Tuesday, October 27, 2015

San Diego FUN!!

 We had some serious fun down in San Diego this past weekend!! This is our tradition to go down to Sea World and the Zoo on this same weekend every year in October! This was our 6th year running!! Since before Penny was even born!! So fun!! We love it! and if you didn't know the month of October at all San Diego attractions Kids are FREE!!! So another amazing reason to go in October!!It's so awesome to see the kids get so excited over everything when we are there! Each year gets better and better as they both get bigger!
When we get down to San Diego the 1st stop is Sea World! We go on the Friday so it's not to busy!! Love experiencing all this fun through our kids eyes!! Truly amazing!! They bring my heart so much joy!! The shows were different this year and that was really cool!   
On Saturday we spend the whole day at the Zoo! We shut that place down! Had a blast!! Cash was so into the animals this year making all the animal sounds, pointing with excitement when he would see them! So fun!! We caught the animals at perfect time as we explored! They were all awake eating or playing! Just super active and we sure loved it! Lots of  the momma's had babies this past year! So sweet to see their interaction!! Momma's and their babies are so the Best!!
I took so many fun pics it was hard to narrow down the best ones!! Love getting to spend time with my family!! Isn't this just what life's about!! LOVE it!

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lauren said...

sooo sad we missed it!!!!