Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Happy Halloween!

Such a FUN Halloween! Can't believe October is already over! Penny had a blast getting all her candy!! But the one who had the most FUN and got the most Candy was Chance! As soon as it got dark he was gone!! we couldn't keep up with him! Little Mav stayed close with his brother as good as he could! Chance was moving fast from house to house! Penny stayed closed to mommy because she said it was a little scary out! haha! Baby Cash hung out in his stroller sleeping! Such a great baby!
Chance was a Skeleton: 7 1/2yrs old
Mav was Woody: 4 1/2 yrs old
Penny was Doc Mcstuffins: 3yrs old
Baby Cash was the cutest little Cow: 2 1/2mons old
 We all wore ourselves out! I even ended up driving my car with Mav and Penny for the last little bit! haha! They said their Legs were too tired but they wanted more candy! haha! We couldn't get Chance off the streets! Such a fun night!! Another Wonderful Halloween!!!

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