Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Merriest Christmas!!!

So here's our Busy Christmas FUN all wrapped up in some cute picture collages!! :)
The top collage is from my Dad ans Janeen's Christmas dinner! Its tradition to always get together the Sunday before Christmas! We always have a great time eating, laughing, opening presents and taking pics!! The grand babies are filling up! Everyone had a baby this year except my brother and my sister! That's crazy! All of Janeen's kids had babies and me and Eryka!! It's been a busy 2013!! So fun to get the cousins together! I do have to say the highlight of the night was when Penny opened her present from Grandma Janeen! It was a Princess Microphone! We couldn't get her off the mic from singing!! She hasn't stopped either! She LOVES to sing and now she said she's a "Rock Star!!!" The perfect gift for her Grandma!! Great job!!!
Just couldn't resist this pic collage! I snapped these on Christmas Eve! I love getting these candids of Penny holding Cash!! She loves holding him!! Its so fun to catch their faces!!! Love these two so much!!!
On Christmas Eve we headed to Chad's dad for dinner! He took us to Lucille's BBQ at the Red Rock! Such yummy food!! If you haven't been...You better! You won't be disappointed!! :) We had such a great time! We have gotten together with his dad for the last few years on Christmas Eve and it's just nice and relaxed! No rushing around trying squeeze time in on Christmas! We will continue doing this! :)
Then it was Christmas morning!! Oh my!! The BEST Christmas yet with Penny!! She was hyped all morning long!! Santa found her and Cash and she was so excited!! She finally is really getting it!! She loved everything! She kept thanking Santa over and over saying "Santa loves me...he got me everything I really wanted...Thank you Santa where ever you are!!!!!" haha! She's the best! and at every present she opened she would say "Oh my gosh!"... "shut up!"..."no way!"..."stop it!" haha! She totally kills us with her big sassy words! She loved her Stocking too! Little Cash stayed awake for just about 1 picture and he was off to bed! He loves his little schedule! :) He truly is the best baby! We all got spoiled! Chad got his first Coach Wallet and I got my first high end camera lens that I have been wanting for a long time!! We are so grateful! The Best Christmas ever!!
Then it was off to Deedee's (Chad's mom) for her traditional Christmas Breakfast! We Love going over to her house every year for her homemade scones and all the fixings! We stuffed our bellies and opened fun presents!! but the highlight of the morning was when Drew proposed to Tara!!! I'm getting a new brother-n-law! Little Auntie Linn is getting Married!! We are so excited for the both of them! It was such a special morning!!
We ended our busy amazing day at my brother's house! We always end our Christmas here every year! It was the best because Eryn was there!!! We love that Eryn! All we were missing was little Eryka and her sweet family! My brother requested a white chicken chili soup for dinner and I volunteered to make it! What...me!!! Yes me and it turned out perfect! It was the best yummy soup! I was quite impressed with my self since I never cook!!! haha! So we filled our bellies up and opened more presents!! Such a FUN day!! We love being with our families on Christmas! It's always such a busy day for us going form house to house but so worth every year! We Love Christmas time!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Benjamin!!

Somebody turned the BIG 5!!! Happy Birthday Benjamin!! He is my nephew on Chad's side of the family! He's Jacob (Chad's Brother) and Bre's oldest son! We just can't believe he's 5! He is the sweetest little guy you will ever meet! He greets you with a BIG Hug as soon as he sees you and when you leave he must give you another BIG Hug!! Love it! He had a Super Hero Party! So fun! Bre made all the kids little Masks! They were so dang cute! Penny just loves Benjamin! They play so good together! Such a big boy! Happy Birthday buddy! We love ya!

Penny's Singers Company Christmas Performances!

Penny has been loving her Singers Company class! She had her 1st Christmas Performances this week! She performed 1st at a Retirement home! She had so fun! The sweet little old people just loved it! When it was all over Penny went up to each little old person and gave them a hug! So cute!They were just loving her!
Her 2nd performance was at a church and they performed for their family and friends! She was loving her family out in the crowd! She didn't get shy at all seeing them out there....she was really putting on a show for them! It was awesome! In both performances she gave the opening line to start the show and sang the best little solo!! We were so proud of her!! It reminded me of when I used to perform on stage!! I loved it!! At the end daddy gave her some flowers and man was that the highlight of her night! Her face was priceless when he gave them to her! She hasn't stop talking about those flowers either! I am so happy to have found this amazing singing/dancing class! We love Miss Brittney! She truly is the best teacher!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Penny's Pre-K Christmas Party!!

We sure have enjoyed Penny's little pre-k class at the community center! She loves her teacher Miss Alex! Today they had their Christmas Party! So fun! They made reindeer antlers that she wore and performed a bunch of Christmas Songs for us! Some of them were even in Spanish! Thanks to Dulce she picks right up on all her Spanish! So adorable! Then they got to eat!!! Penny is just getting so big!! She LOVES School!!! She pretends that she has homework all the time! So funny! I hope this keeps up thru out all the school years to come! :)

Happy 4th Birthday Zane!!!

Zane turned 4!!! WOW! Can't believe it!! He LOVES any Super Hero! So my sister put together the best birthday party! It was so Awesome that even BATMAN showed up!!! The Birthday boy was in "AAAAAWWWWWW!" It was at a bounce house place! There so many bounce houses in there! Penny had a blast!! Such a FUN day! I'm pretty sure if Penny could she would marry him! She tells me all the time Zane is her boyfriend and has even said husband! (how she knows these words I have no idea! haha) She just loves him so much!! I have to remind her all the time that Zane is her cousin!! haha! We can't believe he's 4!! Happy Birthday Zane! We love you!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baby Cash is 4mons!

I seriously can't believe my little man is 4mons!! Cash Money weighs a little over 14lbs! Just Loving my husky little guy! He's the most happy chill baby ever! He loves, loves to SMILE!! Even if he's fussy (which is hardly ever) and he catches your eye he will start smiling! He loves to make little sounds while spitting bubbles out at you too! I'm just so in love with him! I'm so lucky to call him mine!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Oh How We Love Santa Clause!

Here comes Santa Clause! Here comes Santa Clause! Oh how we Love Santa Clause!! Penny was so excited to see Santa!! This was the first year she didn't cry when she sat on his lap! Santa asked her what she wanted and she said "I don't know...a little of everything! haha! That's my kind of girl! haha! We are into some trouble with this princess!! Cash on the other hand was as chill as can be! This was his first time seeing Santa!!! Not a peep out of him! Just love their little faces! We just love Christmas time! So many fun memories!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Such a Happy Thanksgiving!

Such a Beautiful Happy Thanksgiving! This was the first year we have ever had Thanksgiving with Chad's mom and family! We have always gone up to St. George but since Grandma passed this year we decided to spend this thanksgiving in town! Although we missed seeing all my family we sure had a wonderful time with Chad's family! We loved having my dad spend the day with us too! Such wonderful food and wonderful family to make such a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving! We re so thankful for so much! We love you all!
Once the kids were put to bed and sound a sleep....momma headed out to go Black Friday shopping until 4:30am! Always one of the most funnest nights ever! Love getting all my  Christmas shopping done in 1 night!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Best of Buds!

It's crazy to watch first hand the bond and love of siblings! These two are the best of buds already! Penny of course loves her brother so much but little Cash could just stare and watch her all day! He gets so excited when he catches a glimpse of his big sis! He coos and smiles so big at her! He just thinks she is the greatest! It Just melts my heart!! I can't get enough of these lil faces! I'm truly blessed!
Love these fun action/candid shots of these two! Penny LOVES to hold him!!!! Her very own real life baby doll!

Back to the Dunes we go!

Back to the Dunes for the weekend we go! It was a cold one!! Pretty much rained all weekend on us but that sure didn't stop the boys from riding and the kids from playing!!! Just love my Penny girl posing for the camera!! She's too much to handle! haha! and can't get enough of my baby Cash just a Smiling so big!! He pretty much loves any face that looks at him!! He will give a big big smile!! I have such happy kids!! Love them so much!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Sand Dune Season Has Begun!

This is our most favorite time of year!! It's sand dune time!! This was our first weekend out and Cash's first time to the dunes too!! Of course Chad was loving his Razor!! We got to take our first family ride all together in our razor! Cash loved it! Also if you didn't notice we our pulling our Trailer with a brand new Truck!!! Whahoo!! It's a Slate Grey with light grey leather interior!! It's a beauty! This weekend was our first time pulling the trailer!! It pulled amazingly! You couldn't even feel that trailer behind us!! Oh that truck is so awesome!! Chad is so hyped!! We can't wait to get back out there!

Look Who's 3mons Old!!

Somebody is 3mons old! Little Cash is the sweetest baby! He has figured out he can SMILE and boy does he ever!! It just brightens our day!! We can simply just walk past him and he will start a Smiling! Such a Happy Happy boy!! He has also started making sweet little cooing sounds! Like he's trying to talk to us!! He's got the same milk allergy as Penny did but not as bad! We finally figured out what formula he can handle and he loves it!! He's on the Simulac Allimentum! It's pretty expensive but anything for my little baby! His little tummy is not upset anymore! We just love our Happy little boy!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Happy Halloween!

Such a FUN Halloween! Can't believe October is already over! Penny had a blast getting all her candy!! But the one who had the most FUN and got the most Candy was Chance! As soon as it got dark he was gone!! we couldn't keep up with him! Little Mav stayed close with his brother as good as he could! Chance was moving fast from house to house! Penny stayed closed to mommy because she said it was a little scary out! haha! Baby Cash hung out in his stroller sleeping! Such a great baby!
Chance was a Skeleton: 7 1/2yrs old
Mav was Woody: 4 1/2 yrs old
Penny was Doc Mcstuffins: 3yrs old
Baby Cash was the cutest little Cow: 2 1/2mons old
 We all wore ourselves out! I even ended up driving my car with Mav and Penny for the last little bit! haha! They said their Legs were too tired but they wanted more candy! haha! We couldn't get Chance off the streets! Such a fun night!! Another Wonderful Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Fun for Penny!!

 On Monday was Penny's Halloween Party in her Pre-k class!! She loves her little pre-school class! Miss Alex was a Witch and Penny thought that was so funny!!!
On Tues night it was Penny's Dance Recital! They got to wear their Costumes! Penny wanted to be in her Arial Bride Dress up!! It was so big on her but that was what she wanted! haha! They did the cutest Tap Dance! So funny!! Just loved seeing her up on stage a dancing! She loved it too!!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Amazing San Diego!!

 Such a wonderful time in San Diego!! Always perfect weather for a perfect packed 2 days!! As soon as we hit San Diego we were at the Zoo!! Each year it gets more and more exciting for Penny!!! She loves the animals! She wants to take them all home with her! and I quickly reminded her that No animals are allowed at our home! :) Cash was a dream!! He hardly made a fuss all weekend! The best little baby ever! The top collage is from the zoo!
These pics are from Sea World!! The best day!! We love to watch all the shows!! and again Cash was just perfect!!! Penny on the other hand was a wild hot mess!! haha! Lot's a energy in her little body!! She had a blast!! She just Loves Shamu!! Such an amazing weekend!! Can't wait till next year!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Fun!!

 We have been having a ton of fun getting into the Halloween spirit!!!
 All month long Penny has been asking to go to the Pumpkin Patch and ride all the rides!! So we finally went!! and we met up with my friend Kristin and her sweet girls that Penny just loves to be with and the bff Facers!! We all had a Blast!!! The kids played non-stop for 2 1/2hrs!! We got our moneys worth that night!
We also got to have so more Halloween fun at the Johnson's neighborhood party! They shut down their street and had a ton of food, a dj, and a fire truck and cop car for the kids to explore in!!! Chad and I were so impressed! None of our neighbors even want to talk to us!! let alone throw a block party! haha! We has so much fun!! Thanks for having us!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Our Sweet Cash's Special Blessing Day!

 What a wonderful day it was! Our sweet baby boy got blessed on Sunday! Daddy gave the most beautiful perfect special little blessing! Thanks to Auntie Em we got to bless Cash in Chance and Mav's blessing outfit! That was so special to me!
 Thanks so much to all of our friends and family that shared this special day with us! A BIG thanks to Deedee for doing the whole luncheon, my sister Eryka for bringing all the drinks, and all Chad's Aunts that brought yummy treats too!! We appreciate all of you! Thanks for Loving us!!
Our little Duck Dynasty! We can't get enough of the camo over here! We are so happy that this sweet little angel came to our home! We have been truly blessed! We Love you little Cash!!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Somebody is 2mons!!

2mons already!! The time is already flying by!! We are just loving our Sweet little Cash! He's the best little boy ever! He eats so good and sleeps even better! Just a dream!! He's the best little snuggler too! He Loves to be held!! and mommy Loves that!! He's starting to koo and smile! We just get so excited when he does it!! He especially Smiles for his daddy all the time!! It's just so sweet he just loves his daddy's voice and face!! He's just the perfect fit for our little family!! We love you baby Cash!!

Another Week of Penny's Classes!

Another week down for Penny's Pre-k and Dance class! She loves going to her classes! but I think by far her favorite is her school class! She loves learning!! and I love that too! She Learned the letter "C" and the number "3"! Each week she will learn a new letter and number! So fun!!

Penny's Little Singing Class!

All day everyday Penny is a singing! She loves to sing!!! So I put her in a singing class! Her singing class is called the Singers Company! They sing and dance and will have 2 recitals!! She absolutely loves it!! and I love watching her thru the window while she's in class! She cracks me up! I'm pretty sure she's the class clown! Such a silly girl!! I love that she's my little singer!! That's what I have always wanted!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fun New Classes for Little Miss Penny!!!

Got to just LOVE this Crazy Sassy Girl!!! I can't believe she's old enough for pre-school!! She goes 2 times a week over at the community center! and she just LOVES it! She feels so BIG!! She came home with 4 different art papers she made! She was so PROUD!! Plus when we showed up to her class she pulls out of her backpack a picture she made for her New Teacher! So cute! I had no idea she was doing this!! She has been so excited to go to school!! Love her!! She just makes me so Happy and so Proud!! 
I also put her a Ballet and Tap Class! She goes every Tues to the same community center as her pre-school! She may not have the best coordination and rhythm but man was she having fun!! The best part about this class is there will be a recital at the end of the month!! Cant wait to see he perform!! I'm pretty sure she will be the little girl up there putting on her own show! haha! Can't wait!
These pics were just one day when she told me "mommy I look cute today...can you take my picture?" haha! Well of course I can!!! She's just too much for words! haha!

Loving Our Auntie Eryn!!

It's always so much Fun when Auntie Eryn visits us!! This was her first time meeting Baby Cash!! And the first time she held him he looked at her and Smiled!! So precious!! We just Love our Auntie Eryn!! She spoils us all!!! Loved catching up!! She's just the Best!!! We love YOU!! Can't wait till Christmas!! See you then!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

More Camo Family Pics!

Here's just a few more of our camo family pics! We have been having some FUN with the camo!!! LOVE it!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just a little Photo Shoot!

It was time to update our family pics! So when we got Cash's newborn pics done we did some sibling pics and family pics! They turned out great! Both our babies did so good! I still can't believe we have 2 kids! We are a family of 4! That's so crazy!
Little miss sassy pants herself!!! Still the DIVA!!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baby Cash is already 4wks old!!

Wow how the days and weeks go by!! Baby Cash is already 4 wks old!! We are just loving him! He's truly been the best baby! Eats and Sleeps so good!! and Lucky for me he hasn't come down with any allergies like Penny did! At 2 1/2 wks Penny was pooping blood and becoming allergic to dairy and soy! So we had to put her on goats milk! So far so good this little guy has passed that 2 /12 wk mark and hopefully doesn't ever become allergic!!! Penny of course just loves her real life baby!!! We couldn't be more happier than to have this sweet baby added to our family!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Cabin Fever!!

So for the long Labor Day weekend we decided last minute to go up to Chad's family cabin up in Cedar City! It was so fun to get away! This was Cash's first road trip of many to come! Penny and Chad had a blast riding hard in the mud! and I just loved my quiet weekend enjoying the beautiful scenery with my sweet little baby boy in my arms!

Baby Cash's 1st Bath!

It's bubbly, bubbly bath time!! Baby Cash had his very 1st bath! and of course we had the biggest helper! Penny was so excited to help bathe him! She did such a good job too!! These moments are the most precious! I'm loving having my 2 babies!! They are keeping me busy and there's been a few times I have been very over whelmed but wouldn't change a thing! I love being mom!!!

The Best Big Sister!

This is the best part about having 2!! Let the fun sibling pictures begin!! Penny Loves to pose with her brother! She Loves to hold him, sing to him, feed him, and help change his diapers! She is mommies big helper for sure! She's just the best big sister ever!! She just LOVES her baby brother!! I seriously cat get enough of these 2 precious angles!!
We are just so in love with these 2 faces!!! We feel so blessed! 

Our Golden Boy Has Arrived!

Cash Eric has arrived! Our golden boy!! Cash was born on Sunday August 11, 2013 @ 10:26am! He came in weighing 6lbs and 19 1/2 inches long! The C-section went so fast! So here's the story! Those of you that have read my blog prior know that I have had a pretty long difficult pregnancy! I have been in and out of the hospital a few times for surgery on my cervix to low amniotic fluid. My Dr just wanted to get me to 36-37wks! My C-section was sched for Monday Aug 12th. (I would have just started my 37wk) So on Sunday Aug 11th she wanted to do the anmio fluid lung test on the baby! So I reported to the hospital! If the lungs were good we were going to proceed with the C-section in the morning! If they weren't then my Dr. was going to seeing if I could hold out for 1 more wk. (38wks) They did the fluid check 1st to see where they could extract the amniotic fluid to test the babies lungs. Well I didn't even have a 2cmm pocket of fluid in my whole belly! Poor baby Cash had no fluid to live in so my Dr. said "We are having a baby today...in 1 hour!" Chad and I got hyped! We couldn't believe we were finally going to have our little boy! So Chad took off to meet my brother on the road to drop Penny to him! Penny stayed with my brother's family all wk while we were in the hospital. (thank you so much Ry and Em) Chad barley made it back before they walked us down to the surgery room! They got me all numbed up removed my stitch in my cervix. (I was dilated to a 4...thank goodness I had my stitch in and thank goodness I was having my C-section then. My Dr. did not want me to go into labor because of what happened with my cervix last time delivering Penny). And out came our Baby Cash just a Peeing and Screaming! His lungs were just fine! What a fast procedure having a C-section! Literally with in 10mins of being numb Cash was out! WOW! Then is was time to sew me up! and of course my uterus stops working and it was like jelly trying to stitch me back up! Every time they put the stitch in to close it the stitch would pull thru so they had to stitch me deeper in the uterus to keep it shut! Like it did with Penny...I started to bleed out but this time my Dr's were prepared to stay on top of things! She had a feeling my body was going to do this again like last time! But all is good now and she said I could even have another BABY! What? Really? 3 kids! Not so sure about that!! haha! I would be on bed rest as soon as I found out I was pregnant! and you know I wasn't so good at that bed rest sort a thing! haha 
This is a collage of most of our visitors that came down to the hospital! We have felt so much LOVE from everyone! Even the ones that didn't make to the hospital! We can't believe all the dinners and visits from family and friends! Thank you all so much! We are so excited to be a family of 4! It's been a little adjustment but wouldn't change it for anything! I LOVE being mom! Its the best blessing and miracle ever! We are truly blessed to have Baby Cash as ours! He's just Perfect! The best little baby ever...our Golden Boy!