Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Heaton Ranch!!!

The Beautiful changing Leaves! Oh my!! We don't get this in Vegas and I was obsessed! I can't believe how many beautiful fall colors there really are!! WOW!! Well because I was so obsessed we had to do a mini photo shoot!! I'm in LOVE!!!
So this last Saturday my step sister Emily planned a family trip to her in-law's ranch! It was up in the Cedar mountains somewhere gorgeous! Such perfect weather and relaxing day! Penny was so excited to see cows, horses and even Bambi!! Lots of Bambi's! I just couldn't believe the Leaves!!
Here's some more Beautiful pics of the leaves! Penny loves her cousin Maddison!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Lovn the Lake!!

We got in our last boating trip of the summer!! and What a Beautiful day it was! Penny just loves the water and sand! She played in her own little world all day! It was great to be with my sister and her family too! Now we are gearing up for our sand dune season to start in just a few wks!!! We can't wait!
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cute Little Penny!

These are just some Fun pics I took of little Penny! The top collage is when she told me..."I go shopping...k!..I take a my baby...k!..after I go work...k!!" haha! She is seriously to BIG for her own good!! She is our little talker!! Busy Busy Bee!! Such a BIG girl!! Love it!

Penny is back in her little gymnastics class!! So these pics are from her first class!! She loves it and is getting much more coordinated too!! So fun!! We want to get her into dance next!!!
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