Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Morning!!!

The joy of being a parent!! I'm just loving the older Penny gets the more she really Loves and gets into these fun holidays!!! So with that said the Easter Bunny came to Our house!!! and man oh man was Penny excited!!! She followed a trail of Candy filled eggs thru out the house that led her to her Easter Basket!! and as you can see the closer she got she could see her Easter surprises and started a running!! She squealed out with joy!! We love days like this as a parent!! So much fun!! She went thru her whole Basket and then went thru Cash's Basket!! haha! She said she needed to help him! She just Loves opening surprises it doesn't matter who they are for!! haha! We just Love these sweet faces!! We are so happy to be their parents!! Happy Easter everyone!!

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