Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Day at Grandma DeeDee's!

After a wonderful church we headed over to Chad's mom's house for Easter dinner and  Easter egg hunt! Such a wonderful day with family! I'm so lucky to have married into this amazing family!! The food is always so yummy! We always have such a great time all together!! This top pic collage is just our little Easter pics we took as a family! Can't get over my little's! They just melt my heart!
I love having my babies close with my sister n law's babies!! These 3 girls are the best of friends and I know these 2 little boys are going to be double trouble!!!! Especially if they have that Bierstedt blood running thru them! :) Just Love all my sweet nieces and nephews! Again I'm truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful family!!!
This fun little collage is from their Easter egg hunt! Grandma DeeDee has the best park for this right in front of her new home!! The kids had a blast!! My sister n laws are so clever and color coordinated everything!! Each child got a bucket with their name on it in the color they were hunting for eggs in!!! It was awesome!! Penny was Pink!!! All was fair and even!! Everyone had the same number of eggs to find too! It was so fun to see the older cousins helping the littler ones out! I loved it!!! So cool! and Definitely a new tradition every year!!! Thanks fam for a wonderful day!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Morning!!!

The joy of being a parent!! I'm just loving the older Penny gets the more she really Loves and gets into these fun holidays!!! So with that said the Easter Bunny came to Our house!!! and man oh man was Penny excited!!! She followed a trail of Candy filled eggs thru out the house that led her to her Easter Basket!! and as you can see the closer she got she could see her Easter surprises and started a running!! She squealed out with joy!! We love days like this as a parent!! So much fun!! She went thru her whole Basket and then went thru Cash's Basket!! haha! She said she needed to help him! She just Loves opening surprises it doesn't matter who they are for!! haha! We just Love these sweet faces!! We are so happy to be their parents!! Happy Easter everyone!!

The Annual Easter Egg Money Hunt!!!

The annual Easter gathering at my Dad and Janeen's is always a huge hit!! We all get to hunt for the Money filled Easter Eggs!! Penny has been really loving the Egg Hunts this year! She knows just what to do!! Grab up the eggs as fast as she can!! All together... this is including mine, Chad's and Penny's eggs we found $75!! Not bad!!! But the ultimate Winners were the Monson's!! They found over $139!! WOW! Now that's impressive!! Great job sissy slus!!! Such a wonderful day together! Thank you dad and Janeen for all the fun!! Such great Easter memories!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Fun at the Tivoli Village!!

A fun little outing to the Tivoli Village! They were having an Easter event for kids at their park! There was a petting zoo of chicks and bunnies, a craft table, a cotton candy booth, and pictures with a real life Easter Bunny! Me and my Bestie waited in line for 2hrs for the Easter Bunny pic!! It was packed there and for some reason the photo booth line was barely moving along!!  Penny had a blast going from station to station while we waited in line!! So we finally make it up to front and it's my turn!! I turn around to get Cash out of the stroller and get my camera ready and when I turned back I realized they changed my Bunny!!! What the.....! My Bestie and everybody in front of us had the sweetest most perfect bunny! Black and White with Black ears and perfect little markings! It was well trained! didn't move!! And as you can see my Little's ended up with the whitest bunny with the red beety eyes!! It was so white that you can't even see it in my pics!! It was too Bright!! and definitely not as trained as the other bunny! It kept jumping out of the basket! Turning backwards in the basket! And kept moving it's face around sniffing my kids! Just my luck!! hahaha! Oh well! These pics still turned out pretty dang cute!! and we got a great memory to laugh about!!! Tauna you better keep your Perfect little Bunny for me and Holly for next year!! Forget the 2hr line! We are just going to come over to your zen backyard and snap our Easter pics with Clancy!  Happy Easter everyone!!!

Loving the Fair!!!!

It's Fair time!!! Every year we take our trailer out to Logandale and set up camp to stay for the whole Fair weekend!!! We got out there Friday early afternoon and stayed until Sunday evening!! On Friday and Saturday we were out there with my family!! and on Sunday Chad's family came out for the day! We had beautiful weather on Friday and Saturday! A little hot but no crazy winds like normal but man did the wind pick up by Sunday!! It was a crazy dusty mess!
The first 2 collages are from Friday!! We had such a Fun day!! We had a Surprise visit from Auntie Eryn from Oklahoma!! She got to stay for the whole weekend too! and Eryka's whole family came out for the whole weekend as well!  On Friday my nephew Mav rode a Sheep for the 1st time! Chance did this the last 2yrs but he is to big now! It's called Mutton Buston! This is so Fun to watch!! Little Mav did Great!! He Won lots of money and was Happy with that!! If you ask him he's not sure he will do it again next year!! :)
These next 2 collages are from Saturday!! We did lots of Carnival Riding!! This is my favorite part of the fair!!! and we discovered that it pretty much is an Ence thing! You couldn't get us big Ence kids off these rides! haha! Thank goodness for all our spouses! They took care of the Little's and let us ride and ride and ride!! We closed the fair down at midnight after we went to the rodeo!
Also on Saturday it was Zane's turn to Mutton Bust!! This was his 1st time too! He did so awesome!! He Won a bunch of money and the Ence boys gave him his first cowboy belt buckle!! Man was Zane so proud of that!! Both my nephews were so Brave getting up on those sheep and neither one of them want to get back on one next year, but if you ask Penny she said she's riding one next year!!! What? If momma has anything to do with it....we shall see!!! Daddy is all for it!! After seeing her cousins fall off those sheep on their backs I was hoping that would scare her! Nope...she says she's riding!! I don't want my baby girl to get hurt! Plus those sheep are so dirty and smelly and so gross! You wouldn't catch me near one! haha! She definitely is not Miss Priss like her momma!!! 
This was our last and final day! These pics are from Sunday! We had such a great day with Chad's family! To bad it was so windy!! I couldn't even get my camera out that much because there was so much sand and dirt in the air! We spent most our time in the big tent watching all the shows!! That was a ton of fun!! We Love the Fair weekend! We can't wait until next year!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Big Money Turned 8mons!!!

 Big Cash Money is just getting to big! Another month down!! Cash just turned 8mons old!! He's just so dang Happy!! So smiley!! Hardly makes a nasty peep!! He loves to giggle!! His BIG sister Penny can get him to giggle the Best!! He has no Teeth but drools like no bodies business and puts everything in his mouth! He makes cute Kisses sounds! He has Happy hands! He loves to grab onto everything thing including my long Rapunzel hair and that hurts!! He's a pro at sitting up!! Loves to jump in his jumper!! He gets pretty wild in there!! He will get on all 4's and just freeze! Every once in while he will rock a little but most times when he's on all 4's he just stops and looks at us like what am I supposed to do now!!! :) So no crawling yet!! He loves his Blankies! He will shove his face right into them! He also loves his stuffed animals in his crib! He does the same thing with these!!! He is just the sweetest thing! We are so lucky he came to us!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Penny's Little Easter Party!

Penny sure has loved going to her little Pre-School class every Monday! She loves her teacher Miss Alex!! She is so wonderful with the kids! Every month she has something so fun planned for the kids and this month was their Easter Party!! Us parents got to hide the eggs while our kids were in class. Then once class was half was over she lined them up and out they ran to find the eggs!! Penny had a blast!! She really knew how to do it this year! haha! and she was moving fast getting those eggs!! Then they all went back into class for the rest of the party! They ate and danced until class was over!! So much fun for me too!! Love watching how excited Penny gets!! She's the best! Happy Easter!

Going to the Horse Races!

This was a new adventure for us for sure and we Loved it!! On the way home from Disneyland Chad's step brother was going to take his family to the horse races down in Santa Anita! So of course we had to go to!! We can't miss out in any new fun!! It was so Exciting!! We got to walk right down along the fence where the Horses would race by!! The whole crowd would be yelling and screaming as the Horse would race by!! Chad really got into the excitement of it all with his betting!! He would put a couple of dollars down on a few Horses! At first he was off to a loosing streak but he got the hang of it and he ended up coming out on top! The last race we watched was a Big one! The horse that one will be racing in the Kentucky Derby! Chad made a great bet and we walked away with $56!!! So exciting!! We really had such a fun time! Such a fun experience! We can't wait to go back! and you better believe I will be wearing the biggest Hat I can find!!! Love it!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Our Annual Disneyland Reunion!!!

Thanks to Jeff and Vicki (Chad's dad and step-mom) we were able to go to Disneyland for our Family reunion again! We had a few new faces...the sweet babies that weren't there last year and we had some faces that couldn't come and they were very missed!! But life doesn't get any better than when your at the Happiest place on Earth with your Family!! We had a Blast!!! Penny especially! The older she gets the more she understands the excitement of it all!! I love it!! This year my honz made us all matching t-shirts for both days! The cutest part was that even the babies had their little onesies matching us!! Great job honz! They were a hit and they look fabulous in the pics!!!
The first day we went to Disneyland!!! We wore our Red shirts that Chad made for us!  It wasn't as packed as I thought is was going to be! We even walked on every ride!!! No waiting in any lines for us!!  and That's the way to do it!!!
Now of course my little Penny is obsessed with the Princesses and Ariel was the only Princess she got to see, talk to, sing to and hug!!! and yes you just read "sing to".....after Ariel signed her character book Ariel asked her if she any of her songs and of course Penny did! She started to get a little shy but that didn't stop her before you know it both Penny and Ariel are just a singing "Part of your World!" It was awesome!! It was definitely a proud moment for me!!! Love my little Singer!!! The only other time she got to see the Princesses was in the Parade and she was freaking out in excitement!!! She was dieing to see Anna and Elsa from Frozen but the line to see them was 4hrs!! What the heck!!! and that was not even guaranteeing that you got to see them! If it went over their time then you waited for nothing!  So we just couldn't stand there for that long to risk it!!! You couldn't even buy anything  Frozen in the gift shops either...all sold out!!!! Dang!! They are just way to popular!!!
More pics from Disneyland day!
Got to LOVE that little Cashy!! This was his 1st time to Disneyland!!! He was a dream!! He pretty much stayed in his stroller both days so good!! Ate there....napped there!! He was just a joy!! Such a low maintenance baby!!! He is just so Happy all the time!!! So smiley! Love him!!!
These pics lead into our next day! We wore our Blue shirts that Chad made! We spent the whole day over at California Adventure!! This park is so much fun!!! Definitely not as busy and we were still walking on every ride! Didn't wait in one line!! Not even Cars!!! We were loving life!
Just love all my little nieces and nephews!! For as many kids that we have all together both days they were all so good!! It was awesome!! Penny got to ride her 1st Big fast roller coaster over in Disneyland the day before! She was having a blast getting on the rides this year!! I put her in her Cowgirl boots to give her an extra inch and it worked!! So that was exciting for her and us!! She still would get a little scared and wouldn't go on the Tower of Terror but I don't even go on that!! haha. Next year will be even that much better!
More fun pics from California Adventure day!
We had a Blast at the Mad Tea Party!! Live band! and  Penny was our Live Show! She Loves to Dance and she was rocking it out! She is one hyped little girl! haha
It's always so crazy for Chad and I to get out of town during the week because of work but once we get there we have the Best time!! Such fun memories and besties were made! Thank you Jeff and Vicki for the wonderful time! These big family trips are so fun! Thanks for the memories! Can't wait until next year!!!! Don't go changing anything about it!!! haha!