Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Valentine Get Away!

For Valentine's our bff's invited us down to their place on the river! What a fun get away! We had such a great time! Chad rode a dirt bike (so hot! I had never seen him on 2 wheels! I could barely handle myself! there's just something about a man on a motorcycle! lol!) and I rode a quad (not automatic, boy does my dad have me spoiled! Chad quickly taught me how to ride it! he's sooo patient! lol! thanks hons!) We pretty much played, relaxed and had a blast! Thanks bff's! I hope we go again real soon!
p.s. sorry there's no pics of u guys! i guess we are just stuck on ourselves! lol
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Bomb Fire Fun!

Chad is our fire Marshall Bill! This fire was one of his masterpieces! It was our last night out at the sand dunes so he used all the rest of the wood to create a jenga style fire! What a design! We were all so proud! He really knows how to keep us warm!
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