Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lake Powell for Labor Day!

It's a tradition every year for Labor Day weekend to go to Lake Powell! It's the last big boating weekend because we start to gear up for the sand dune season! My family is very seasonal when it comes to toys! Lake and ocean trips in the summer to four wheels and sand dunes in the fall/winter! We love it! So back to Lake Powell! It's absolutly beautiful there! The weather was great this year! We had an amazing time! It's all about being with family for Chad and I and we love it!
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We're going back to Cali!

The summer is going fast and we are trying to have the most fun ever! So we headed down to Hunington Beach at the end of Aug to celebrate my brothers birthday! We played so hard at the beach and just had such a blast! Check out how big Mav is getting! He's only 31/2 mons! He's just so happy and smiley! He never makes a peep! Oh and how funny is Chance! He totally loves to pose it up for the camera! He's the funniest! I love those boys! They are growing fast! Can't wait for my Eryka's baby to get here! She's about 6 mons in these pics! Good times for sure!!!!
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A Great Lake Day to Lake Mead!

We love going to the lake! Well actually we pretty much love to do just about anything! But what a great day we had! We headed out to Lake Mead just for the day with my family and I invited my friend Portia to come with us! She's from California and has only been to the ocean so this was her first time to the lake! She can't wait to get out there again! We all had a blast from tubing to long boat rides! All in all what a wondeful day!
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