Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beach Bums!

Our littles are getting too big!! We had an enjoyable time down in Huntington Beach for Memorial Weekend! We go to the beach every year on this very weekend and boy was it a blast!! The kids had so much fun in the sand and sun and I had so much fun relaxing in the shade!!
 Fun beach action shots!! Such a great weekend!
Side note: Every time I pull my camera out all the kids say "it's for the calendar" haha! Eryn makes a new calendar for my dad with pics each year at Christmas time!! and boy do we have all the kids trained!! "it's for the calendar!" and they posed and cheese it up!! Mom would be so proud!! Love my family!!

Our Big Performer!

These pics are from her final performance for the year with Singer's company! This show was for friends and family and boy did she get up there and put on a good show! She sang and danced her little heart out! She loves to perform and you can tell!!!
Thank you Miss Brittany for another great year! Penny just loves her as her teacher!! and a big thanks to all our family and friends that came out to support Penny!! She truly loves looking out into the crowd to see all of you!! We love you all so much!! Thank you for making her feel so special!

Penny's Kindergarten Graduation!!

 Somebodies off to 1st grade and we couldn't be more Proud of our little girl!! Our sweet Penny has graduated kindergarten and we can't believe it! Why does time have to go  by so fast! She is just getting too big to fast!! She has had such great year at Somerset Sky Pointe with Mrs. Marx!! Little Penny just loves school and everything about it! he loves her teacher so much and is going to miss her so much!! She can't wait to be in 1st grade she says! Such a Big girl!
The kindergarten classes put on the cutest graduation performance with singing and dancing! and you know Penny she sang and danced her little heart out! She stole the show!! haha! We are so proud of out little girl! She has the biggest heart! So sweet and kind to all her friends! She's one dedicated little girl and such a determined hard worker!! Keep it up Penny Pie! You will excel in life!! We love you!

Our Little Singing Star!

 Oh how we Love to watch Penny Perform!! and oh how we Love Singer's Company and her teacher Miss Brittany! This was Penny's 3rd year in Singer's Company and every year she loves it more and more!! She absolutly loves to sing and dance! and man does she put on a great show!!
 More action  shots of her singing her little heart  out!
Here's the group of girls that Penny just loves to sing and dance with! Another great performance!! We love you Penny! You make us so proud!