Friday, February 14, 2014

My Little Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! These 2 had my heart from the start!! They will forever be my little Valentine's!! They Love getting their picture taken and I Love taking them!!!
So we had some fun a posing!!
Some things are just worth melting for!!
I got a little carried away with the Valentine surprises this year for Penny! haha! She is just at such a fun age!! She loves anything and everything!! Poor little Cash only got 1 thing but that's ok! He doesn't even know he evan got a surprise! haha!! Love being mom!! It's the best joy in life!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Big Boy!!!

Please stop growing!! Our sweet little Cash just turned 6mons!!! Oh he melts our hearts!! He is the sweetest baby ever! I know I have said this before but he has held up to it!! He hardly ever cries!! In fact when he's wanting your attention or getting tired he blows bubbles over and over!! So sweet!  Then once you get him he starts a smiling!!  The cute sounds that come out of his mouth sound like a little dolphin! He's so smiley, and squealy, and giggly!! We are just loving him!! He still has his milk allergy! He gets to start eating foods now!! He's been loving his rice cereal!!  He's 17lbs and 27 1/2ins long! He's solid!! He's our blond hair, blue eyed boy that's for dang sure!! He LOVES his big sissy! She can be doing anything in front of him and he will smile and giggle at her!! So fun!! You are our whole world! We love you baby Cash!!!!

Penny Girl!!

She's been a Diva since she was born!! haha! I'm so blessed to be Penny's mommy! She brings us so much joy! With all that sass we wouldn't change a thing about her! She just turned 3 1/2yrs old! Penny LOVES to sing, dance and perform!!! She is absolutely obsessed with Frozen!! The singing of it!!! She will song all day long!! She has so much personality that some days I think she doesn't even know what to do with all of it! haha! She also Loves anything to do with school! She loves to learn! She is so sweet to her little brother!! She loves helping mommy especially when it comes to helping her little brother!! We sure Love our little Diva!!! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Oh the Excitement of Glamis!!!

Oh what a trip!!! We just got back from our annual Glamis sand dune trip!! Glamis is pretty far to drive to so we only go down there 1 rime a year!! It was so dang windy the whole time!! That didn't stop the kids from having fun!!! Here's a few of the good highlights from the weekend! The Ice cream Truck is one of them!!! Penny can hear that music from miles away and she will come out of what ever trailer she's playing in and yell "Ice Cream!" It's the best! This time she had grandpa a jumping to buy!! It was so funny to see my dad move so fast to get ice cream for his grand kids!! I love it!!
Here's the scary highlight..... Chad crashed on the first day on the first ride of the long weekend!! What! Yikes!! So Scary!! He was fine!! Just a little sore the next day from whip flash but that poor Razor!! But that doesn't stop my honz! He loaded it up on a trailer and took it into the town near by and had it fixed! It was done with in that day!! So needless to say Chad was out riding again! But while we were gone getting his razor fixed Chad's dad crashed his razor and he was hurt! He crushed 2 vertebrates in his back! We can't believe it! We are just so sad for him!! His dad's Razor was completely fine that's the crazy part! That was some crazy scary excitement for the weekend!! We have been really lucky with as much as we go out to the dunes to be as safe as we have been!
The cutest highlight was when Gma Ruthie named these girls the "Pinkie Girls Club!" They LOVED it! Penny felt so special! Gma Ruthie made Valentine Heart Necklaces with them and then they all watched a movie together!! They all get along so good! Penny is still talking about the "Pinkie Girls Club!" and she also told me that she is Gma Ruthie's Grand Daughter! What! How does she know to put those words together! and the funny part is Gma Ruthie is really my cousin thru marriage but we are just going with it! Because Penny LOVES her Gma Ruthie!!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Brianhead Fun!

It's always so fun to go to the snow!!! We try to go to Brianhead at least once a year! Chad gets to snowboard and I get to take pics of Penny playing in the snow all day!! This year we had little Cash!! So I bundled him up and hooked him right on me so I could be hands free!! :) He was such a good boy all day! Always is! Love my little man!! Penny Loved the snow! We were going to put her in ski school but she has to be 4yrs old! So next year should be even more fun!!
For lunch I met up with all the boarders!!! So fun!! And then Chad decided to stay with me and kids for the rest of the day!! We had a blast! We just road around looking at all the beautiful cabins and scenery! I just love our times together!!!
Chad and Penny had a blast played in the snow together! Penny just kept squealing and giggling!!! All Penny wanted to do was make Snow Angels, make a Snowman like "Olaf", and roll and slide down the snow!! She's so funny! It hadn't snowed up there since before Christmas so the snow was so icey! So when we went to make a Snowman it would just fall apart!  The snow just wouldn't stick together! Penny thought that was funny too!! We had such a wonderful time!! Thanks Johnson's for letting us stay with you guys!!!