Friday, January 13, 2017

A New Arrival for the New Year!

 What a way to ring in the New Year with our New bundle of joy! Straight from my mother's arms in heaven to us here on earth... Piper Rae arrived c-section (37wks) on Tues, Jan 3rd at 10:10 am at Sumerlin Hospital! She weighed 7.7 lbs and 20.5 ins long! Our biggest baby! With tons of black hair and gorgeous tan skin! The c-section started out great like always and as soon as baby Piper was out my Uterus stopped working and would not contract and function properly! Same thing that happened when i delivered Cash but worse. I was loosing a lot of blood do to this non functioning uterus so almost hysterectomy and almost blood transfusion! I'm so grateful for my amazing duo Dr.'s -husband and wife Dr. Roberts! They have saved my life with every child that i have delivered! It's always scary when they tell your husband to leave the surgery room with baby Piper as they continued work on getting me to stop bleeding. You could see the concern in the dr. eyes. Every organ out of my stomach as Dr. Lisa Roberts was up on the surgery table pushing on my stomach and uterus to get it contract so they could start sewing me shut. I wasn't in any pain but i could feel the pressure and movement of my body. i started throwing up. It was awful! But with my dr.'s magic hands i was put back together! Sore and very bruised but i survived once again! No more babies for me! My Dr.'s say my uterus can't handle it and i agreed we are blessed with 3 beautiful babies! We are done! Couldn't be happier! Just look at Baby Piper! We can't get enough of her! She is such a beautiful perfect addition to our sweet family! We are blessed beyond measure!
 So in LOVE! 3rd child born on the 3rd! Jan 3rd! :)
 This collage is when Penny and Cash arrived at the hospital to meet their new Baby Sister! Penny was so excited! Couldn't wait to hold her real life baby! Cash was a little stand off-ish trying to figure out what's going on! He kept saying Piper was still in my tummy! Nope she's right here! Baby Piper is here! But then he warmed right up and has been such a big helper! Both of them have been great! The adjustment hasn't been to hard! It's busy especially when i need to get all loaded and out the door at a certain time! lol but other than that we are over the moon just loving our Sweet Beautiful Piper Rae!
Lots of snuggles! Lots of little helpers! Can't believe we have 3 babies! My heart is full of joy and so happy! Truly blessed to be their mommy!
 We just can't get over how perfect she is! Her tan skin, dark eyes, tons of dark hair! Just perfection! She reminds me a lot of her big sister Penny but has facial similarities of Cashy! What can i say we are just in love with baby Piper!
All the love from all our visitors! We are so grateful for our family and all they do for us! Thanks for coming and meeting baby Piper Rae! We have felt so much love these last few weeks! We are lucky!