Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Daddy Daughter Delight!

It's that time of year again...the daddy daughter dance put on thru Penny's school Somerset! Penny was beyond excited to go on her special date with just her daddy! She loves feeling special and we all know who is the best at that....DADDY!! He truly is the best dad ever! I'm not sure who's luckier...Chad having Penny as his daughter or Penny having chad as her dad! Both are perfect and amazing! We couldn't have asked for a more sweet, smart special,caring daughter like Penny!! and of course Daddy! He could never be replaced! He's one of a kind and totally amazing in every way! I'm blessed to have both these beauties in my life! 
They had a blast at the dance as you can see! Penny said she can't wait for her next date with Daddy!

Our Sweet Little Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's! These 3 have definitely stolen our Hearts! Just look at those sweet faces! We are so lucky to call them ours! Penny sure loves being the big sister and holding baby Piper in all the pics! Cash sure loves smiling real big showing baby Piper how it's done! So cute! We sure do love our little Valentine's!

Sunday, February 5, 2017


 There are no words to even express how i feel when i look at these pics! First off how amazing was my photographer! She caught the best pics of all of them! i find it to be very hard to take pics of kids! Always moving! Don't know what mood they will be in! lol but all i have to say  is Liz with Liz Anderson Photography was amazing!!! So patient and great with my kids! and secondly how beautiful are my babies! Can't believe we made these beautiful humans!!Perfection! When i see these pics i feel overwhelmed with gratitude that i was chosen to be their mom! I'm so lucky! They  are my whole world...my life...my everything!!! and they are mine for eternity! My heart is Happy!!
Miss Piper Rae! Born Jan 3, 2017- 7.7 lbs 20.5 in long! Such a beauty! She didn't make a peep the entire photo shoot! Grandma Penny in heaven must have trained her too love the camera! "1,2,cute!" the famous words of Grandma Penny!
 Oh Big sister!! It's all about the Sisters over here! Penny is so proud to be a big sister and is so helpful! She's love being  little mommy with Piper here! Love these pics of these sisters!
Oh man! Big brother pride over here! He already is the protector! So precious! He loves his little sister so much! He has been such a great a big brother and big help! He's always kissing her and holding her! Even helps change diapers and feed her! Can you seriously even handle these pics! omg!
My pride and joy! These three make my heart melt and they are worth melting for! Sure Love my 3 littles so so so much!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Baby Piper is 1 month old!

Seriously has already been a month?! Why does the time go so fast! I can't have my baby is getting big over here! lol! She's the sweetest! She's got her own little look! We can't figure it out! lol! Has Penny's hair color, eye color, and skin color with Cash's shaped face, nose and mouth! All we know is that she is perfect! Of course she has sick tummy like my other 2 as babies! She was moved to Alimentum aka: Liquid Gold when she was 2.5 wks old! She has been doing much better! Not as fussy but, still has acid reflex and cries out after feeding her arching her back like her tummy is hurting! Poor thing! All and all she is such a good baby! So precious and perfect!
 Penny and Cash sure can't get enough of her! Penny loves that she can pick her up and carry her around the house! She loves that she doesn't always have to sit with her! Such a big sister!! Cash is very protective of her! He loves holding her! He's so sweet with her! Love these big kids! Such loving helpful kids to Piper!!!
Sweet baby Piper Rae! We love you so  much! You are the perfect addition to our family! Sent straight from my mothers arms in heaven to me!

Baby Piper's 1st Bath!

Somebody had their 1st Bath!! Oh how we LOVE our Piper Rae! and Oh how we have such BIG helpers! The big kids were so excited when we said it's time for Piper's 1st bath! They jumped in the tub so fast to help! lol! Love it! Love how they just love their baby so much! They are both so great with her!! As far as bath time went.... Piper LOVEE it! She didn't even make a peep! She layed ther so calm while daddy and the kids bathed her! She's the best! Such a good sweet baby! Sure can't wait for many more baths to come and either can Penny and Cash! We love you Piper!

A Special Day!

A special day for a special boy! My sweet nephew Benjamin got Baptized! We are so proud of him and his decision to join the church! He is such a great Boy always leading by example! Chooses the right daily and I'm proud to say my kids look up to him and i couldn't be happier! He has the best little personality and love for life and his family! Chad had the honor to speak at his Baptism on the Gift of the Holy Ghost! My honz did such a great job! Truly grateful to be apart of this church! We receive blessings daily that we are thankful for!  We love you Benjamin!