Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fun School Field Trip!!

So much fun for Penny and Cash when we went on Penny's latest class field trip!! We went to the National History Museum! I had never been there so this was super cool for all of us! They have some really awesome displays there!!! So fun!! Penny just loves her class and all her fun little friends!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Too Big and Too Busy!!!

Busy Busy  Boy!!! Little Cashy just turned 17mons! We can't believe it!! Can't get him to slow down for nothing! Fast on those little feet and such a climber! He's got quite the personality these days! Stubborn, feisty, silly, goofy, wild, pretty much all boy and we are loving every minute! He knows just how to get Penny going too!! Such a stinker!!  Only has 4 teeth- 2 on top and 2 on bottom but it's not stopping him from eating and eating!! He's still Mommy's little piggy! haha! He's talking more too! We all get super excited when he spits out a new word! It's just the best!! He really understands and knows just what your saying to him! He's acting more and mor like a big boy! Where did my baby go!! No more growing.....for the both of you!!!!!
We'll always be best friends forever! They are just so cute together!! Penny is just so sweet to him!! Just love these 2 so much!!  

Friday, January 2, 2015

Sand Dune FUN!!

Right after Christmas we packed up and headed out to the Dunes! We were there for about 5 days!! We came home just before New Year's Eve!! It was a little chilly out there but not cold enough to keep us away from playing!! We had a great sized circle of trailers with our friends and family including both my sisters!! It's always a special treat when they are out there!! We could not keep Penny off of her little quad!! She was having a blast!! She's getting a little to confident if you ask me! haha! She has no fear!! Trying to go up hills, making quick turns, and wanting to go to fast makes mommy a little nervous but it sure makes her daddy Proud!! We can't wait to get back out there again!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Best Christmas Ever!!

 Oh Christmas morning where do I even start!! This was our first Christmas in our New Home!! We sure do love our home!! So Penny woke up super excited asking "did Santa find our home last night?!" and of course Santa found us!!! She had been worried because we didn't have a chimney and we had just moved if Santa was going to come!!! I told her Santa finds all the GOOD boys and girls with No chimney's and even if they have just moved!!! :) She's getting to big and really is starting to put things together and asks to many questions!! :) haha! She keeps us on our toes for sure!! So first out of the room she noticed the Stockings were stuffed full!!! She said "Santa came!! He found us!!!" haha! Little Cash just followed her around saying "ho! ho! ho!" She ran over to her stocking first and started going through it! We asked her "don't you want to see if Santa brought you Big surprises maybe by the Christmas Tree?" She quickly put down that stocking and grabbed Cash's little hand and they booked it down the hall to the tree!! They were hyped to see what Santa really brought them!!! Penny squealed out in excitement saying "Omg!Omg!" and little Cashy ran straight over to the Razor saying "oooooooooooooh!" Both their eyes were huge!!! They were so excited for their Surprises from Santa!
 They played with their Santa toys for a bit then they went back to their Stockings to go through them then back to their Santa stuff!! So fun!! Then there was a knock at our door and it was my dad and Eryn!! They totally surprised us!! So we worked our way back over to our Christmas tree and opened up Presents!!! We had a blast tearing through these presents! Cash totally was getting it this year opening his presents!! and of course Penny new just what to do with those presents and she even posed after opening every one for a pic!!! She's just the best!!! Well trained with that camera!! My mom would be so proud!!!
So this pic collage and the one right above are from when we opened presents!! It was so fun to have Eryn and my dad there!! My dad is actually the one that took all the fun action shots for these 2 collages!! He was so cute because he sat there and took pics the whole time while we opened presents!! He's just the best!!! He's a well trained picture taker...thanks to my mom! haha! We just had a blast watching Penny and Cashy's reaction as they opened each present!! So fun!! I just love Christmas time!! and I especially Love my sweet babies and the joy they bring to us and to our family!! They just have the sweetest personalities!! They are at the best ages!!! Stop growing!!!
Then is was time to head off to Grandma DeeDee and Grandpa Fadi's for their Amazing Scones!!! Christmas Breakfast at Grandma's is one of our most favorite Christmas Traditions!!! Such a great time together! All of Chad's brother's and his sister were there for the first time in a very long time for Christmas!! Super cool! We did a fun gift exchange with all the siblings and cousins and then it was time to head to the next stop!!!
Last stop for the day back to my house!!! In the pass years we have always gone to my brothers to have dinner and spend the rest of Christmas evening but this year we changed it up and had dinner at my house!! We were headed to the dunes the following day and needed to get things packed for the 5 days we would be out there!!! :) So my dad and Eryn came back over and we had a Surprise knock at the door and it was Eryka and her boys!!! We were so excited! We had no idea she was driving down!! Loved every minute of this!! I put on a pot of my homemade white chicken chili!! So delicious!! There wasn't evan a drop left!! hahah!  I can't say it enough.....I love this time of year!! The Best Christmas Ever!!!!!