Friday, January 24, 2014

Yee-Haw!!! Ride-em Cowgirl!!!!

We sure do LOVE our bff' Simisters!!! Doug and Elise took us out to ride their beautiful horses last Saturday!! Every time Penny would see Doug she would ask to ride his Horses! So we finally found time between both our crazy schedules to do some riding!! Oh man was she in Heaven!
So Doug has 2 Horses a reddish brown one named Red and a white one named Diamond! Diamond is a baby only like 8mons old! Awe so cute!!! I thought Penny would be a little scared to ride such a big horse but nope!!! She hopped right up on Red and we couldn't get her off!! She LOVED it!!!!!!
 Yee-Haw!!!! Ride-em Cowgirl!! She had the time of her life! Such a BIG girl up there! Daddy was pretty dang proud of her too!! He's such a country boy at heart!! Love it!! I could hear him out there coaching her how to hold on and ride! So Sweet!  He walked her around and around and around for quite a while and she still didn't want to get off!!
 Such a fun morning! Thanks bff's for letting us come out and play! We can't wait until next time!
This is why I LOVE pulling my camera out a taking pictures of this little miss sassy pants! This is all her! No coaching needed here! She just started a moving and I started a clicking!!! LOVE HER!!!! She makes my heart happy!!!!!


Adam & Ady said...

Penny riding that horse is so great! I love the hat in the air picture!

lauren said...

that penny is a crack up!! so fun I didn't know doug had horses!!