Saturday, January 30, 2016

One Smart Cookie!!!

We have one smart little cookie on our hands!!! Penny was awarded not only 1 but 2 awards at school!! She was awarded the Soaring Eagle Award out of 25 students in her am kindergarten class!!! Which means she was the top student for the quarter!!! Also out of 125 students she was selected by her Spanish teacher as the Best Spanish student for the quarter as well!! She also got the Principal's award and was given a medal from her Principal!! WOW! We couldn't be more proud of our little girl!!! She works so hard and is such a good girl!! She's always setting a good example!! She was super proud of herself and felt so special! I guess you can say "mean mom" is paying off!! We are so Proud of you Penny Pie!!! Keep up the Excellent work!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Let it Snow!!

It was a last min day trip up to Brian head we go!!! We had heard that my brother, his family, Eryn, Joanna and Eryka were all going to be up there for the weekend! So when Saturday rolled around we decided last min to go up and surprise them!! and boy did we surprise them!! They were all so excited to see us! We didn't ski or board but we had a blast spending the day in the Snow!! We were so impressed with how good  my nephews, Chance and Mav were skiing!! Penny and Cash had so much Fun throwing the snow and rolling around in the snow! The best time watching them just play and play!! We can't wait to get back up there again!! and next time Penny will be in ski school!! She can't wait!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Big Big Boy!!

Somebodies been busy doing Big Boy things over here!! Sad my baby isn't a baby any more but we have just been so proud of our Big Boy!! He proudly wears big boy underwear and has been so easy and so good while in this training process!! I do not not like this part of being mom but boy has he picked it right up and been so easy!! He gets it and we are so relieved, happy and proud!! He wants to wear his big boy underwear and we gladly let him!! We also changed his crib into his toddler bed! He's so proud of that!! He doesn't always stay in his bed as good as the crib but that's OK! We are so excited for him to be a Big Big Boy!! Penny is just loving this phase too! She is so proud and encourages him too!! She gets so excited over ever little new thing he does!!! She's the best little cheerleader that's for sure!! We couldn't be more proud of the both of them!!! Yay for being such a Big boy Cashy!! We love you!!! Now Chad says...."it's time for another!" hahaha

Friday, January 1, 2016

5-4-3-2-1......Happy New Year 2016!

5-4-3-2-1....Happy New Year!!! and what a Fun way to ring it in!!! We have not see the New year come in for like 6 years!! hahaha I now lame! But this year we got a sitter and Rang in the new year with our most favorite 2 humans ever! We went to dinner 1st at the new Mexican restaurant in Downtown Summerlin called Pancho's! It was pretty good and the service was amazing! Over the top! We all 4 pretty much had our own waiter!! hahaha Nothing but great times with these 2! We never stop laughing! After dinner we got invited over to my cousin's Bunco party! We had never played but boy did we have fun!! So fun!! We laughed some more there and as you can see a photo shoot to bring in the New Year! hahaha! Good times!! Bring it on 2016!! Can't wait to see what this year has instore for us!!  

Good Times at the Dunes!

 Nothing but the best of times out at the dunes!! It was so cold! Probably the coldest it has ever been out there in all the years we have gone! Just love spending time with my family! We headed out there the day after Christmas and stayed until the day before New Year's eve! A much needed 5 days away to relax and enjoy riding, playing, eating, and visiting! Probably my most happiest time of year because I get my Honz stress free and all to myself!! No work! No cell phones! Best trip ever! We love making memories!! So much to be thankful for! Our way to end 2015!!