Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Pumpkin Patch Fun for Us!

Can't get enough of the Pumpkin Patches this year!!! The pumpkin patch at Boca Park is my Favorite by far!! $20 let's little Penny ride all day unlimited!! It's amazing!! She had a blast!!! and the other great part was that it wasn't very busy so she was able to walk on very ride, slide, maze and jumper! She was loving her life!! and for the record Cash is the best baby...he just sat in his stroller and watched her play the whole time! No fussing from this guy! That's how he was down in San Diego to at Sea World and at the Zoo! So pleasant!! Love it!!
Just some fun actions shots of Penny on the rides and of course my sweet little angel in his stroller!! They are the best!!!

Our San Diego Get Away!

We love our quick little vacations!! We haven't gone out of town for a while with buying our house and moving so we were ready to go and boy did we have fun!! We always go with my brother's family every year down to Sea World and to the Zoo and this time Chad's brother Jacob's family joined in on the fun along with our bff's the Johnson's! We had a blast together!! All the kids got along and played so good together the whole weekend!! So the pic collage above is from Sea World! We went there as soon as we hit San Diego on Friday!! Cash Loved the shows! He would just sit and stare with a smile on his face then start clapping! So sweet!
On Saturday morning we started our morning off at the Beautiful San Diego Temple!! By far my most favorite temple ever!! We are so blessed to have an eternal family!! 
Then we headed over to the Zoo! Both Penny and Cash loved all the animals! It's so fun to see their excitement of the different animals!!! Such a great weekend! Can't wait to go back again!!

Family Picture Fun!!

A picture can say a thousand words!!! I thought it would be funny to share this photo with everyone!! Does anybody else out there feel like this on family picture day? haha! What is the deal with family pictures anyway! It takes all day to get the whole family ready! Your baby won't nap that day for some crazy reason because all you want is for him to just be happy and smile! Your oldest is to busy playing with everything around her that she keeps getting in trouble by you! Your husband is annoyed because all you want is just a few more pics! haha! Not to mention all the mental prepping for these dang family pics! You have been pinning about 500 hundred different pose options for the best one and about the same amount in outfit color options from Pinterest! Your sister that takes the best pics is only in town for 1 day before the Holiday season so this is your only chance to get your family pics for your Christmas card!! You have you hopes pretty high and not everybody comes to the photo shoot ready to perform! hahah! Oh the joys of family pics!! They are worth every memory! That picture above is just hilarious!
Needless to say....we still got some good ones! So all the planning was well worth it!! Thanks Eryn you're the best!! I just LOVE my little family!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Picking Pumpkins!!

Now this was something we have never done before!!! Our best of friends the Johnson's invited us to go out to the Gilcrease Pumpkin Patch to pick Pumpkins! Chad and I were amazed at how many rows and rows of Pumpkins they had! We got to pick them right off the vine!! They had all different sizes too!! We couldn't believe it!! They had tons of other rows of vegetables and fruits that you could pick as well but we just went for the Pumpkins!! There were tons of people pretty busy! Chad said he wanted to grow pumpkins and sell them!!! haha because the amount of money that was being spent by us and all the other people was crazy!!! Our Biggest Pumpkin came in at 55lbs!!! Isn't that crazy!! We left there with a grand total of 6 Pumpkins!! haha! and this is why Chad said he wanted his own Pumpkin Patch! haha! Such a great time! Sure love this time of year!! There's nothing better than getting you in the fall spirit of things like a Huge Pumpkin Patch!! Thanks Johnson's! Count us in for next year when you guys go!

Our Sweetest Cashy Boy!!

So if you can believe it another month has come and gone! Our sweetest little Cashy boy is 14mons old!! He's just the best!! So many little expressions as you can see!! My favorite is his scrunch face!! He does that scrunch face when he's being silly, when he wants something, when he gets hurt, and when he's getting in trouble!! Like when I tell him "No, No not your business!" out comes that scrunch face! haha! Oh how he just makes us smile so big!! He LOVES his Blanky and Binky! I love it when I catch him sniffing his blanking!! All you can see are his eyes looking right at you! haha! I love it! Penny never did this with her blankies! She wasn't ever attached to any certain type of blanky either! Oh boy is little Cashy! He love his little blankies with the silky trim!! He loves to climb, climb, climb! He loves climbing into his tractor and car over and over again! He claps for himself when he does something great! It's just the cutest!! He blows kisses! Which is so sweet and he even tries to snap his little fingers! He loves to dance to the beat and sing to any tune! He Loves music! He can stand straight up to his feet from a sitting position with out holding onto anything! He has taken a about 3-4 steps with out holding on but then goes right down to his knees and crawls so fast! I feel like any day he's going to stand right up like he does and take off running on those 2 little feet! haha! He loves to be chased! He just gets the biggest kick out of it and starts giggling and squealing! He is such a little tease! He has got the best little personality! He stills loves to eat and is not picky at all! Anything you give him he will eat it up! He has his 2 bottom teeth in and no teeth on top yet!
We love watching him grow and see what's new that he can do everyday! We Love you Cashy!!

Field Trip Fun!!

Penny got to go on her 1st field trip to the Fire Station with her school! All of Miss Lisa's classes got to go! All week they had been learning about the letter F and Fire Safety!! There's a Fire Station super close to Miss Lisa's house so they all got to walk! They got to meet the Firemen, go on a tour of the Fire Station, Check out an Ambulance, check out a Fire Truck and even got to spray water from the Big Hose!!! She had so much fun!! Then once their tour was over Bob (Miss Lisa's husband which Penny just loves to tease) brought them all a surprise and they got to play at the Park next door to the Fire Station! Such a fun day at Pre-K! Penny sure Loves her class and especially her teacher Miss Lisa!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The "Real Life" Queen Elsa!!

Having a Frozen Birthday Party has been quite the excitement all year long! Penny has been to quite a fact her very own was a Frozen party! but my little niece Umi's 5th Birthday Party took Frozen to whole new World!!! The girls were in for a Huge Surprise!!! This top collage of pics is of the girls just playing and having so much Fun not knowing who was going to be walking thru that door to Surprise them!!!
and In walks the Queen.....the "Real Life" Queen Elsa had arrived from Arendelle! The girls at first all seemed a little nervous or they could have been in a state of Shock...."Frozen" in time!!!! Then once they realized "That's Elsa...the Real Life Elsa" it was all over from there! Let the Fun begin!! Who needs to wait in a 4hour Disneyland line to see Queen Elsa for 2mins when Auntie K just has her come straight to her daughter's birthday party to sing, play makeup, sing some more, sign autographs, sing happy birthday and stay for cupcakes! So Amazing!! and We are so Lucky!!!!! Else stayed to play with these oh so Happy girls for an hour! It was so awesome and so amazing to see their little faces just in "aw!" over Queen Else! Penny is one lucky girl to have an Auntie K to spoil her like this!! and thank goodness Umi's party was after Penny's because all Penny talks about is that she wants Elsa to come to her Birthday party next Summer! haha
The pic collage above was from when Queen Elsa sang "Let it Go!" The girls faces were Priceless! and they were all Singing their little hearts out!!
Elsa was so Fun with them! She did all their Makeup in an "Ice" Blue! She put Sparkly Glitter all over them!! She was so patient and Sweet to them!! They were so Excited they couldn't get enough of her!! They Loved getting their makeup done by the "Real Life" Elsa!!
She told Silly stories about Olaf and then they sang more Fun songs! Penny was just a singing her heart out the whole time! We're thinking Little Cash had a thing for the Queen too!! He kept staring at her and clapping and squealing trying to talk to her! It was so dang cute!!! He was just loving her!!
She signed autographs and then let us take a ton of pictures of her with all the girls!! I even jumped in a couple of pics with her!! It was so Fun!!and Elsa was so patient and wonderful with everyone!! I'm pretty sure at times I was more excited Elsa was there than the girls did! haha
The Magic was truly brought to life for these little girls!!! Their Queen Else that they LOVE so much and Dream about came to "Real Life!!" I Love it!!!!!
She even stuck around to Sing Happy Birthday to our  Special little Birthday Girl!! Then it was back to Arendelle to go! The girls were bummed Queen Elsa had to leave but they knew there was a Pinata to Hit next! haha How quickly their little minds change to the next thing! haha :) 
Thanks my sweet little Umi for having the Best Frozen Birthday Party ever!! Can't believe you're 5!!! We will never forget this one and especially Penny! We LOVE You!!!!