Monday, April 14, 2014

Big Money Turned 8mons!!!

 Big Cash Money is just getting to big! Another month down!! Cash just turned 8mons old!! He's just so dang Happy!! So smiley!! Hardly makes a nasty peep!! He loves to giggle!! His BIG sister Penny can get him to giggle the Best!! He has no Teeth but drools like no bodies business and puts everything in his mouth! He makes cute Kisses sounds! He has Happy hands! He loves to grab onto everything thing including my long Rapunzel hair and that hurts!! He's a pro at sitting up!! Loves to jump in his jumper!! He gets pretty wild in there!! He will get on all 4's and just freeze! Every once in while he will rock a little but most times when he's on all 4's he just stops and looks at us like what am I supposed to do now!!! :) So no crawling yet!! He loves his Blankies! He will shove his face right into them! He also loves his stuffed animals in his crib! He does the same thing with these!!! He is just the sweetest thing! We are so lucky he came to us!

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