Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lots of Birthday FUN!!!!

July is a busy Birthday month for us!!! We kicked off last week with Honz 29th Birthday on Thurs!! His last year in his 20's!! Still such a young buck!! :) I couldn't be more Happy with my honz in my life! He's everything to me! Penny and I are the Luckiest!!! Happy Birthday Honz!! I love you the most!!!!
 On Friday was Penny's 2nd Birthday Party!! She is obsessed with MINNIE MOUSE! So we had a Minnie Mouse Party! She loved it!! She loved dressing up like Minnie too! She's just the Best! It's crazy to think life with out her!! She is just our Favorite thing in this whole world!! We love YOU...Penny!! Happy 2nd Birthday!!! (we celebrated early...her actual birthday is this Saturday 21st)
Just a fun collage of pics from her Party!! Such a Fabulous Beautiful evening!! It ended up being the Perfect weather for her Swim bbq Party!!!
We had a Minnie Mouse Pinata! Minnie Mouse Cupcakes!! Minnie Mouse Balloons! and of course a Minnie Mouse Cake!! Which she LOVED!! She must have sang a thousand times the "birthday song" to herself over and over and kept blowing out her candles!! She Loves singing!!! and especially the "Birthday song"! She keeps us laughing!! Such a Silly girl!! All she wanted for her Birthday is "birthday cake!" That's my girl!! Loving the sweet treats already!!
To finish off the birthday celebrations we went to the Lake on Saturday! We were so Lucky to borrow our Bff's boat!! We were a bit worried about how the weather was going to be since it thunderd stormed all night long! We were surprised to see how lovely the day was! It was a perfect overcast with no rain and no wind!! Just Perfect!! We set up camp on the perfect beach!! The perfect sand!! Can you tell it was the perfect day for the perfct Birthday celebrations!! :)


lauren said...

it was such a fun party penny looked adorable! maddie sure loved that pinata!

ALICIA said...

Ok seriously her Minnie outfit is adorable!! I miss being able to dress Ali like a tiny girl. Although she still loves Minnie so that's a good thing. We just did her bathroom in Minnie. YAY!!! I haven't looked at blogs for months so it's good to see all of your pics and catch up. Love ya!