Saturday, January 11, 2014

Baby Boy is 5mons Already!

Another month has come and gone!! We can't believe our little Cash in 5mons old!! He is the most chill baby!! He's just as happy as can be all day long!! He loves making sounds! He sounds just like a little dolphin! He absolutely loves his big sissy!! If he catches his eye on her he starts smiling and talking!! It's the best when he starts a giggling! He's also been drooling a ton! No teeth yet and don't really expect any anytime soon! Remember Penny didn't get her 1st tooth until she was 16mons!! Yikes!!! :)  haha! He loves to eat!! Loves his special formula bottles! He's and expensive little eater! :) Our little Cash has been such an added delight to our little family!! We are just loving Cash!!

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