Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Penny's 1st Apex Fun Run!!

Penny ran her 1st Apex Fun Run at her school today! We sponsored her $1 a lap and Zane (her cousin) pledged her $5!! She ran a grand total of 36 laps!! Yay! Go Penny! Go!! She ran her butt off! haha! We were so proud!! Even Cashy was proud of his big sissy! He would stand on the sideline cheering her on and giving her high fives as she ran by!! So adorable!! I was lucky to be able to slip away from work (hence my Halloween costume) and snatch up Tauna to go and watch my girl race!! This Ninja Turtle doesn't go anywhere with out her Master Splinter!! haha We had a blast being able to be there and wearing our costumes! The kids all thought it was funny too!! We are so proud of our Penny girl!! She killed it on the track today!! Hooray!

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