Thursday, October 29, 2015

Go! Eagles! Go!

 Boom Dynamite!! Our Team is Boom Dynamite!! I put Penny in Cheer leading at her School to see how she would like! Well....she loved it and boy was she the Dynamite!! She cheered her little heart out at her very 1st Cheer Performance last night!! She has had so much fun making new friends, loved her cheer coach and most of all being in cheer class with her bff cousin Emma!! Too much Fun! Right down my ally in fact I wanted to get right up there and join in on all their cheers!! Love this!!! So proud of her remembering all her cheers and dances!! Love you Penny girl! She's such a doll! So fun and exciting to watch! Lots of animation in those cheers! You go girl! haha So proud!! Looks like we need to get you onto a competitive cheer team!!! You're ready! haha!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Penny's 1st Apex Fun Run!!

Penny ran her 1st Apex Fun Run at her school today! We sponsored her $1 a lap and Zane (her cousin) pledged her $5!! She ran a grand total of 36 laps!! Yay! Go Penny! Go!! She ran her butt off! haha! We were so proud!! Even Cashy was proud of his big sissy! He would stand on the sideline cheering her on and giving her high fives as she ran by!! So adorable!! I was lucky to be able to slip away from work (hence my Halloween costume) and snatch up Tauna to go and watch my girl race!! This Ninja Turtle doesn't go anywhere with out her Master Splinter!! haha We had a blast being able to be there and wearing our costumes! The kids all thought it was funny too!! We are so proud of our Penny girl!! She killed it on the track today!! Hooray!

Pumpkin Patch!!

More pumpkin patch fun for us!! We went to our favorite one in boca park by my work!! It's the most bang for your buck!! and these 2 cuties had so much Fun! Went on everything more than 2 times!! I have never seen my Cashy boy laugh so hard!! He loved the rides!! Penny is the sweetest Big sissy too! She helped him on off every ride! Stuck right by his side! Would help him put on his shoes after all the bounce house slides and jumpers and road on every ride right by his side!! Such a sweetheart!! These 2 just love each other!! Makes mommy super happy when all are getting along!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

San Diego FUN!!

 We had some serious fun down in San Diego this past weekend!! This is our tradition to go down to Sea World and the Zoo on this same weekend every year in October! This was our 6th year running!! Since before Penny was even born!! So fun!! We love it! and if you didn't know the month of October at all San Diego attractions Kids are FREE!!! So another amazing reason to go in October!!It's so awesome to see the kids get so excited over everything when we are there! Each year gets better and better as they both get bigger!
When we get down to San Diego the 1st stop is Sea World! We go on the Friday so it's not to busy!! Love experiencing all this fun through our kids eyes!! Truly amazing!! They bring my heart so much joy!! The shows were different this year and that was really cool!   
On Saturday we spend the whole day at the Zoo! We shut that place down! Had a blast!! Cash was so into the animals this year making all the animal sounds, pointing with excitement when he would see them! So fun!! We caught the animals at perfect time as we explored! They were all awake eating or playing! Just super active and we sure loved it! Lots of  the momma's had babies this past year! So sweet to see their interaction!! Momma's and their babies are so the Best!!
I took so many fun pics it was hard to narrow down the best ones!! Love getting to spend time with my family!! Isn't this just what life's about!! LOVE it!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's Sand Dune Time!!

It's that time of year again!! Sand Dune season has started and we are stoked!! Such beautiful weather with beautiful people making it a beautiful weekend!! Love being with my family!! We always have such a wonderful time together!
My Big boys catching Big air!! Chance (9) on the White bike and Mav (6) on the Blue bike! The was Mav's very first time out on her Blue bike!  I can't believe how good they are getting!! So brave!! No fear! Some day that will be my Cashy boy out there!! He definitely has no fear already!! My nephews make me smile so big!! They are such a good boys!! Penny just loves them and really looks up to them too!! Can't wait to get back out there!! 

Penny's School Fall Carnival!

We had such a blast at Penny's School Fall Festival! Penny was so excited to go all dressed up as Elsa and little Cashy as her Olaf!! They are just the cutest! I definitely over did it with the 200 pre-order tickets but all is good! We used them and had a blast!! I'm pretty sure the highlight was when Cash Won a real live Fishy!! Penny was so freakn excited and is still hyped about having her 1st Pet!! She named it Bubble de-Dubble Bailey Bierstedt and just "Bubble" for short! haha She is too much!! I'm not too sure about the Fish myself but we shall see how long it lasts! haha

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Go!! Ninjas!! Go!!

Go Ninjas Go!!! We screamed yelled and cheered our little Ninja on!! haha! We went up to St. George this past weekend to get my hair done and we stayed for the whole weekend! So fun to see my most amazing sister!! There's nothing like sisters!! Just love being around her!! So fun!! Loved seeing my sweetest little nephews and most perfect little niece! Penny's highlight of the whole weekend is just being with her Zane!! We even got see him play soccer!! The Ninjas came home with their 1st WIN with Zane scoring most all their GOALS!!! Go Zane Go!! He played so hard with so much passion! and we cheered and screamed with so much passion! haha!! Penny was just a doing all her cheers that she has been learning at her Cheer class at her school!!!A much needed and wanted sister bond weekend!!! Love you sissy slus and your beautiful family!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Getting Spoiled!!!

My favorite time of year is here! Here's our first trip to the Pumpkin Patch! Grandma DeeDee and Grandpa Fadi picked up our  kids and took them to dinner and then to the Pumpkin Patch! We met up with them once we were done with scouts!! Boy when we got to the pumpkin patch our kids were hyped just having a blast!! They of course did not want to leave!! Once again Grandma and Grandpa spoiled them good!!!! Thanks for such a fun time!!! We love you!!! Seriously the best time of year!! Can't wait to go to the next Pumpkin Patch!!! YAY!!!