Thursday, August 31, 2017

1st Day of School for these Little Cuties!

Can't believe it's already time for school to start!! Wow does the summer go by so fast! and it doesn't help  the school year start 2 wks early! So  Penny is off to 2nd grade! She loves school! Loves to  learn and loves her friends! She is  going so Somerset Sky Pointe and her teacher is Ms. Simon!! She is brilliant when it comes to math and getting so much better at reading too! She is a very determined and dedicated child! She makes sure she is always trying her best! We sure love u Penny Pie! You will do great things in 2nd grade! Let's do it!!
During the first week of school Penny came walking out to the car while I'm in the crazy carpool lane just as happy as can be Smiling and grinning from ear to ear!! She Lost her Front Tooth at school!! What!!!  I started to cry because she is getting to big and it has changed her little baby teeth smile to a big girl smile! She on the other hand was so  proud she lost it at school! She got to go to the nurses office and get a tooth holder! She felt special all day! The Toothfairy came in the night and gave her 2 $2 dollar bills!! She was one happy girl!!!
Now this is the boy I can't believe is old enough to go to School! He started Mrs. McIntyre's Pre-K! I feel like it was just yesterday little Penny was going to Mrs. McIntyre! He has been so excited to go to school! He had daddy embroider his name on his backpack just as Penny does! He's getting to big! He was not afraid or shy to go school! We just love you Cashy boy! You will learn so much with Mrs. McIntyre! We can't wait to see your little brain in action!

Monday, August 14, 2017

1 year older! Time for some pics!

Every year i take their birthday pics! This for me marks a new year! So i need a fresh updated pic on the wall!  I started it with Penny and have continued for each child! It's so fun having little Piper in these! Just love these faces of mine! These 3 just melt my heart! Make me proud to be their momma! They are beautiful  inside and out! Mommy loves you!
 My pretty Penny just turned 7! Starts the 2nd grade!
 Handsome Cash just turned 4! He will be starting pre-k!
and we can't forget about this little beauty! Baby sis Piper just turned 7mons! She is sitting up all by herself!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Cashy Boy!!

Big Boy! Big Birthday!! Our #1 son turned 4!! Happy Birthday Cashy boy!! This guy...Loves life! He lives it to the fullest! Such a happy, full of personality all boy boy! He's my busy boy! He loves to  do art, and color! He loves playing with his nerfs, his cars, riding his bike, playing basketball and soccer! He is all boy!! He's rough and tough but at the same time sweet and sensitive! He loves his sisters and mommy but such a daddy's boy! He loves wearing his clothes matching his daddy head to toe! He also will follow his daddy around doing what he's doing! He's truly the best! We love this boy so much! He says the funniest things and thinks he's bigger than Penny! We love you Cashy boy!! Thanks for making us smile and laugh all the time! You are the best!!
 Last min we decided to go to the lake and Celebrate his special day! He had a blast! They all did! So much fun cousin time! My brother found this beautiful sandy beach! We called it paradise! lol It was a beautiful day! overcast until the afternoon! We ended up staying till sun down! We never do that! Happy Birthday big boy!

Baby Piper 7mons!

Somebody is growing way to fast! I know i say it every month but i just can't handle how fast time flies! This little cutie started eating solids! She loves them! mommy's little piggy! lol She loves her sippy cup  and loves trying to feed herself! She also rolls fast and can make her way around a room real fast! She also found her balance! Baby Piper started sitting! She is getting good at her tricks! She has the best personality! Still very mild mannered just goes with the flow with hardly making a peep!She loves when momma talks in a really high pitched voice to her! lol! She truly is the best! The perfect addition to our family! we love you sweet baby Piper!

Fun in the Sun!

Wet'n'Wild Fun! Fun in the Sun! We finally used our season passes right at the end of summer! The summer went by way to fast! lol Chad's cousin got us the VIP suit! It was great to keep baby Piper out of the sun and heat all day! The kids didn't stop running around! They had a blast! Hopefully we can get back before  the season is over! lol