud of him! We had so much family that came to support him! Such a special evening! The Spirit was so strong! My brother has such a tender heart and once he starts crying we all start crying! He did such a great job!
Chance thank you for choosing the right and making the biggest decision to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! You've made a great decision and a big step in your life! You're on the right path of making your Heavenly Father very Proud of you! Our little Penny looks up to you so much! She always is saying she wants to do what Chance is doing! So thankfully you are setting a great example for her to look up to! We love you Chance! We are so Proud of you!

Penny's 1st Cheer Camp!

Our very good friend Elise Simister invited Penny out to a Cheer Camp up at Palo High School! Elise is a Cheerleader there!! This was Penny's 1st Cheer Camp! She was the youngest one! She was so Excited to go! She had to wear her cheer outfit and  her hair had to be in a high ponytail with a BIG bow right on the top of her head! She said she needed to look just like Elise!! So cute!! She loves her "Leesee!" She also had to take her pom-poms! She had a blast! At the end of the camp they had a performance for the parents! Oh my! We couldn't wait for this part! Bless her little heart! She was a day late and a dollar short! haha! She was cracking us up because she started making up her own actions and moves! She was the only one with the pompoms and she was working those! haha! She truly has so much personality! She is so FUN!! She didn't even care she wasn't doing the cheers correctly because she was doing her own Show! haha! Love my little Star!! She makes us so Proud!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Loving our Family Visiting!!!

 We had such a great week!! Auntie K, Uncle Jeff, Kyler, and Umi were here!!!! YAY!! This is always such fun time when they get to come visit!! Penny was so excited to see her cousins!!! She played non stop all week long!!! This was their first time to meet baby Cash too!!! He was so happy to see them too!! All SMILES!! Love it!! Hate that the time goes by so fast when they are here!! Great memories were made!!! We sure love you guys!!! Can't wait to play again...hopefully real soon!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Quick Little Visit!!

We had a short but wonderful visit with the famous Auntie Eryn!! She seems to be the favorite Auntie from all the nephews and niece!! They all LOVE their Auntie Eryn!!! She came in for the afternoon to unpack some things and then caught a flight back home that same evening!!! It was so quick but so fun to see her and spend the few hours together! We can't wait for her to be back home!! she almost done!! We love you Auntie Eryn! December will come so fast!!! We are so proud of you!!! You're truly amazing!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chance's 8th Birthday Celebrations!!

We kicked Chance's 8th Birthday off at the Sand Dunes! It's always so fun Celebrating out there! Can't believe he's 8!!!! Such a BIG Boy! All grown up!!
On his Birthday we all met up at Fudd's! So much fun because Eryka's cute kids were in town! So all the cousins had such a fun time playing together!! Happy Birthday Chance!! We sure LOVE you!