Friday, January 16, 2015

Too Big and Too Busy!!!

Busy Busy  Boy!!! Little Cashy just turned 17mons! We can't believe it!! Can't get him to slow down for nothing! Fast on those little feet and such a climber! He's got quite the personality these days! Stubborn, feisty, silly, goofy, wild, pretty much all boy and we are loving every minute! He knows just how to get Penny going too!! Such a stinker!!  Only has 4 teeth- 2 on top and 2 on bottom but it's not stopping him from eating and eating!! He's still Mommy's little piggy! haha! He's talking more too! We all get super excited when he spits out a new word! It's just the best!! He really understands and knows just what your saying to him! He's acting more and mor like a big boy! Where did my baby go!! No more growing.....for the both of you!!!!!
We'll always be best friends forever! They are just so cute together!! Penny is just so sweet to him!! Just love these 2 so much!!  

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lauren said...

Oh love those sweet babies!!