Sunday, February 2, 2014

Brianhead Fun!

It's always so fun to go to the snow!!! We try to go to Brianhead at least once a year! Chad gets to snowboard and I get to take pics of Penny playing in the snow all day!! This year we had little Cash!! So I bundled him up and hooked him right on me so I could be hands free!! :) He was such a good boy all day! Always is! Love my little man!! Penny Loved the snow! We were going to put her in ski school but she has to be 4yrs old! So next year should be even more fun!!
For lunch I met up with all the boarders!!! So fun!! And then Chad decided to stay with me and kids for the rest of the day!! We had a blast! We just road around looking at all the beautiful cabins and scenery! I just love our times together!!!
Chad and Penny had a blast played in the snow together! Penny just kept squealing and giggling!!! All Penny wanted to do was make Snow Angels, make a Snowman like "Olaf", and roll and slide down the snow!! She's so funny! It hadn't snowed up there since before Christmas so the snow was so icey! So when we went to make a Snowman it would just fall apart!  The snow just wouldn't stick together! Penny thought that was funny too!! We had such a wonderful time!! Thanks Johnson's for letting us stay with you guys!!!

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