Thursday, March 26, 2015

Happy Birthday to the Best Daddy!!

We had such a blast celebrating my dad's birthday out at the dunes!! Great company, amazing dutch oven and homemade pies is how we do it!! haha! There's always something to do out there besides just swimming, golfing, relaxing watching movies or tv, talking, cooking, and eating!! and between all of us we did it all! It was a beautiful Birthday for the Best Daddy and Grandpa in the world!! We sure love you daddy!! We would be lost without you! Thanks for all you do for each of us!! Happy Birthday Dad!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Our Little Lucky Charms!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!! Louie the Leprechaun found our home and he was a little naughty!! He turned all the toilet water Green, turned the milk Green, made a mess in the front toy room, pulled out a bunch of toys in the love sac room, put post-it notes 1 by1 on each cabinet in the kitchen,  made a Lucky Charm trail all throughout the kitchen around the island and ended in the love sac room where he left tons of Gold coins and both Penny and Cash got a bag with a few toy surprises!!!! He also left Gold Coins in each of our shoes all lined up at the garage door! So I guess you could say Louie the Leprechaun was Naughty and Nice!! Penny and Cash were so excited to find all this!! In fact...Penny is still talking about Louie the Leprechaun and what he did!! haha!
Just Love these little Lucky Charms in the pics above! They just melt my Heart!!

He's Alive!

He's Alive! He's standing! He's walking! All amazing things!! Thank goodness! 
 It's been 2wks since Chad's back Surgery and he's feeling good!! He's definitely sore by the end of the day but the pain down his right leg from the sciatic nerve is gone!! He's so happy he did the surgery!! There's nothing like taking life for granted! The small things! Like putting your socks and shoes on by yourself! Reaching for something without your back getting a kink then constant pain! I have felt so bad for my honz these last several months and have just wanted to take his pain away! He's a man that doesn't sit down or slow down! and it was really hard to see him have to face this trial!! He's been recovery great though! You should have seen him in the hospital up walking the halls the next morning after surgery! I'm telling you...nothing is going to keep him down! Not even back surgery! haha! He's the toughest man I've ever known! I'm so proud of the man he is! He's my rock! My everything! I don't know what I'd do without him and either would our 2 precious kids!! They missed him so much while he was in the hospital for those 3 days it was so sad!! But when daddy came home....on man you couldn't keep them away from him!! I'm pretty sure both would pick to be with dad over mom! haha! Mean mom....Rad dad!! haha! We love you honz so much! So proud of you but you do need to take it easy from time to time! Give yourself a break! You did just have back surgery...only 2wks ago! haha! :)

Quick Trip To Utah!

Last Saturday we took a quick day trip to Utah to see Auntie Eryka and her family!! Penny asks to play with Zane all the time! :)  We got to see her new place! So much bigger and so nice! The kids had a blast riding up and down the street! and Penny of course got to show Zane that she didn't have training wheels on! :) I'm telling you she has been so excited about her new accomplishment! Such a fun beautiful day! We will be back up there real soon when my new Baby Girl arrives!! Oh! I just can't wait!!! Only just a few more weeks and my sis will be having her first Girl!! Girls are so FUN!! Can not even wait!!! :)

Look Who's Riding Her Bike Like A Boss!!!

Looks who's riding her Bike without those Training Wheels!!! This girl!!! Penny has been begging me and daddy to take them off and I would tell her "that's not  mommy's job! It's scares mommy to do that!! So daddy needs to do this one!!"  Well all that know...know that Chad has had a bad back for quite sometime and just recently had back surgery 2wks ago! So daddy was out of the picture to teach her until his back was better! haha! So the Sunday that Chad got home from the hospital from surgery he invited his brother Jeff and family to come over to visit! Uncle Jeff pulled out the bikes for his kids and as soon as Penny saw is was bike riding time she ask Uncle Jeff if he would take the training wheels off her bike!! Now Uncle Jeff is a pro at teaching kids how to ride a bike without training wheels! He must have the magic touch! Not only has he taught both his kids he has taught his nephew Benjamin and now Penny!! So he took those training wheels right off her bike and she jumped up on it and Uncle Jeff held her seat as she took off and off she went! She never looked back!! She could start and stop all on her own! Uncle Jeff kept saying "oh man she was ready!" Shoot I guess she was!! haha! She is so proud and feels so BIG!! She has told everyone and has showed everyone that has come over to our house!! We sure love you Penny and your determination!! She's so strong willed and strives to succeed! I hope she continues to carry these characteristics through out her life!!! We couldn't be more Proud! We love you Penny girl!! 
Ps. As she was riding pass me she said "mommy I'm going to Swim without my wings next! I'm ready!" haha! You go girl!! She's just getting too BIG!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Just Love Our Big Boy!!

This one has my whole heart!! Our sweet Cashy boy turned 19mons!! Getting too big!! He just loves everything about life!! Busy Boy!! When he see's something new or exciting to him he gives you the cutest excited expression face!! It's the best!!! He's super ticklish and boy do we love to get him giggling!! He loves his cars, trackers, trucks and balls! He loves books and loves when we read to him! He will just keep pulling them off the shelf for us to read! He loves playing outside and just cries when it's time to come in!! He Loves the water!!! When you say "let's go take a bath!" He starts taking his clothes off and running to the tub!!! He loves his hands washed too!! If he see's a sink you must stop and wash his hands!! He still only has 4 teeth- 2 on top and 2 on bottom! Any day now the others should just be popping in!! A few more words this month! He says "issy" for sissy! Penny was so excited when that came out of his mouth!! :) He says "Emmmmm" for Auntie Em! "mmmm" when his food tastes so good!! He is such a delight!! Keeps us on our toes, smiling and laughing!! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fun School Field Trip!!

Penny has had such a fun school year with Mrs. McIntyre!! They were off on another field trip! This time to the Stewart's Ranch to see the Horses and cows and then we went down to Anderson's Dairy for a tour of how they make ice cream and milk!! At the Stewart's Ranch Penny got to get on a horse!! She loved it!! and she also got to feed the horses too!! My little Cashy boy even got a chance to get up on a horse and he wasn't having that!! He did not want to get on that horse for nothing!! I kept saying "your daddy would be so sad! My Honz is a true farm boy and Loves Horses! haha!! Penny is definitely his girl and it looks like Cashy is my boy! hahaha! Such a fun day! Penny is still talking about how much fun she had! Thanks Mrs. McIntyre for all these awesome opportunities!!!!

Baby Kinslee Grace Has Arrived!

She's here! She's here!! Chad's sister little Tara had her 1st baby and it's a Girl!!! My flamingo diva has arrived and boy is she precious!! She is just so perfect!! Baby Kinslee Grace was born on Feb 23, 2015, weighing 7lbs5oz and measuring 19 1/2in long!!! She has long fingers, feet and toes!! She has perfect little almond Asian like eyes! A tiny little button nose and super sweet kissable lips! Oh I just have a soft spot for girls!!! Penny was so proud of her! Such a big girl holding her!! It just melted my heart to see Penny holding her!!! Then it was little Cash's turn to see baby Kinslee and he kept saying "Bay-eee! Bay-eee!" He was so soft with her and just loved on her! He kept hugging her legs as daddy was holding her!!! Oh my so sweet and so precious to see my sweet little kids with baby Kinslee! I getting baby fever? hahah! We are so proud of you Tara and Drew!! You guys make beautiful babies!! Keep them coming! haha! We love you guys so much!!!