Saturday, December 23, 2017

Downtown Summerlin Parade!

Had no clue there was such a thing as the Downtown Summerlin Parade! lol We were down there shopping and called our Aunt to see what they were doing and they said they were headed to the Parade at Downtown Summerlin! So since we were already down there we stayed and watched the parade! It was so cute! The kids loves it! They even got to dance with the elves during the parade and each got a candy cane! So fun! We are loving all our Merry Christmas fun!

Cash's School Christmas Party!

Oh man does this boy love a good party! He has been so excited to go to his school Christmas Party at Chucky Cheese! He loves Chucky Cheese!! The only pizza he will eat because he said Chucky makes it! lol He loves games and wining tickets! He's good playing those games too! Was winning tons of tickets! Evan Santa came and brought each  student a gift! Cash was so excited he has been a good boy at school "no reds" as he would say and got a present from Santa a light up airplane! He had so much fun that he had a hard time leaving! lol Love my boy and his passion for life! He's the best! 

Penny's School Christmas Performance!

Had a wonderful time watching Penny perform her Christmas performance at school! She loves to perform and sing! Her teacher Ms. Simon said she loved watching Penny steel the show! lol! She definitely is a performer that's for sure! So fun to watch! She Loves singing and we love watching her! 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Zane's Special Day!

It's Great to be 8!! One of our very special Nephews Zane had a very special day on Saturday! Zane got baptized to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! Zane even asked me to give the talk on the Holy Ghost! and of course i love treats and surprises so my talk was a gift that was full of items that each reminded him of the Holy ghost and what the Holy Ghost  can do for us daily! I was honored to be a part of his special day! We are so proud of him and his decision! What an example he is to my kids! Penny and Cash just Love him! and Penny can't wait to get baptized next! Zane always leads by example at home, at school, at church, and with his cousins. He is such a good boy! Zane you have made us so proud! Thank you for being you! We love you!

Our Littler Rock Star!

 Oh the Christmas performances have begun!! This year Penny had 4 Performances and she sang her little heart out in all 4! She is so much fun to watch! She really knows how to make me proud!! Such a performer and she loves doing it! The 1st collage is from her 1st performance an assisted living place! Penny was so excited to see Grammy Vicki out in the crowd! Grammy Vicki always goes out of her way to make Penny feel special!
 A few days go by and it's time for another performance! These 2 collages are from her Bass Pro Performance! and of course she put on another great show! She sings and dances her little heart out! At the end of the  performance they all got to see Santa! So fun! The best part was my sister Eryka an her family came down from Utah to watch little Penny! and my brother Ryan and his family came! and Grandpa John! Penny was over the Moon excited to see them and so was I! This was their first time seeing Penny perform except my dad!! She nailed it!  lol! They loved watching her! and I loved watching them watch her! Penny is a hoot to watch perform! The best!!
 After Bass Pro performance! Cash wanted to see the bb guns and lions! lol
 3rd performance was back at Bass Pro! She was really giving us a great show that night! lol
 and this little guy is her Biggest Fan! He loves watching her perform! He even sings along! He claps, hoots and hollers between each song! He's so proud of her and loves his big sis so much!
 4th and final performance was the friends and family performance! Grandma DeeDee came! Reese her favorite big cousin came! and last but not least my sister Eryn and Joanna rushed from work to come out and see her perform! She rocked the night away! Gave another tremendous performance! and again i love watching them watch Penny! She seriously is the funnest to watch! So much personality!
Oh how we love Mrs Brittany! Her patience and love for these kids goes beyond measure! Thank you for making her Singer's Company experience the best! We Love ya Mrs. Brittany! and again thanks to all our family that came out to each different performance to see sweet little Penny Shine!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cookies & Hot Cocoa with Santa!

I told you we have been busy with so many fun Christmas experiences! Well here's another one! on Monday night my dear friend Jillian put on Cookies and Hot Cocoa with Santa and Mrs. Claus! Omg! So much fun! The kids all came in their pj's! Eating cookies and drinking hot cocoa in comes Santa and Mrs Claus! I believe again! This was the real  Santa as Penny kept whispering in my ear! And yes it was! All the kids gathered around as Santa and Mrs Claus read to them "Twas Night before Christmas" Santa and Mrs. Claus were just adorable! They were so into reading with actions the kids were just in awe! After reading Mrs Claus got all the kids to sing carols! Then Santa pulls out his big bag full of gifts! 1 for each child! Oh my! My kids were so excited! Penny kept saying this is the real Santa he brought gifts! lol! Yes he was the real Santa! The kids 1 by 1 got to go up on his lap and get their present and a picture! Such an amazing night we will never forget! Cant wait for next year! Once again a new tradition! Thank you so much Jillian and your wonderful family for hosting such a special night!

Family Photos!

Every couple of years DeeDee gets us all together for family pics! These collages are just the candids I took from camera and everybody's phones! I think they turned out great! We had a wonderful morning cheesing and posing it up! We can't wait to see the real ones from the photographer! Enjoy these and I will post the others as soon as I get them!

The Alamo Christmas Express!

We have been busy doing all kinds of Fun Christmas Adventures! On Saturday we went to the Alamo Christmas Express! We had heard about this a few years ago and finally found time to make it happen this year! and lets just say it was the Best Christmas Experience yet! A new tradition we will be doing every year! Oh my goodness! Let just start by saying its Free! Yes free! Everything was free all night long! We couldn't believe it! Nothing is free! am i right!! lol! They had hot chocolate stations, yummy food, beautiful lights and decor all around, hay rides, small train rides and the big train like the  polar express! They gave us each a golden ticket to aboard the train! We were on the train for a while sing carols, multiple stops along the way to look out the windows and see Christmas scenes in action! They were acting our the story as we were traveling on our train ride! Santa even was on the train and all the kids got to talk to  him and take pictures with him! The train ended at a real live nativity seen! The true meaning of Christmas! It was all amazing the whole night and I highly recommend the travel to Alamo for the amazing Christmas Express! We can't until next year for our new family Christmas tradition! Thank you Western elite and the Williams Family for the wonderful amazing night!

Wet'n'Wild Wonderland!

We had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Wet'n'Wild Wonderland! Thanks to my sweet friend Lindy she hooked us up with tickets for the whole family! It was amazing! If you haven't gone you nee to! The lights are amazing! So many lights and music and light shows as well! The whole park was covered in lights and activities! We had a blast! From seeing Santa, to riding a train, to ice skating, to sledding, to rock  climbing, to paint balling, to bounce house! We were all worn out after our wonderland adventure! The food was great too! We had such a wonderful night! We hope they do it again next year so we can make a new fun family tradition!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Baby Piper 11mons!

I can't believe my baby is almost 1!!! Awwww time stop please! Baby Piper is still the best little baby ever! So chill! So happy! Such a cute little personality! She loves her big brother and big sister so much! She loves watching them play and sing and dance whatever they are doing she is loving it! She crawls so fast!! She pulls herself to a stand like it's nothing! She will walk along things and walk and push her baby stroller walker! She will mimic your sounds! So cute! She hates her baby food! Will only eat big food and she has to be in charge of feeding herself! Such a stinker in that way! She loves her momma! She follows me around and just wants to be held! and guess what I can hold her now! I finally got clearance to hold her and drive! So now that she knows mommy can hold her she's making up for the last 2 1/5 mons I could't hold her! lol and i love it! She's spoiled for sure! I don't want my baby to get ant bigger! Just love this fun stage she's getting into! We sure love you sweet Piper Rae!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

 We had a wonderful time in Santa Clara for Thanksgiving! I never see my cousins until Thanksgiving every year! So much fun to catch up, laugh, shop and play! Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jim put on  another fabulous Thanksgiving! So  much yummy food!
 We pretty much spent the whole week  up  there! Such a blast! We didn't stop playing! I myself had the best time! No pressure to be anywhere! Just relaxed and spent time with family we hardly see! The best time!
 You got to love small town! Drive down the street and we see Santa sitting out! So what do  we do... we stop and see Santa! The kids loved it!! Only on Santa Clara! Love it!!
On Sunday we got to spend time with Chad's family for Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful day! and of course yummy food! That DeeDee can sure cook amazingly! We are so Thankful for our families near and far! We are truly blessed beyond measure! Happy Thanksgiving!

We Love To See the Temple!

We had the wonderful opportunity to see the Cedar City Temple with my brother's and sister's families! We were in  awe of it's beauty! All the symbolism through out was just remarkable! The kids loved it! To see their sweet faces as we walked thru was priceless! You definitely could feel the Spirit while walking thru it! I was so happy my kids had a chance to see a temple while they are young! I'm grateful for temples and my eternal family! What an amazing experience to see it as a family! One memory we won't forget! I love my family!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dunning it up!!

It feels good to be back!! We went to the sand dunes for the 1st trip of the season! It was a bit windy which is not always the best but we sure had a wonderful time! The kids didn't stop riding their mini razors the whole weekend! Best purchase! lol! We will be back  in 2 wks! Can't wait!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Family Picture Time!!

It's that time of year again!! It's family picture time!! My sister Eryn is the best! It's quite the challenge the more kids you have! lol If ones looking the others aren't and so on! Then between me talking to get kids looking and chad doing the same I'm shocked we got any good ones! but we sure did! We are so happy with them! Be looking in the mail for your Christmas card! and if i don't have you address please message me! I'm the luckiest lady to be blessed with an amazing husband as my honz and these 3 beautiful babies!!!
My Sweet Penny Pie! She is growing into a such a beautiful young girl inside and out! She very thoughtful, loving, funny, passionate, helpful to her momma, and full of life! She makes friends every where she goes! She has the best personality! She's my number 1! My best friend! love you Penny Girl!
My Cashy boy!! This one is my tender sole! He's rough and tough all boy on the outside but the sweetest softest most sensitive inside! He's my organizer, my helper, and my cleaner! Momma's boy when it comes to those things but also such a daddy's boy! He loves matching his daddy from head to toe! He has such a fun personality too! My busy boy and did I mention such a tease! We love our number 1son!
Our sweetest baby girl Piper!! She is my quiet, curious, chill, mellow barely makes a peep baby! It takes a lot to get her to crack a smile most times she's so chill! She loves to put everything in her mouth! Our family is now complete since she has come into this world! We love you Piper Rae and hope you stay so mellow!! Sweetest personality!!
These three can be a challenge most days but they are our whole world! They make our hearts melt! We love them all so much!

Baby Piper is 10mons!

Here we go again another month has come and gone! My sweetest Baby Piper is 10mons!!! She is the best baby!! She has mastered her crawl! boy is she fast! lol! She pulls her self up and and will walk along furniture! She will even pull herself to a stand holding onto the littlest thing! She is definitely gaining her sense of balance! She loves giving kisses!!! It's the cutest when she sucks her lips into a fishy face and out comes a kiss noise! She has learned how to wave!! She now says "momma" YAY!!! She loves to eat especially if shes in control of feeding herself! She has discovered real  big foods and loves it! It's hard getting her to eat her baby food these days! She thinks shes a big girl fir sure!  And i don't want my baby getting big!! She loves her big sister and brother! She giggles and lights right up  when they walk into a room! She loves watching them  plays and just giggles at them!  We sure love you sweet Piper! Keep staying mellow and chill! We are just loving you in our life!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Haloween!

Happy Halloween from Beauty and the Beast and don't forget Lil Chip!
I love how every year its their choice to match each other! They plan out who is who then mom orders their costumes and daddy pays for them! hahaha! They are the sweetest! Just love these faces so much!
Penny was the perfect Belle! She loves getting all fancied up! Makeup on, long gown  and heels! She is ready for the ball!
 The Beast!!! My Cashy boy was the Best Beast! He fit this role very well! He would growl under his mask and everything! Piper loved the Beast too! Not even afraid for 1 sec! She would laugh at him and pull on his mask! haha!
Oh my lil Chip!! I love my sweetest Piper! She truly is the best most mild manner baby ever! She is not a complainer at all! Never makes a peep! My cute cousin and her mom custom  made her Chip costume! I was struggling with what i should do to match with the Beauty and Beast and she total  made it happen! It was amazing! It was the perfect Chip for the perfect Baby! This was  Piper's 1st Halloween!
We had such a Fun Halloween night! We went to Chad's Uncle and Aunt's house my bestie Erin and Troy's! Dinner, Cupcakes, Cookies, Candy! I helped pass out the candy and Chad took the kids around in their fun neighborhood! They had a blast with their cousins! I'm calling this our new tradition! So much fun!

California Fun!

 We had so much fun getting away! It's been a tradition of our to go down to San Diego the weekend before  Halloween! This time instead of Sea World we went to Knott's Berry Farm! The tickets were cheap, beautiful weather, no lines and the cutest kiddie area! We had a blast! Tons of big rides too! I of course could not go on any rides because of my broken elbows and rides are my most favorite thing ever but i still had a blast! This was our kids 1st time here! Chad hadn't been since he was a young boy and i had recently gone here with Dr. Griffiths office work trip so i knew we were all going to have a blast!
 Everyone walked right on the rides! No waiting! It was awesome! and Sweet baby piper was the best! She is such a good girl! No peeps at all! She loved riding around in her stroller watching everyone!
More fun Knott's Berry Farm pics!
On Saturday we headed down to Sand Diego and went to the Zoo! We love the Zoo! Especially the San Diego Zoo! 
 Everybody was on point here even the animals! The animals were so fun! Lots of activity and excitement! Such a beautiful day!
Piper again was such a delight! All day long she was a perfect angel! Her first time to the Zoo too! We can't wait to get back!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

 Pumpkin Patch Fun for everyone! My favorite thing to do with the kids! Cash's pre-k class had a filed trip to the Pumpkin Patch! The kids were so excited to go! This was sweet little Piper's 1st time too! She is the best baby! Just look at that sweetest face!
I love these 3 of mine! They totally make my heart burst! They know just how to put their best smiles on for the camera!
They had a blast! They loved seeing and playing their friends and cousins!! It was a bit windy and dusty but that didn't stop them from playing and riding hard! Such a fun field trip!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Penny's Fun School Fall Festival!

And my favorite time of year is already off to a great start! Penny's school puts on the best fall festival! Penny and Cash couldn't wait to get their costumes on! We have Penny as Belle, Cash as the Beast and baby Piper as Chip! They are the cutest Beauty and the Beast! So at the Festival I worked a booth (yes with broken elbows lol) with Tauna and Kimber (they did all the work lol) for Dr. Griffiths and Simister Office! We had so much fun seeing all the kids in their costumes! We had Penny's favorite big cousin Reese come to help walk Cash and Penny around and use up all their tickets! They had a blast! Penny won 3 cakes on the cake walk! lol! This was the perfect event to get us in the mood for fall! We can't wait to get to the pumpkin  patches around town!! Love this time of year!

Baby Piper is 9mons!

Sept went by way to fast and my baby is 9mons!! She has been  quite busy this month!! She cut 2 teeth!! Say what?! That's right 2 teeth it is! We were not ready for this! lol! My oldest 2 didn't get their teeth until  they were 15mons and 16mons! So with the late blooming with the first 2 we just knew she would be like them and nope she's her own kind! She's doing things a lot sooner too! Sat up sooner! Now is crawling and pulling herself up to a stand using the couch, ottoman, baby toy bin! Anything she can get leverage and stands her lil legs up! Can't believe! She loves to eat the rice puffs, grapes, blueberries anything she can do on her own! She's already acting to big!! She is mellow and chill! Very mild mannered! Such a sweet baby! She loves her big sister and brother! They are rough with her and she just giggles! We just love this lil Piper so much! Thank goodness she is a very low maintenance baby because 2 wks ago i fell and broke both my elbows! It's been rough and painful to say the least! I have to rely on so many amazing family and friends during this trial for me! I can't lift,carry,and hold anything more than 2lbs with both arms! I can't drive either! Its been a challenge for me because those that know me know I'm a busy body and very independent! I'm grateful for all the loved ones who have helped me this far with getting big kids to school and home and for taking taking care of my baby! it's still a long road to recovery but we will get there!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Baby Piper 8mons!!!

Can it be true? My baby is already 8mons? Say it isn't so!! I want my baby to stay a baby forever! lol!! Well another month has come and gone and my sweet baby Piper Rae is 8mons old! She has done a lot this month! She started sitting up on her own and has mastered that skill! In fact she can go from her sit into a crawl! She hasn't started crawling yet but i know it wont be long! She gets into her crawling position and will rock  and rock  back and forth! She even will push up onto her toes and then rest her head down on the floor! she looks like a tee pee! lol! She is definitely mobile and on the move! She can work her way around the room going from sitting, to crawling to rolling! We are just loving her! She has the sweetest personality! She started clapping! and man does she love to do that! She will giggle and sniff in and out of her nose snorting smiling so  big as she claps!! Big girl!! She also said her 1st word.....and nope it wasn't momma!! lol It was da-da-da-da! Her little voice is  the cutest! She will just jibber jabber and say da-da over and over! She loves her bottles and food! Shes been  picking up rice puffs and feeding herself all month long! She is very coordinated too finding her mouth! lol! She is just the best! The perfect addition to our happy home! We love you sweetest Piper Rae! What will you do next month as you grow!!

Beach Bums!

 It was so fun to get away for Labor day Weekend! and we headed to the Beach in Cali! It was pretty hot down there but that didn't stop  us from having fun! The kids had a blast in the Sand! We love our beach traditions with family and friends! We can't wait to get back down there!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

1st Day of School for these Little Cuties!

Can't believe it's already time for school to start!! Wow does the summer go by so fast! and it doesn't help  the school year start 2 wks early! So  Penny is off to 2nd grade! She loves school! Loves to  learn and loves her friends! She is  going so Somerset Sky Pointe and her teacher is Ms. Simon!! She is brilliant when it comes to math and getting so much better at reading too! She is a very determined and dedicated child! She makes sure she is always trying her best! We sure love u Penny Pie! You will do great things in 2nd grade! Let's do it!!
During the first week of school Penny came walking out to the car while I'm in the crazy carpool lane just as happy as can be Smiling and grinning from ear to ear!! She Lost her Front Tooth at school!! What!!!  I started to cry because she is getting to big and it has changed her little baby teeth smile to a big girl smile! She on the other hand was so  proud she lost it at school! She got to go to the nurses office and get a tooth holder! She felt special all day! The Toothfairy came in the night and gave her 2 $2 dollar bills!! She was one happy girl!!!
Now this is the boy I can't believe is old enough to go to School! He started Mrs. McIntyre's Pre-K! I feel like it was just yesterday little Penny was going to Mrs. McIntyre! He has been so excited to go to school! He had daddy embroider his name on his backpack just as Penny does! He's getting to big! He was not afraid or shy to go school! We just love you Cashy boy! You will learn so much with Mrs. McIntyre! We can't wait to see your little brain in action!