Monday, July 30, 2012

Gone Fishing!

What a fun relaxing weekend we just had! We just got home from fishing wiht my family! The boys had great success in catching lots of fish! Penny would get so excited when she'd see the fish come to shore! She loved it! We love making memories!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Little Penny Pie is 2!!!!

Where has our baby gone?!?! She is 2 going on 16!! Such a busy body!! So much personality in that tiny little body!! She is talking so BIG! Can't believe it! She loves her babies, minnie mouse, dressing up, gymnastics, dancing, singing! She is at the Best age and is just so funny! Her latest is...putting sunglasses on, purse on her shoulder (packed full of everything), heels on, and caring her baby and say "I going to work now...bye momma...ok?...thanks" Love it!! I wish I could just record her all day saying all her funny things! She's also been obsessed with painting her finger and toe nails and putting on all the lip gloss she can find! Penny you're the best! Daddy and I are pressing the Pause Button now so YOU stop growing!!! We love you! YOU bring so much joy to our Hearts!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Big Bulloch Family Reunion!!!

 We just got back from the annual Bulloch Family Reunion!!! Such a Fun relaxing weekend! We seriously didn't have to worry about Penny all weekend long! She loved playing with her cousins! She played and played all day long!! The best babysitters!! :)
On Saturday is was Penny's 2nd Birthday!!! So the little cousins threw her a "Pretty Princess Penny Party"! So sweet! She loved it!! What a wonderful weekend with such a wonderful family!! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lots of Birthday FUN!!!!

July is a busy Birthday month for us!!! We kicked off last week with Honz 29th Birthday on Thurs!! His last year in his 20's!! Still such a young buck!! :) I couldn't be more Happy with my honz in my life! He's everything to me! Penny and I are the Luckiest!!! Happy Birthday Honz!! I love you the most!!!!
 On Friday was Penny's 2nd Birthday Party!! She is obsessed with MINNIE MOUSE! So we had a Minnie Mouse Party! She loved it!! She loved dressing up like Minnie too! She's just the Best! It's crazy to think life with out her!! She is just our Favorite thing in this whole world!! We love YOU...Penny!! Happy 2nd Birthday!!! (we celebrated early...her actual birthday is this Saturday 21st)
Just a fun collage of pics from her Party!! Such a Fabulous Beautiful evening!! It ended up being the Perfect weather for her Swim bbq Party!!!
We had a Minnie Mouse Pinata! Minnie Mouse Cupcakes!! Minnie Mouse Balloons! and of course a Minnie Mouse Cake!! Which she LOVED!! She must have sang a thousand times the "birthday song" to herself over and over and kept blowing out her candles!! She Loves singing!!! and especially the "Birthday song"! She keeps us laughing!! Such a Silly girl!! All she wanted for her Birthday is "birthday cake!" That's my girl!! Loving the sweet treats already!!
To finish off the birthday celebrations we went to the Lake on Saturday! We were so Lucky to borrow our Bff's boat!! We were a bit worried about how the weather was going to be since it thunderd stormed all night long! We were surprised to see how lovely the day was! It was a perfect overcast with no rain and no wind!! Just Perfect!! We set up camp on the perfect beach!! The perfect sand!! Can you tell it was the perfect day for the perfct Birthday celebrations!! :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

We love our Cali Trips!

So for the 4th of July Weekend we went down to Cali!!! On Friday we shopped until we dropped! That's my favorite time of day!! :) and Then that night we went to an Angels Baseball Game!! What a Blast! We had the most Amazing seats!! We were pretty much down on the field!!! Penny was such a good girl for the whole long game!! At the end they did a Huge Firework show! That was Penny's favorite part!! She was squealling with excitement!! Love it!!
On Saturday we hit the Beach up all day!!! So relaxing and so fun!! Penny had a such a fun time and we did to watching her play and play and play all day long!!! Another fabulous weekend for our memories!!! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Fabulous 4th of July!!

Happy 4th!!! We had such a FabulousWonderful day!! The top collage is our little Penny all dolled up for the 4th!!! She Loves dressing up and posing for mommies camera!!! I LOVE that!!
In the morning we met up with my brother and my nephews to play at a splash pad and park! It was a beautiful day!! Lots of clouds!! Just perfect to be outside playing!!! I'm pretty sure the BIG kids (Chad and Ryan) had more fun than the little kids playing! So funny!

For the evening we headed over to Chad's mom for some homemade Pizza, Pasta Salad, Fruit and Cake!!! So much amazing food as always!!! Penny played with her favorite little cousin!! They are only a month apart! They are our little matching twins!! So dang cute!! Then we parked the truck over by the Aliante Casino and watched an Amazing Firework Show!! It was so Beautiful and Penny just loved them!!! She would get so excited when she saw the "Sparkles" in the sky!! She kept saying..."that's a big ole one!" She is just the funniest!!! We are just loving life!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fun Times at the River!!

This last weekend our Bff's invited us down to their family vacation home!! We had such a Blast!! We boated and played on the River all day!! Seriously such a Fun time being with them!! We always make the best memories together!! Good times!!
This is my Honz collage of action shots!! Catching some good air!!!You are Looking on Honz!!!
This is Kip and Mel's collage of action shots!! They are both amazing too! I love catching the action shots!!! They are both looking on!! Loving Life!! Thanks Bff's for a Fabulous weekend!! We can't wait to go again!!!