Monday, December 31, 2012

The Merriest Christmas all Summed Up!!

We had another very busy but very merry Christmas! So here's the run down of each stop starting with Christmas Eve Eve at my dad's house! It's tradition that my dad and Janeen have their Christmas with all of us 2 days before Christmas! This way it kicks off the festivities! Such a FUN night! Penny was so Excited to get her Belle Princess and Pony!
On Christmas Eve we stopped over to Chad's Dad's house to drop off their Christmas Surprises and visit!! We went to Macayos for lunch too! Our Favorite!
Then it was off to Nanny Debbie's (my sis in law mom's house)! We have gone to her house every year that Chad and I have been together for Christmas Eve! Such a FUN tradition! Santa always stops in to give the kids their very first Christmas Surprise! Penny was so Excited! She got a Toy Story Book! Her Favorite!!
Merry Christmas Morning! and Yes SANTA found our sweet little P!! Oh my!! She was so Spoiled by Santa! She must have been a very good girl this year! She said "Santa found me and gave me surprises!"so funny! She also couldn't stop saying "ooooo....ahhhhhh!" Se was just beside herself! So many surprises! Every present she opened she would say "this is my favorite!" "i love it!" So appreciative! We just love our sweet P! Eryn and Tauna came over to spend Christmas morning with us! They loved the excitement from little Penny! So fun! Chad got a Gun Safe! Now he needs to fill up! and I got my usual Coach Bag! Yeah! Such a Wonderful Christmas!
It was off to Grandma DeeDee's house for her amazing Scones! Such a Huge yummy breakfast! And more Presents!! Yay! We were all so spoiled!!! Penny got a Camping Trailer for her babies to match mommy and daddy's! So Hilarious! and Auntie Lynn got her a Barbie Guitar that she just loves! She's our little performer! She loves to sing and dance! She will make up her own words to songs too! haha!
Our final stop was out to my brother's house! We ate some more and opened more presents!! Such a fun busy day but worth every second! We had the Merriest Christmas ever! We can't wait to see what next year brings!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Quick Trip to Salt Lake!!

So the weekend right before Christmas a very last min adventure...I decided to hop in my sisters car to head up to Salt Lake! They were already going up to go ride the Polar Express! I didn't have tickets but I thought it would be so fun to ride up with all my sisters just for some sister bonding times! Plus Penny could get a chance to play in some Snow, see Temple Square with all the Beautiful lights and get some last min shopping in at the big City Creek Mall! and that's exactly what I did! Penny LOVED the Snow! We both Loved the Christmas lights at Temple Square! Absolutely breath taking! Never seen anything like it! and of course I got my shop on! Such a Fun quick trip! My poor Chad had to stay home because he was so busy at the store! This was his last big weekend to finish those last min items for his customers before he was closed for the Holidays! Thanks honz for making it all possible!

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Fun Polar Express to see Santa!

On Saturday we went out to Boulder City to ride the exciting fun Polar Express Train! Along the ride Santa came out to greet all the kids! It was so Fun to see the Excitement on their sweet little faces! Just priceless! Penny loved getting up on the BIG Train and riding along too! When Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas she said "all kinds of toys!" The funniest things come out of her mouth! Just love it! We had such a Fun Adventurous day! We loved the Train! A new tradition for us for sure! Can't wait till next year!! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Ballet!!

It was Christmas time in Ballet class! So Penny went to her class all dressed up in her best Christmas dance outfit! The whole class was all Christmas themed! She danced to all kinds of Christmas songs! Miss Katie read a cute little story about Raggedy Ann! Penny then got to dress up like Raggedy Ann! So dang cute! This is the last class for the fall session! Penny has had so much fun! Class begins the beginning of Jan and we can't wait! In the mean time I'm sure she will keep singing and dancing around the house! Just love her!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Disneyland here we come!!!!

Oh my! What a special surprise we got!! My boss Dr. Griffiths took the whole office to Disneyland for our Christmas Party! Lucky for me...Chad and Penny got to come along too!! Seriously the best Christmas Present ever! We had a Blast!! If you notice the Hoodies we were all matching Dr. G had Chad make them for all to wear while we were at Disneyland! People were stopping us to ask where we got them! Great job Honz!!! 
This was the 1st time Penny has ever been to Disneyland!! It was the most Amazing to see Disneyland through her eyes!! It was so Magical! She had so much FUN! SHe would "ooo and ahhh" over everything! She kept squealing out with so much excitement for all the Characters! She loved all the rides too! Not afraid of anything! That's what made it so perfect!
We played and played all day! We did both parks in one day! Boy were we beat! That was way to much to do in just one day and on a Saturday! It was packed..body to body! So we will definitely be going back and I hope real soon! Little Penny was a trooper! Didn't make a fuss or a whine all day!
We were so Proud! 
So we are pretty sure the highlight of the whole adventure was when she got to see Buzz, Jessie, and Woody! Well 1st off she saw the Jessie Hat in the gift store and had to have it so we had just purchased it and when we walked out of the store there was Buzz! She had to go see him! Once Buzz was done then Jessie came out! She started yelling for the line "All a body hee who!" (yodale hee who!) over and over! As she got closer to her she said "Oh Bulls eye!" and then right before she gave her the biggest hug of her life she said "Ride em Cowgirl Boy!" She was quoting lines from the movie as fast as she could! Talk about a proud, chilling moment! Tears were in our eyes! To Penny here favorite friends came to life! Oh my! So precious! Then we hear that Woody is coming out next so we stayed in line and soon as Penny caught a glimpse of who was walking up she yelled "WOODY!" When it was her turn to see him she ran up to him almost knocking him down and gave him the biggest hug and didn't stop hugging him for what seemed like forever! One of the most priceless moments of our lives! We are truly blessed to have such a Happy, full a Personality Angel!
Thanks Dr. G for such a Wonderful memory!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Lion King Ballet!!

Another great dance week!! It was the Lion King!! Her favorite! She loves Simba! She got to dance around and sing along to all the Lion King songs!! This is just the cutest little dance class ever! She is just loving it!!! We will see what next week brings......

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sand Duning it up!!!!

So much FUN at the Dunes! Not to many pics this time cause it was pretty windy all day and didn't want to get sand in my new camera!! haha! So in the pic you will see my 3yr old nephew Mav for the 1st time driving the little 4wheeler! He was so Proud! We were too of course!! He did great! So cute! Now it will be a fight of which brother gets to ride the little 4wheeler 1st! :) We will see who wins in a couple of weeks! We will be back out again! We just love the Dune season!